EDITORIAL: Putin’s Russia, in Black and White


Putin’s Russia, in Black and White

Russia in Black & White

Russia in Black & White

Well, maybe this one will do it.

Last week the AFP reported that a Russian ice cream bar was being marketed with the poster shown at left, which declares:  “Everybody’s talking about it — darkness inside of whiteness.”  It is emblazoned with a likeness of U.S. President Barack Obama.

AFP quoted Andrei Gubaidullin of Voskhod Advertising Agency, who created the ad: “For Russia, this is not racist. It is fun and that’s it. We don’t consider teasing ethnic groups racist. It is just seen as a joke.”

Is this sufficiently blunt trauma for Mr. Obama to wake up and realize the horror of the neo-Soviet state arrayed against him?

If not, there’s more. Much more.


It’s an advertisement for a chain of tanning salons, and proclaims:  “A good tan is the most direct path to the presidency.”

Getting the message yet, Mr. Obama?  His image has also been used to hawk tooth whiteners.

Sad to say, Obama deserves this. His shameful silence on Russian human rights issues throughout the first two months of his presidency, combined with his ridiculous statements about Russia at his first press conference, have served to crush the life out of the hopes of his admirers that he actually meant what he said about standing up for basic liberal values.  So it’s clear that only this kind of blunt trauma could possibly serve to jolt him out of his stupor.

But maybe even this isn’t enough.  Maybe Obama needs to see images of blacks being strung up on tree limbs while touting Russian rope manufacturing firms before he will finally realize just who and what he is dealing with in neo-Soviet Russia.

We hope it won’t come to that.

21 responses to “EDITORIAL: Putin’s Russia, in Black and White

  1. So basically they are making fun of Obama because he doesn’t do anything good for Russia?

    I need to know because its for my project due on March 28.. So please help

  2. JP,

    Basically, you will need to do your analysis yourself – the teacher must have told you that.

    Additionally, you may want to catch up on logic and reasoning as well – even if it isn’t coming up in class until next year.

    Otherwise you will remain a cheating F-student. And that’s not good, especially in the times of crisis.

  3. Hey, it’s not racist (or not anti-American). It’s a positive image of Obama – a merry man giving a victory sign, happy colors, rainbows all around him.

    You know what would be racist? For example this: http://www.hyscience.com/Osama%20Obama.jpg (or whatever Zhirynovsky said on Obama).

  4. блин, чё-то морожки захотелось

  5. И мне мороженки захотелось :Р

    А реклама баская, мне НРА )

  6. p.s. Сами вы рассисты, с юмором не дружите.

  7. Это у морожку одна мелкая фермешка выпустилла в Екатеринбурге. Хороший рекламный ход. Вроде и скандально и не подсудно. Продажи резко возросли:)

  8. Кстати о рассистах. Если бы пенд… т.е. американцы выпустили например Мороженку – МедвеД в Кремле с юморной картинкой ) я бы вот не обиделся )))

    • Видел интервью с производителями этой мороженки три дня назад. Репортер сказал что-то типа”Вы чё, Запад сейчас завоет”. Так и случилось;) А они ему:” А кто сказал, что это Обама? Вы что не видите, что позади здание Конгресса а не Белый Дом?” Аниж тупыыые;)
      Надо этот сайт Задорнову порекомендовать, а то он зацикливаться начал;)

  9. Someone in USA should make male love-doll (inflatable) and name it “Put-in”! And we will see how G-team responds to such Joke.

    I`m not from USA

  10. @AB

    А вот это уже не шутка, а оскорбление. Сравнивать мороженое и резиновую куклу для утех не одно и тоже. )

    P.S. Ну не из США и ладно. Главное чтоб человек хороший был. =)

  11. sphynx, McCain is of no political significance now, so what is your point? Duh.

  12. Saw interview to manufacturers of this ice-cream three days ago. The reporter has told; ”you of that, the West now will raise a howl”. And happens;) And they to it: ”And who has told, what it is Obama? You that do not see, what behind a building of the Congress instead of the White House?”;)

  13. Pingback: Pajamas Media » Obama Warms to Medvedev, Ignores Pleas of Russia’s Terrorized Blacks

  14. Stella Honeycutt

    There are a lot of things not known about Obama, But will be before this 4 years is up. He does not have our best interest at heart. Many more people will end up being hurt by this admistration, not just Obama alone. But by his complete party. They are all in his adoring mass.

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