EDITORIAL: How we See Things


How we See Things

There are those who think that the sort of direct confrontation of Russians practiced by this blog is counterproductive. They naively think it will only make Russians recoil into their nationalist shells like turtles, giving them confirmation that the world really does hate them and justifying their rabid xenophobia.  They think Russians need kindness and understanding from the outside world to coax them out of their shells like timid forest creatures to nibble at the tender morsels of civilization in our outstretched hands. 

This is how Chamberlain saw Hitler.

To the extent these are folks who actually know the Russians, as a result of living cheek-by-jowl with them (we think precious few such persons are among them), as opposed to abject fantasizing morons with no more idea of the real Russia than of the real Mars, they’re entitled to their own opinion.

We, however, beg to differ.

We believe that although Russians talk a good game, they’re not at all comfortable with the idea that they’ve engendered hatred and animosity among the powerful nations that make up the NATO alliance, and they’re made especially uncomfortable by the notion that such contempt is percolating down to the ordinary citizens that make up those countries. What Russians like is to spout of endlessly about how much foreigners hate them, using this spouting to justify abandoning civil society, all the while sleeping soundly at night knowing that in reality the world couldn’t care less about Russia and couldn’t be bothered to attack it.

It was much easier for Russians to get away with this during the time of the USSR, because they were cut off from real information about the West and the West was largely ignorant about them, making them mysterious and making it easier for Russians to create the illusion of being something too dangerous to be messed with.  Now, as the true and horrific limitations of Russia as a society begin to be widely known, and as Russia’s barbarism both internal and external is displayed for all to see, it’s possible that Russia’s pipe dreams may be burstable.

If Russians were to begin to understand, we contend, that the world is getting as mad a wet hen at Russia’s thug-like efforts at imperialism in the former USSR and its even more egregious crackdown on civil society with in Russia (including a massive military buildup and the continuation of universal conscription), then the Russians might just have to reconsider their bully tactics and pipe down.  Russians, as their literature and history will attest, are awfully good at constructing fantasy worlds but not so very good at all at making things work in practice.

Which makes this blog a real poser for the Russians.  Here are found folks with deep, penetrating knowledge of Russians and their history, folks who cannot be bamboozled by the ridiculous parade  of neo-Soviet lies trotted out by Russian propagandists to dupe the West’s  (very scary) Russia neophytes, like those we described (and condemned) in today’s lead editorial.

Russians must face the fact that we see them as they are, and that we don’t like what we see, and that we’re prepared to do something about it.  They must face the fact that their outrageously irresponsible failure to reign in their government has immediate and tangible consquences, and that worse — much worse, may be in the offing.

We think that if John McCain had been elected president and put his plan to boot Russia out of the G-8 in to motion, as well as pushing ahead with plans to admit Georgia and Ukraine to NATO and install a ballistic missile defense shield in Eastern Europe, we might now be seeing a whole new side of Russia.

And what’s more, we know the people of Russia rather well from extensive personal experience and we think that Russians view foriegners who talk to them as if they weren’t behaving like dangerous maniacs, when anyone can see that’s what they’re doing, as hopeless fools.  They, and especially their leader Vladimir Putin and other KGB of his ilk, view such a response only as weakness, and what’s more as a patronizing insult.    There is no evidence — none whatsoever — that “cooperating” with Russia has ever led the West to any destination other than disappointment and betrayal. By contrast, not once in the entire Putin era has the West directly confronted Russia on anything, much less anything important (Russia was allowed to gobble up Ossetia and Abkahazia, for instance), so those who claim that confrontation will not work have no evidence at all upon which to base their silly suppositions.  Ronald Reagan’s “evil empire” confrontation, however, laid the USSR low and set the Russian people free.


