EDITORIAL: Deripaska buys himself a Senator


Deripaska buys himself a Senator

A while back, we wrote about a report being released by a committee chaired by former Democratic Senator Gary Hart and Republican turncoat Senator Chuck Hagel, following their meeting in Moscow with Russian “president” Dmitri Medvedev. LR publisher and founder Kim Zigfeld also wrote about the report in her Russia column on Pajamas Media.  This supposedly “bipartisan” commission was in fact nothing more than a Kremlin propaganda project, and all those who participated in it must be seen either as dangerously stupid or even more dangerously treacherous.

We lean towards treachery, because we’ve learned that Putin-friendly oligarch Oleg Deripaska lurks behind the report, making it seem that the document was bought and paid for by the Moscow Kremlin.

We noted in our previous editorial that the Hart-Hagel Commission was sponsored in part by the Nixon Center, which is run by Russian Dmitri Simes. We’ve often exposed the Nixon Center’s outrageously shameless failure to confront neo-Soviet Russia.  The report itself was published on the NC’s website (PDF link).

But what we didn’t mention was that the other sponsor of this nasty little exercise was Harvard University’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, which claims Deripaska as a proud member.

So not one but two Russians, one with direct and deep ties to Putin regime, stand behind the Hart-Hagel Commission, an entity which does not include a single serious critic of the Putin regime. When its report was released, it totally ignored the issue of human rights in Russia and called upon the U.S. to reevaluate and revise its relationship with Russia in Russia’s favor — it made no such demands upon Russia.

So even without knowing who funded this abhorrent activity, even a child would be suspicious that it had been bought and paid for by the Kremlin.  And now, it seems quite clear that in fact it was.

There are no words which can adequately condemn the treachery of Hart, a disgraced former presidential contender pathetically struggling to get back it the spotlight by any means possible, or of Hagel, who seems hellbent on betraying his own party out pure malignant spite, and to hell with American national security.  It’s one thing for villians like these to simply argue openly for the Kremlin’s interests, but it’s quite something else to for them to hide their motivations and their support under a veil of impressive words like “bipartisan.”

We are at war, and it is time the world realized that. The Kremlin is moving into full-scale battle mode as its economic failure becomes more and more apparent, just as the USSR did a few decades ago. If we are not prepared to contest the war just as Ronald Reagan once did, that is the only hope the Kremlin can have for victory.

Last week, U.S. Army General John Craddock declared in testimony before the U.S. Senate that “Russia seems determined (to) see Euro-Atlantic security institutions weakened and has shown a readiness to use economic leverage and military force to achieve its aims.” He said that the notion that no countries were under threat of invasion in Europe or Asia had been “proven false” and that Russia’s “actions in Georgia in August 2008 and with European natural gas supplies in January 2009, suggest that their overall intent may be to weaken European solidarity and systematically reduce U.S. influence.”

In other words, we are at war. Maybe now it’s time to go to the barricades, Mr. Obama?

14 responses to “EDITORIAL: Deripaska buys himself a Senator

  1. Shame on Hart and Hagel. Idiots. As to D. Simes, I ‘ve been wondering for many years how come he became such an expert on dealings with Russia. I met him about 30 years ago at the home of a very prominent American writer and politician. Most of us who left Russia in the mid-seventies were dissidents and staunch anti-communists and were in danger. In no way we could be associated with government or such. But I remember Simes saying with a degree of some pride that he had been drinking vodka with Komsomol people in the Kremlin. I was stunned and disgusted as there was nothing to be proud of. Well, I guess he is still drinking vodka there.

  2. voroBey, agreed.
    That Simes used to annoy me on TV as well. I never understood why his uselessness, or Simes method of obfuscation was in demand.

  3. “Nixon Center” center? Seriously?

