March 23, 2009 — Contents


(1)  Putley on the Gatayev Atrocity

(2)  Russia, Iran & Georgia:  The New Great Game

(3)  EDITORIAL:  The War against Russia’s Mayors

(4)  NASHI in Finland

(5)  Is War Looming in the Caucuses?

(6) A Russian Bloodbath in California

NOTE:  We are delighted to publish today (#1 & #2)  not just one but two original submissions, exclusive to our blog.  We remind readers that we welcome such submissions by e-mail at all times and on all topics relating to Russia, regardless of length.  We are happy to translate material from Russian into English and to provide editorial services for those for whom English is not a primary language.  With more than 3,000 daily visitors, we are one of the most powerful voices on Russia policy in the Western world. Make your voice heard!

NOTE:  We are pleased to note that our editorial “Putin=Russophobia” has been translated into Russian by the InoForum website, which performs the admirable service of making important articles about Russia from the Western media available to Russians in their own language. 

9 responses to “March 23, 2009 — Contents

  1. Talking of the translation of that “editorial”, you do realize that they made it to laugh at you, right?

    Some of the comments… (, 90% of which are in a similar tone.

    Статья – полный песец laugh.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

    А комменты вообще финиш

    нинаю сколько глюкофф поставил бы … но много … поляки отдыхают!

    С автором как-то даже и спорить не тянет, такое вылечить это тяжелая работа для опытного и талантливого психиатра. Яркий пример того что получается после промывки мозгов пропагандистской машиной.

    Статья написана дебилом и для дебилов.

    You are an attention-seeking loser, LR.


    Careful now, little boy, your jealousy is showing. Nobody at all is translating you, now are they? Gosh, wonder why . . .

    And how many comments are there on YOUR blog each day? And how many visitors do YOU have? If WE are losers, what does that make YOU? Do you think AT ALL before you “comment” you ape?

    Given that it’s Russia, one would hardly expect most of the comments responding to our harshly critical attack on the country’s “president” to be postive, would one? After all, such comments could get one arrested in Putin’s Russia. Indeed, if they were, there would be no point in translating them as the battle would already have been won. Your suggestion to the contrary is simply demented. The fact that many Russians would find it “funny” that Russia’s estimation among Americans has plummeted so dramatically during the Putin years is clear proof of how profoundly ignorant the country remains and how desperately in need of our illumination. And you too, dimwit.

    In short, we are delighted to have our analysis translated into Russian and widely circulated on the Russian Internet where they can do the most good, and there are no facts whatsoever to indicate that the editors of the website intended anything hostile from their actions, only your deluded, sweaty, sick little jealous fantasies.

    We pity you little boy. Crawl back into your dark little hole.

  2. La Russophobe, proudly displaying his or her diploma from the Michael Savage school of public discourse.


    Indeed so! And you’ve forgotten to mention that it was conferred magna cum laude!

    Thanks for showing your fairness and reasonableness by taking the commenter to task as well. You’re an excellent example we’ll long remember and strive to emulate.

  3. I knew you had to have a sense of humor, ol’ Ziggy. Whatever might come of the new Cold War, the real fight is the Flame War! Onward!


    You sound like you think you’ve been invited along. Not to burst your bubble or anything but actually, you haven’t.

    And you should read our blog a bit more carefully (if indeed you can read). The real war is for the future of the people of Russia, who are perishing in their tens of thousands due to the utter incompetence of their goverment. Again.

  4. We really had fun with this article. works like this one help us to be immune to the “westerm values” and love our country more. You are doing the greatest work to show us that our only friends are army and navy. Write more!!!!! We love it, it makes our day!

    From russia with Love.


    There is no article here, you ape. This is the table of contents. We’d say nice try but . . .

    Do you find the animosity of the world’s most powerful country hilarious in the same way they did in Soviet times? Then by all means, say a big “privyet” when you meet them in the ashcan of history, laughing all the way. Ha-ha-ha.

    You know, Ukrainians and Georgians are laughing at Russia in a similar way. Do you agree with that laughter too? Just wondering . . .

  5. We love it, it makes our day!

    With double-digit inflation, prices soaring, crime rampant, the pride in national leader crumbling, EU’s Solano snubbing, it is indeed hard to find something to make your day. But at least somebody still hates us – that is good enough!

    Well, enjoy being an outcast (Изгой) – traditional Russian pastime.

  6. Totaly agree with Mara. It is quite funny and sometimes interesting to read such articles. Yes, our country has quite many problems, but we work and try to resolve them. We are not dreaming on restoring USSR. It gave a lot of experience to us. Some things were bad, another were good. Your point of view is incorrect and it is sad. It is difficult to explain all in few sentences. I think you should go to Russia and live here for several years to learn our culture, our way of thinking, our values. Or you can start with a one month tour. May be you enjoy it. :) Welcome to for help or advice.
    We are proud of our country.


    Soviet Russians were also proud. Their wonderful government liquidated them by the millions.

    You find it funny that you’ve antagonized the world’s most powerful country? Laugh yourselfs right into the grave, just as the USSR did.


  7. Wow! So many emotions in your comment! You forgot to write “Sincerely yours,…” before “Idiot”. So sad that foreigner draws attention to the fact you don’t observe etiquette of your own culture….what a pity!


    By the way, we forgot to thank you for the rich and impressive list of examples of how Russians are “working and trying to resolve their problems” by “electing” a proud KGB spy as “president” for life. Absolutely convincing!

  8. Where do you see mass shootings and gulag camps in Russia nowadays?

    “You find it funny that you’ve antagonized the world’s most powerful country?”

    I should be horrified by the world’s most powerful country. :))) My God, I should fear greatly The World’s Most Powerful Country!

    You forgot, I live in Mordor :))) in an old dug-out with 20 peoples in it. We have only 3 beds, 1 chair, 16 balalaykas, 12 matreshkas and a lot of vodka! All day long we make missiles and tanks. We have only one old vacuum tube computer with Internet. I have only 3 hours a day to sleep. And now I must go and feed my war bear and then drink my daily portion of vodka!

    To say seriously, you are a funny man. I repeat: try to visit Russia some days and only then write articles about my country.


    The women who work to put out this blog have spent over 10 years between them living in Russia. Add the men, it’s well over 30. You have the intellect of a lemon.

    Apparently, then, you take the same attitude about Americans who antagonize Russians — by installing a missile shield in Europe and bringing Ukraine and Georgia into NATO, for instance. It’s all a big funny joke to you, right? Great! So we’ll tell Americans stop worrying about offending Russians and to ignore what “prime minister” Putin says about it!

  9. Ah, I love it! Personal insults! Emotional responses! Reason and calm discourse, good riddance!

    (que the picture of Mr. Burns laughing maniacally)


    We’re delighted of course that you are pleased since, as you well know, we created this blog specially to enchant you personally.

    Meahwhile, it would be interesting to know what substantive, reasoned contribution you feel you’ve made to this thread. Seems like nothing but silly, meaningless kibitzing to us. But then, we’re just crude thugs who insult people, so what would we know. You obviously have the inside track to the truth.

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