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  1. Thank you. One of the many reasons I am a daily visitor of this blog, just to see that there are still sane people left, unlike all the impotent European bureaucrats…

  2. This blog remains a must for any slavist.

  3. Moderator alert: And it looks like it becomes popular enough to attract the attention of determined spammers. This Просветленный dude seems to be just a spamming troll; and looks like he and Futility are just Sock puppets

  4. I, too, became a daily visitor to this blog. You are doing an excellent job. Thank you! And I know what I am talking about. I left Russia in 1975 and made New York my home and love my new country with all it’s imperfections. Last summer I visited Russia first time since i had left (had no desire to go before but my daughter now works as a reporter there). Nothing changed in Russia. It is a dreadful place . I’ll never go there again.

    • Yes, voroBey, we still live in “zemlyanka”s, drink vodka with “adekolon”, play “balalayka” and sing “kalinka” . You are lier. Many russians return home. Ana not only russians. I know spanian with second citizenship of France. He lives in Russia and is very fond of our country. I met him in Europe. Live in you New-York in you “shells like timid forest creature”

  5. Просветленный

    voroBey // March 21, 2009 at 3:02 am | Reply

    Вынужден с Вами не согласиться, что Россия осталась прежней, а подтвердить главный тезис данной статьи, она стала еще более бандитской. Как уже не раз говорилось в этом блоге, русские, со свойственной всем нецивилизованным народам упрямством, упорно сопротивляются окончательному торжеству либеральных ценностей во всем мире и особенно у себя дома. И этим гнустно препятсвуют транснациональным корпорациям, освоению своих богатств, во благо всего человечества, которые, как уже не раз было сказанно, этому человечеству и принадлежат. Данный факт не может не возмущать все прогресивное человечество, к коему я себя несомнено причисляю.

    • Просветлённый ,а в суде не хочешь ответить за свои слова “русские, со свойственной всем нецивилизованным народам упрямством ” Давай ка мы тебя политкорректности начнём учить либеральный ты наш,кстати с деньгами у тебя я надеюсь всё ОК? :-)

  6. Просветленный

    Уважаемый Felix, зачем так категорично? Этот блог находится на наиболее демократичном сигменте интернета, и мы не можем брать пример с ресурса ru, где как всем известно, не дают сказать слово истинным либералам и руссофобам.
    Я же, обращаю Ваше внимание на некоторые малоизвестные аспекты кровавого путинского режима, с слабой надеждой донести это людям понимающим.

  7. “and set the Russian people free.”

    As we see, not really.

  8. Просветленный

    Robert. Как Вы понимаете “and set the Russian people free.” Ваше виденье.

  9. Просветленный


    Перед началом войны в состав сухопутных войск Грузии входили танки Т-55, Т-54 и Т-72, часть Т-72 были модифицированны израилем и получили название Т-72-SIM-1, модификация затронула системы навигации и управления, а внешне новый Т-72-SIM-1 ничем неотличается от Т-72.
    Большая часть танков Т-72-SIM-1 действовала во втором эшелоне.
    Вобщем я обсолютно не понял, что Вы хотели доказать своими фотографиями.

    • Привет, Просветленный.
      Роберт хотел показать, что он обладает некими сакральными знаниями, с претензиями на глубокий анализ.;)

  10. 1. SPEAK ENGLISH. If you won’t, I’ll just inore you (and I think the others here too).

    2. All Georgian tanks used in the war were T-72s with distinct reactive armor.
    http://images.google.com/images?gbv=2&hl=en&safe=off&q=%22georgian+tanks%22+ossetia&btnG=Search+Images (just like the images from the TV during the war).

    Heck, even look there – alleged “trofieyne” Gori on display: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/gallery/2008/aug/18/georgia?picture=336705072 (from the other side: http://02varvara.files.wordpress.com/2008/08/georgian-tanks.jpg).

    And the point is: I believe the “burning” tank in question (it’s T-55, isn’t it?) is not Georgian (but Russian). Which completely destroys the argument of “Steve J. Nelson”. That he also linked it directly(!) from Russia Blog (with either mindlessly repeated caption or mindlessly repeated and then made even more stupid) also speaks about his credibility.

  11. Hm, I just checked and the Georgians actually had a total of 26 T-54/55 in August 2008. Still, nothing indicates this one as Georgian – given it’s also described as “burning” while it’s obviously not burning, I think this caption is just not credible.