  4. Interesting. But Kim, when news broke that John McCain met Deripaska twice, and spent his 70th birthday with Deripaska in Montenegro, you still supported McCain and didn’t call him a traitor. In fact you came up with this crazy conspiracy theory to rationalize away this embarrassing revelation, which you posted on Robert Amsterdam’s site:
    Given that Senator McCain has called for Russia’s ouster from the G-8 and said Putin has only KGB in his eyes, one must speculate that either:

    (a) Mr. Deripaska is not as “loyal” to the Kremlin as some might like to think, or

    (b) The Kremlin’s allies are far less effective in bolstering the Kremlin’s power and influence than some might like to believe.

    Either way, perhaps Mr. Deripaska is going to find himself in Siberia before long . . . if not literally then at least figuratively.

    Wow Kim, you really have the goods.


    If you were not quite so illiterate, you’d realize that there’s a small difference, namely that while McCain was having those meetings he was calling for Russia to be BOOTED OUT OF THE G-8. If Hart did that, we’d praise him to the sky. But he didn’t, did he? In fact, he did the opposite.

    Your drivel is not really worth responding to. So illiterate, so ignorant, utterly futile to try to have any sort of discussion with you in your preening, overwrought arrogance based on nothing but self-congratulations and fantasy.

    You bore us.

  5. By your hysterical, wounded reaction (and your immigrant-level English) I can tell that you’re bored. Really, really bored. Oo, that hurt.


    Do you feel that by referring to “immigrant-level English” you prove how calm and reasonable you are compared to us?

    Dude, look in a mirror sometime! (If you can stand it.)

    Meanwhile, you can’t challenge the points we made, because you were totally wrong, yet can’t apologize and instead only try to change the subject.


  6. Wow, you wrote “lame.” Almost like you’re a real American. Listen, the reason why Michelle Malkin can’t stand you, no matter how much you suck up to her, is because you’re a LOONIE IMMIGRANT FOOL. We don’t need immigrant trash like you in our country. We need patriots who work to help America, not immigrant loonballs who devote their lives trying to suck America into their Old World fights. Leave us alone, immigrant scum, and go back to where you came from!


    Not only does Michlle not hate us, she’s linked to us on her mighty blog you hilarilously ignorant ape. Kim and she are colleagues over at Pajamas Media, where Kim writes the Russia column. We’ve also been linked to by the New York Review of Books, the Associated Press, Little Green Footballs, Instapundit, the Moscow Times and the Washington Post, to name just a few.

    That you are reduced to such fundamentally dishonest and ignorant verbal excrement merely betrays the fundamental hollowness of your position. Checkmate. Next.

    • Technically all US citizens are immigrants, or the decendants of immigrants.

      Immigration is what has made the US strong, blending the best from old world cultures.

      What redneck morons like you do not understand in your moronic “isolationist” approach is that there are very real threats to the US, particularly Russia.

  7. Listen, the reason why Michelle Malkin can’t stand you…

    Is there something you know that you want to share? Or you are just making stuff up.

    Like that you were trying to carry favor with Sychev by throwing ammonium at Nemtsov and Sychev still kicked you in the ass. If I were to say that – would I have any credibility afterward? Do you expect any?

  8. You’ve only confirmed my point. You don’t even know proper American English. “We’ve also been linked to by the…” “you hilariously ignorant ape…” It’s like reading some bad translation from Pravda. Learn my country’s language, and learn to work FOR my country and not AGAINST your old country’s enemy, immigrant pig. Or get the hell out, and stay out.

    • Now Barry, just because your first sexual experence was with your niece, I mean sister, well knowing your redneck wankers she was probably both, and all your “special hugs” from your father, does not give you the right to call immigrants pigs.

  9. Intersting to note how many “immigrant pigs” serve in the US military up the sharp end, compared to apes like Barry.

    He is the sort who is happy to fight to the last immigrant without doing any hard yards himself.

  10. Rednecks? I resemble that remark. Barry’s a fake/troll/schmuck, not worth responding to.

    • Well said obamayomama.
      It is not really an americanisim to say “immigrant pig”, that sounds more like a Russian transliterating to English to me.

      No offence intended to any southern boys out there!

      But if he is from a small Russian village my comments are probably still correct…..

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