EDITORIAL: Girding for War in the Arctic


Girding for War in the Arctic

It’s time the Obama administration realized that the KGB Kremlin of Vladimir Putin is taking the new cold war very literally indeed.

Last week the Associated Press reported that according to a Kremlin strategy paper signed by Dmitri Medvedev “Russia plans to create a new military force to protect its interests in the disputed Arctic region.” According to the AP:  “The Kremlin paper says the Arctic must become Russia’s “top strategic resource base” by the year 2020.”  The paper “calls for strengthening border guard forces in the region and updating their equipment, while creating a new group of military forces to ‘ensure military security under various military-political circumstances'” and states that by 2011 Russia will have “proved” its Arctic borders.

So now it is clear that Russia intends a new round of military aggression, this time in the far north.  Russia simply could not care less, as the USSR never could, about the plight of the people of Russia.  That the average male lifespan of a Russian does not rank in the top 100 nations of the world, that Russian work for $4/hour, that both unemployment and inflation are soaring, all these things are irrelevant to today’s Kremlin just as they were irrelevant to the Soviet Politiburo and to the Tsar.

All that matters is naked greed, the desire to dominate and control, the desire for ever more territory even though the Kremlin already presides over the world’s largest amount of national territory.

It matters not one whit that time and again this type of aggression has proved utterly untenable for Russia, that over and over it has resulted in the collapse of the nation.  Russia’s rulers, unchecked by a lemming-like population, can think only of world domination, as if they were the sort of lunatic villains portrayed in a James Bond film.

This is Putin’s Russia. It is time the NATO nations began to act accordingly.  U.S. General John Craddock, boss of NATO, seems to understand the threat very clearly.  Barack Obama needs to pressure the NATO countries to fall in line behind Craddock’s leadership so that we do not repeat the mistakes of the past in failing to meet the threat of dictatorship early enough, strongly enough and consistently enough to nip it in the bud.

19 responses to “EDITORIAL: Girding for War in the Arctic

  1. “strengthening border guard forces in the region”

    Strenghtening? Isn’t the region officially demilitarized, like the orbit and space?

  2. “It’s time Obama administration realized…”
    – are you sure?

    Have you personally read the “…paper signed by Dmitri Medvedev…”?

    “…it is clear that Russia intends a new round of military aggression…”
    – against whom? white bears maybe?
    – sounds like a serious analysis!
    – is that the only thing you came to?

    “…a lemming-like population…”
    – didn’t know you’re a fascist too!

    “…lunatic villains portrayed in a James Bond film”
    – too much of Fleming made you a bit…

    “It is time the NATO nations began to act accordingly”
    – it’s been a long time they’d began, hope you’ll be in the first rank

  3. Hello Robert,

    The Russian Navy was keen to plant a Russian flag underneath the North Pole as a claim to the territory. Russian military aircraft fly near US and Canadian airspace to test responses. Now the KGB wants to establish a presence in the region, not of polar bears I assure you.

    Space is demilitarized? Tthat would do little to explain wayward Russian satellites crashing into those maintaining orbit.

    I hope the Russians withdraw their pledge to establish an arctic force as there is already enough junk in the area. The last thing they need up there are Russian nuclear subs littering the ocean bottom.

    Gary Marshall

  4. Hummerheadxxx,

    Spoken like a true …Hummerhead?

    Gary Marshall

  5. “Russian military aircraft fly near US and Canadian airspace to test responses.”

    Western Airforces do the same, we never stopped just we aren’t so blatant.

    “Tthat would do little to explain wayward Russian satellites crashing into those maintaining orbit. ”

    You’re still trying to say that it was deliberate? How desperate must you guys be? Looking that it is the same usernames all the time who post gushing comments to Kim’s articles leads me to believe that you are either paid employees or a couple of people with several usernames in order to attack those who oppose your view. I’d would have thought with all the traffic Kim claims to get there would be more variety in people commenting.

  6. Is that all you can come up with. A self congratulory personal insult? I wished I worked for the Kremlin, I’d probably earning a lot more money than I am now…..

    • Bob,
      The only way you’ll be making more money would be if you were stealing it, which seems to be what Russians do best. A bunch of goose-stepping criminals who run and hide from the truth.

      Western Air Forces do not fly strategic bombers on the borders of Russia. Recon flights, yes, but not with Bomber aircraft. I know a thing or two about the USAF after retiring with 20 years of service. As a weather forecaster, we knew the exact routes.

      • Obamayomama,

        Thanks for your service to freedom.
        I am from a military background myself (RNZAF – Royal New Zealand Air Force), and I appreciate the work all western service personnel. (Except the French who insist on testing nukes in my back yard)

  7. Medvedev’s $60 Million dollar tank, sorry ZiL.
    Called the Hippopotamus, the Limo is said to survive a nuclear attack. (from Iran, North Korea.)


  8. Robert,
    Technically, Russia has a military corp designated specifically for space. Unlike the US which now pulls its astronauts from the ranks of civilians as well as military/former military. I do not remember what these space cowboys are called, er…space cossacks…but they are its own branch. I will go see if I can find a web site for you. Russia never talked about space as a neutral territory. If I remember correctly, the only piece of territory Russia recognizes as neutral is Antarctica…and maybe Switzerland, considering whose bank accounts may be there…

  9. Here you go, Wiki has an overview of the Russian space force


    and try
    for some up-to-date stuff about the Russians in space; entire section dedicated to military payloads.

    This is not to say that US military does not poke around in this stuff as well; I just don’t ever remember seeing any US space cowboy patches entirely dedicated to that area.

    da svidanya

    P.S. Why should the Russians fool around in the arctic? Considering their falling demographics, they’ve been out in the deep freeze too long!

  10. I don’t get strengthening part either. Who is going to attack Russia over there? Is Cremlin oversupplied with vodka these days?

  11. One of the largest reserves of natural gas in the world is located in the Artic circle. Russia wants to lay claim to that through brute force.

  12. Gary Marshall


    The Russians, after a long pause, decided recently to revive this old practice of the Soviet era of testing military defenses in the air.

    It had ceased with the collapse of the Soviet Union, and Putin revived it. It is an irritant that makes clear Russian intentions: that they desire a return to the old Soviet ways.

    This is not a way to affirm friendships. It is not common practice for any ally or neighborly state. This is not a benign gesture. It is a military threat and it overtly demonstrates the aggression of the Russian Government towards those nations about it.

    It is one more indication of the thinking of the Kremlin: that by diverting the attention of its people and leaders from domestic matters to international matters it may survive.

    Well, it is not going to. Putin will be gone before the end of the year.

    Russia is a pathetic shell of a nation. The Chinese are 10 times larger by population and at least 4 times larger economically, achieved by a peasant population is so short a time.

    Gary Marshall

  13. Has Russia ever apologized for her role in the Cold War?

    Obama did.

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