    And Google Images search for “Georgian T-55” http://images.google.com/images?hl=en&safe=off&um=1&q=%22Georgian+T-55%22&btnG=Search+Images speaks volumes when compared with the search for “Georgian T-72” I already posted (and the search for “Georgian T-54” returns just no results at all).

    • Let’s play a fun game. It’s called: “count the road wheels, stupid”. Spoiler: you suck at it.

      • Stupidity: Let’s play a fun game. It’s called: “find flames or smoke on the allegedly burning tank, stupid”.

        So, it’s a “burning” T-64? Cool. Russians had many T-64s deployed to Georgia, Georgian did not have them at all.

        • Oh sweetie, sweetie, please. If you’re going to try to be cute, then at least make sure you start off by being -right-, first.


          And of course, for your consideration:

          So, are you going to cling to the writer’s (possibly) incorrect use of the present continuous form of the verb “to burn”, or shall we move on to the next pointless argument?

          Ho hum.

          • I think that Robert’s ignorance combined with arrogance are very useful: they allow him to feel superior to others.

        • I know you think you know everything. You know nothing. You only use google and think that all you have found is truth.

  12. Просветленный

    Я приблизительно понимаю написанное по английски но в правописании не силен, если я буду писать по английски то только расмешу вас и Вы меня све равно не поймете. Эсли у Вас нет желания читать по русски, это Ваше дело.
    Я не думаю, что на таком фото Вы сможите различить т-72 от т-64. Тем более сзади, они очень похожи если не считать активной брони.
    Имеется информация о потере лишь 3-х российских танков — Т-72Б(М) (141-го отдельного танкового батальона 19 мсд), Т-62М ((предположительно № 232у) 70-го мотострелкового полка 42 мсд) и Т-72 (№ 321 1-й роты танкового батальона 693-го мотострелкового полка 19 мсд). По остальным якобы подбитым российским танкам свидетельствами служат лишь устные заверения грузинских военных и политиков об обобщённых потерях.

  13. Просветленный



  14. Просветленный


    Слушайте воробышек, ну любят в России сильных правителей, понятно, что Запад это бесит, Западу нужно побольше таких как Горбачев и нет России.
    Судя по Вашей биографии, Ваш идеал генерал Власов, ну так чтож, каждому свое….

    • Hey, Просветленный, face it, Russians love “strong leaders” in the same manner that zoo animals love their keepers. Only the weak and the unimaginative captive loves being feed and housed.

      Your comments are ridiculous and only reinforce the stupidity that many in the West assign to Russians, so I would stop while you are ahead.

  15. Просветленный,
    I agree that you are a live person and not an automated bot (aka troll). I apologize. Your earlier posts were so nonsensical, that they seemed to be written by a computer program.

    Your latest mocking posts are annoying (remind me of Zadornov 20 years ago), but they are certainly written by live person. I still have a suspicion that futility is your sock puppet, but who knows.

    Like many Russians, you believe that West hates you (Запад бесит, освоение российских богатств и т.д.). If it makes you feel better – by all means – certainly preferred to адеколон! It’s much more satisfying to feel hated, than to realize that Russia is “Upper Volta with missiles” and the West really doesn’t care about you

    • Felix, Zadornov told “they are stu-u-u-u-upid”
      In Russia we regard that it is bad manner to hate stupid and mentally ill.
      You wrote Like many Russians, you believe that West hates you (Запад бесит, освоение российских богатств и т.д.) And gave a bad translate. Просветленный, has written totally different. At least don’t misinform your comrade-in-arms.

      • “And gave a bad translate.”


        • You understood what I`ve ment. Thank you correct my Engkish more often. It would be usefull for me.
          But speaking about Felix`s translation – there were no any words about West hates russians.
          There was written that West is angry that russians harness their wealth themselves. Not the same.

