April 1, 2009 — Contents


(1)  EDITORIAL:  Girding for War in the Arctic

(2)  EDITORIAL:  Exposing Putin’s Chechnya Fraud

(3)  Neo-Soviet Russia Continues to Weaponize Psychiatry

(4)  Under Putin, Neo-Soviet Russia Stands all Alone

(5)  Russia’s Impending Banking Collapse

(6)  Confirmed:  KGB Launched Cyber Attacks on Georgia

NOTE:  Nationalist wacko Dmitri Rogozin has a “crazy-as-I-wanna-be” column on the Guardian‘s blog “Comment is Free.”  Its readers, duly appalled, expose Rogozin for the maniac that he is.  Shows the power of commenting and, encouragingly, how little traction there is these days in the Western world for ludicrous propaganda from the Kremlin.  Still, shame on the Guardian for not giving readers a more accurate biographical statement on Rogozin.

One response to “April 1, 2009 — Contents

  1. Yeah, well, it IS the Guardian. This is where Seamus Milne earns his crust…

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