  16. Просветленный


    Искрене польщён Вашим сравнением с Задорновым. Своими постами я только показал вам как смешно выглядит ваша русофобия из России. Мне понятны Ваши сомнения. Желаю Вам меньше ненавидеть Россию и больше чуства юмора, потому что веселый человек смотрит на мир с более открытыми глазами.
    Если Выхотите знать мнение россиян, то хочу Вас заверить, что подавляющему большинству из нас, абсолютно по барабану, что Запад считает нас “Верхней Вольтой с ракетами” и не любит. Вы можите в этом убедится сами, если посетите российские патриотические сайты. Там немного возмущенных Западом, в основном стебаются и ржут по этому поводу.

    • Своими постами я только показал вам как смешно выглядит ваша русофобия из России.

      And all you showed how ridiculous you look. But penny already said that quite well.

      Если Выхотите знать мнение россиян, то хочу Вас заверить…

      Yep – Я, как и весь советский народ, хочу вас заверить… Вы смешны, Мотальщица Петрова! That’s exactly what I left behind, and that’s why vorobey saw no differences two years ago.

  17. Просветленный


    Я рад, что расмешил вас. Если Вы считаете русских глупыми, то это говорит только о Ваших умственных способностях…
    Вы любите повторять как мантру, что у русских врожденное желание жить в клетке, в место того что бы понять наше с вами ментальное отличие, абсолютно разное понимание свободы, нужно очень сильно проникнутся русским духом, что бы понять, что у нас есть такое понятие как воля, которое имеет мало общего с английским понятием свободы.
    Хотя проще убеждать себя: русские не разделяют наши ценности, поэтому они варвары и дикари.
    Ну и как говорится-флаг вам в руки!

    • Here is another example of Orwellian Double-think and that’s why Просветленный goes on my ignore list:

      что бы понять наше с вами ментальное отличие … нужно очень сильно проникнутся русским духом

      and at the same time

      проще убеждать себя: русские не разделяют наши ценности,

      Чтобы одновременно настаивать на отличии русских от других и обвинять других что они считают что русские не разделяют их ценности – надо быть отличником двоемыслия! Больших вам успехов во вставании с колен! Как говорится-флаг вам в руки!

  18. Просветленный

    Слушайте Felix, я конечно не понял всех ньюансов, Вас раздражает русский нормальный литературный стиль общения? Ну так я могу и по фене ботать, если вы там все общаетесь как уголовники, тогда какой базар!

  19. Просветленный

    Вы мне только одно Felix обьясните, если я засланный казачёк, тогда какого хрена я такой неподготовленный и распинаюсь тут по русски?

  20. Stupidity: Ah, so someone eventually chalked it as “Gruzin” for the photo (at least 3 times, no less ) and this makes it “Georgian”. Okay. Gotta believe in all their propaganda, for example in the stories how Georgians killed “1600 civilians” in few hours (“GENOCIDE”), allegedly “burning them in churches” (and yes, the tank is still not “burning”) and other such eating of babies and ties. I also like how “the Russians” spray-painted their APC “Chechnya Chechnya Chechnya” :)

    Просветленный: So you can write English after all. (I don’t know why you’re not banned here yet.)

    • Your moderator is too lazy. And is this your “blue dream” to stay here alone with your friends and bark at Russia? – Russia will never hear this:)

  21. What really makes me wonder, is whatever thread I begin to follow, winds up mysteriously with Georgia. My respect with the CIA and its tenacity. Another “son of a btch but our son of btch” isn’t it – got to embelish it by all means available don’t you.
    I would like to once again make this point I have been trying to make in other threads:
    1) These days, the most revered literary classic of the 20th century Georgia, namely Grigol Robakidze, is a fascist. Use Google for yourself.
    2) The most famous Georgian “philosopher’ of the last century, Merab Mamardashvili, maintained that Georgians were a superior race to Russians because they (in spite of the rats and dilapidated houses in the streets of Tbilisi) had their flats full of good furniture and home appliances while Russians didn’t. Some philosopher!
    3) Right from the time they got their independence in 1991, their national leaders: won their leadeship thru a coup; got 90+% at the next elections; started a genocidal (suicidal?) war; got overthrown by a coup. Some leadership some nation and some democracy!
    If this is not what is called a failed state, I dont know what is.
    They shoud shut up for 50 or so years and get themselves some respect from the surrounding nations.
    When a boy, I was fascinated (sounds like fascicinated in our mad times) by a Georgian Sulkhan-Saba Orbeliani – indeed he was my favorite for 3 or 4 years. Brilliant stories and fairy tales, they were! Regretfully he died 300 years ago.

  22. Sorry to imply ignorance in people, but I very much suspect that these days Georgians don’t know who Sulkhan-Saba Orbeliani is. And I even suspect – horror! that some New Zealanders here – hey Andrew -don’t know who Arthur Lydiard is. Read up guys!

    • Bobby, you really are an idiot.

      Arthur Lydiard may have been a great New Zealand athlete, but I can tell you he is roundly cursed by each generation of Kiwi kids when it comes time for doing the annual “cross country” run (which is actually a road race despit its name). He is also well known for advocating running backwards downhill, which is an excellent metaphor for Russia (and particularly racist little pricks like you).

      Once again you harp on about “won their leadeship thru a coup; got 90+% at the next elections; started a genocidal (suicidal?) war” Which is obviously a reference to Abkhazia.

      Are you a complete idiot?
      How many times do you have to be told the facts, I mean we all know you are pretty thick but come on (oh well you are a Sovok after all).

      Once again for your education:



      “The tensions regarding autonomy approached a critical stage in June 1992, when Abkhaz militants attacked the government buildings in Sukhumi. On July 23, 1992, the Abkhazian government proclaimed the independence of the region, though this was not internationally recognized. On August 14, 1992, Georgian police and National Guard units were dispatched to restore government control over Abkhazia”

      The genocidal war in Abkhazia was started by a minority group (the Apsu) who consisted of only 18% of the population with illegal (interfering in the internal affairs of a sovreign state) Russian assistance, the vast overwhelming majority of the war crimes were comitted by Abkhazian separatists and their Russian backers.

      “Significant human rights violations and atrocities were reported on all sides and peaked in the aftermath of the Abkhaz capture of Sukhumi on September 27, 1993, which was followed by a large-scale campaign of ethnic cleansing against ethnic Georgian population (officially recognized by the OSCE and also mentioned in UN resolution GA/10708).[6] UN Security Council passed series of resolutions in which is appeals for a ceasefire and condemned the Abkhazian policy of ethnic cleansing.[7] From 13,000 to 20,000 ethnic Georgians and approximately 3,000 Abkhaz have been reported to be killed, more than 250,000 Georgians became internally displaced or refugees and 2,000 are considered missing.”

      I suggest you shut up about subject of which you are so obviously very poorly informed.

      Actually there were many Georgian philosophers of the 20th C who were greatly respected.
      Giwi Margwelaschwili
      Shalva Nutsubidze
      Leri Mchedlishvili
      Merab Mamardashvili (Professor at Moscow state University by the way, and I can find no evidence of the quotes you attribute to him, also note he died in 1990 before the collapse of the USSR and before western goods were avaliable in Georgia in any quantity, so I suspect your quote is just more racist Russian BS)
      As for Grigol Robakidze, not so much a fascist as an anti soviet figure, an honour he shares with many Russians I might add.

      Bobby you truly are pathetic.

      Besides, he is not so revered as other Georgian figures.
      Illya Chavchavadze for example.

      Your assinine comment “They shoud shut up for 50 or so years and get themselves some respect from the surrounding nations” sounds like a perfect prescription for Russia to me.

      As for Georgia’s problems, that is always the nature of the transition from being occupied by a barbaric genocidal larger niegbor (Russia) to a free and functioning democracy, but at tleast Georgians ae making the effort (unlike the Slavs to the north one might add).

      BTW Bobby, Georgians do have the respect of many of their niegbors, the Turks and Azeri governments are good friends to Georgia.

  23. Bobby, a certified FSB stooge. You aren’t fooling our gang Bobby, we have your card.

  24. Просветленный

    Robert // March 22, 2009 at 12:56 am | Reply

    В войне участвовал и успешно чеченский батальон “Восток”.
    Я уже ответил Вам, что по англиски писать не умею.

  25. Просветленный

    Andrew // March 22, 2009 at 6:31 am | Reply

    Достали вы уже со своей wikipedia, тоже мне авторитетный источник.Я сечас напишу статью, что граждане Новой зеландии происходят от инопланетян и опубликую на wikipedia, и Вы будете давать всем ссылки и доказывать это?
    Война в Абхазии и Осетии в девяностые, началась после того, как к власти в Грузии пришел грузинский националист Гамсахурдия и отменил автаномию Абхазии и Осетии, и все языковые привелегии этих народов, и в итоге получил за это по морде.
    А неприязнь этих народов длится еще с 1921, кагда произошла первая резня между ними.
    По поводу российско помощи абхазам: так для информации, в девяностые на стороне абхазов против грузин воевал отряд республики ичкерия, под руковотством Басаева. Я так понимаю басаев был агентом кремля?
    Хотя, что толку, ведь для Вас это религия- Россия дермо, Россия дерьмо…….бу,бу,бу….

    • So, if it is all Gamsakhurdia’s fault, how come the fighting did nnot begin untill after he was deposed by Scheverdnadze?
      Not to mention the fact that Ardzinba gave him refuge and support.
      Elements of the Red Army, Black Sea Fleet, and Frontal Aviation all took part in attacks on Georgians in the province of Abkhazia, it is a historical fact and well documented.
      Yes, Chechens such as Shamyl Besayev also took part, in fact he was described as a great hero by Russian TV at the time.
      Funnily enough, what he was told to do against Georgian civillians (by Russians) in Abkhazia was one of the main things that turned him against the Russians. He later issued an apology to the Georgian people.

      Really you are a simpleton.
      Your comments about Wikepedia, writing about aliens eh? Well for any faults it has, it is sure a hell of a lot more reliable than the absolute drivel that passes for information in Russia.
      Any statements that are not footnoted and referenced tend to be marked as potentially unreliable.

      Besides, try reading the documents that are linked to in the reference section. Such as the UN condemnation of Russian actions in the Abkhazian war, the Human Rights Watch & Memorial condemnation of Russian & separatist war crimes in both Abkhazia in the 90’s, and South Ossetia n August last year.

      You might (though I doubt it as you obviously are too Russian) learn something.

  26. Просветленный


    Я тоже очень удевлен, как на таком либерально демократичном сайте стоящем на передовой ненависти к русским, меня ещще на забанили?

    • Я тоже очень удевлен, как … меня ещще на забанили?

      А хочется-то, а? Противно быть Верхней Вольтой, которую никто не банит, но никто не принимает во внимание! In 6 months that I’ve been hanging out here – I haven’t seen anybody being banned (except for obvious bots)

    • Вам повезло, кстати я тут и svetilnika videl. Мой первый же пост был замодерен. Всего лишь усомнился в героизме и уме Латыниной по сравнению с Вассерманом.

  27. Добро пожаловать на Inoforum.ru мои любимые руссофобы. Ваша руссофобия у нас является поводом для продолжительного смеха, аплодисментов и выкриков “Аффтор пиши есчо”. Так что продолжайте.)
    Вопрос в другом: Сколько Россиян вы готовы убить лично чтобы перестать боятся? (“Фобия” – боязнь).
    Другого решения я в ваших комментах не увидел.
    Может хотите стать новым Сталиным? Он кстати был грузином.

    • Who cares if Stalin was a Georgian. His minions in the NKVD, those that renounced their neighbors, and those that ran the camps and those that still to this day respect him were and are Russians. Stalin’s evilness didn’t exist in a vacuum. He had a large part of the Russian population collaborating with him. He’s still popular in Russia.

      • Stalin, “Georgian”? Haha.

        Stalin was half-Georgian half-Ossetian (Ossetians are “Russians”, allegedly) who was born in Russia (Russian Empire), spent most of his time in Russia (Russian Republic, Kremlin, Moscow), spoke only Russian for most of his life, is buried in Russia (Kremlin, Moscow), and for example was recently voted the 3rd coolest Russian of all of time by Russians.

        What else? For example,

        About 3,000 Russians have been gathering near the grave of Josef Stalin on the 50th anniversary of his death, as a poll suggests more than half the population view him positively.

        Of course,

        Stalin voted third-best Russian

        People around the world try to understand this:

        “Most people agree that Stalin’s name, and the Stalin period, has undergone a renaissance during Vladimir Putin’s eight years in charge.”

        • I am really sorry for you.
          You once again draw knowledge from the Internet.
          It is new myth about him, some georgians( but not really all) at last have disappointed at him. But if told them something about that at the times of the USSR…, you would envy poor ossetians. He-he-he. The have composed this tale after the war. Stalin`s last name was Dzhugashvili. This is Georgian last name, like Ivanov is Russian last name, like Shvartsneger -German/Austrian.
          3000 Russians? So little? Or do you believe we have already died out? Funny. Try to vizit his motherland Poty in Georgia at his birthday. You would see much more fans there.
          And don’t tel me that his favorite bloody servent
          Berya was not Georgian too.
          Stalin was not voted the best Russian. As your lieing Media told you. He was on the second place. The goal of conteat was to determine a man wich has left the most big trace in history of our country. This is not the sme thing with the word best.
          Already at the time of contest many members of the jury were sure that te news will given in the West in “proper” way. And so happened. Your we told a fib everywhere. I congratulate You.
          I have already told you, mr. God( do you remember?) try to analise.

          • “Stalin`s last name was Dzhugashvili.” So what? Dzerzhinsky was a Pole – by birth (in the Russian-occupied Poland – the Russian Empire, but anyway). And they both were national traitors to their countries (only independent Poland repelled the Russian Bolshevik invaders, while independent Georgia was re-conquered).

            Here’s the name of his new country: the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic.

            Just like the German leader Adolf Hitler was born in Austria into an Austrian family in Vien (then in Austria-Hungary, later and now Austria). Yes, he was a German leader even before his Germany took over Austria in 1938.

            Even the little Putin’s official nationality was “Georgian” in his early schoolboy years.

            Many of the Georgians (these born in Stalinist era) themselves were very confused and very brainwashed, as evident by this most of all:

            But this doesn’t change one principal fact: Stalin (the Russian name he chose for himself) was simply a national traitor to the indepenent Georgia and a top leader in the Russian Revolution, Russian Civil War, and the new Russian state that destroyed the Georgian state (it was not “Georgian civil war”, it was Russian invasion).

            Or maybe you think Hitler (who didn’t even change his name – and some Nazis did, like Josef to Jurgen Stroop or Josef to Sepp Dietrich) was “not German”, and Putin is “not Russian” too.

            Hey, tell me where you “draw knowledge from”? Russian TV?

            For example, I posted you the official press releases of UNODC chiefs (the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime) and you keep saying I take it “from Google” and I should look somewhere else for The Truth.


            And if you hate the Internet (it’s an American invention, after all), just get out of it.

            What’s with you Russians and “He-he-he”, “he he” and such? Are you truly retarded, or only you try to sound like if you were?

  28. Просветленный – Вы молодец!

  29. And good on Georgia for thrashing Russia in an international Rugby match at Marianople, Ukraine today.

    Interesting to note the Ukrainians were very vocally supporting the Georgians.

    Sheni deda movtran Russuli schovelebi nabijuarebi!!

  30. Просветленный

    Alok // March 22, 2009 at 1:51 pm | Reply

    Просветленный – Вы молодец!

    Спвсибо. Присоединяйтесь.

  31. Просветленный

    Felix // March 22, 2009 at 4:50 pm | Reply

    Ошибаетесь, быть Верхней Вольтой очень почетно, особенно в пику Вам.
    А данный ресурс, очень поднимает настроение, поэтому желаю ему всяческого процветания.

  32. I am also a daily reader of this sensible blog on Russia. The editorials are getting even better. I have been visiting this site for years before I began to post. It is an inspiration.

  33. Просветленный

    Очень рад за Вас George. Немного не понял, какую должность Вы получили?

  34. Ждем новых публикаций и комментов от Вас: Andrew, voroBey, Robert… Да, а вам не кажеться что Вас относительно мало на таком популярном сайте, хотя у нас есть свои наци, но нормальных людей, IMHO, у нас и у вас больше. И если вы хотите смотреть на события как минимум с двух точек зрения – добро пожаловать на Inoforum.ru /много оппонентов, как согласных так и не согласных, а то сидите здесь всемером, вам не скучно?

  35. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it appears you do not see Russians as individuals, rather as walking, talking embodiments of their country. Yes they are people from a distinct culture and brought up in the norms of said culture, but are individuals nonetheless. I’ve met plenty of Russians, in Russia and outside. They’re all living their own lives and all have their own problems, just like anyone in any other society. Though, funny story, the only time I got bashed for being an American in Russia was by a girl from France.

  36. Cool article, the typical example of a delirium of exUSSR citizens, who immigrated and feel themselves like a bunch of looser in the USA. Guys, just try to start working and stop suck money from the USA’s budget and stop trash the Internet with yours crap.
    P.S. When at the Summer time I’m travelling to the Paris to meet my French friends there we are having a lot of fun seeing the fat Americans who can’t fit the chair. Guys and specially girls start to join the Gym, fatties.

  37. Господа русофобы пишите пожалуйста по-русски! А то хочется посмеяться а переводить лень =)))

  38. ФСБнаследницаКГБ

    “Robert // March 21, 2009 at 6:10 pm | Reply
    1. SPEAK ENGLISH. If you won’t, I’ll just inore you (and I think the others here too).
    2. …”

    А ну быстро в школу! Учить язык вероятного противника!!!

    ЗЫ: Желаю всем русофобам перепутать кнопку “перезагрузка” с “перегрузка” на ядерном реакторе.

  39. Ух ты! Прям клондайк какой-то психически больных. Сборище западных тупых засранцев! :D

    Stupid american zombies! Painful peoples.

    PS: Hello from Soviet Impire!

  40. he he, USA in Yugoslavia was killed by bombs and rockets more than 2000 civilians peoples in 1999 year. In Iraq since 2003 year was killed about 1 million peoples. Weapon of mass destruction in Iraq was not founded, but president of Iraq was killed. USA needs only oil in Iraq and nothing more. In Afghanistan since 2001 year when USA begin war in that country, grow up production of heroin by 4000%… and after all that, your say that Russia and we Russians are monsters, are you completely idiots?

    p.s. sorry for my bad english…

    • Actually you should be sorry for your stupidity.

      Death toll of civillians in Iraq as of today 99,679 (qutie a bit short of the million you Russian pigs keep quoting),


      However Russia did kill nearly well over 1,000,000 Afghans during its bloody (and unprovoked) invasion of Afghanistan from 1979-1989.

      Not to mention the Russian genocide against the Chechens, or the Russian sponsored genocide against Georgians in Abkhazia & South Ossetia, or the Russian contribution (weapons, tanks, aircraft and even pilots) to the ongoing genocide in Darfur.

      Russians are monsters.

    • “he he, USA in Yugoslavia was killed by bombs and rockets more than 2000 civilians peoples in 1999 year.”

      he he, it’s a lie (even counting all of NATO combined)

      he he, try again

      Oh, and the (he, he) “Iraq body count” of almost 100,000 (and not 1,000,000) is mostly from the attacks by insurgents (like roadside bombs and suicide bombings) and the other Arab “gunmen”:

      Recent events
      Wednesday 25 March: 9 dead
      Baghdad: gunmen kill Sahwa member.
      Mosul: roadside bomb kills 4 children; roadside bomb kills 1; 1 body found.
      Bashiqa: 1 body found.
      Makhmour: 1 body found.

      • Well said Robert,

        And you are right about the majority of deaths being caused by insurgents, it is the same in Afghanistan.

        Compare this with Russian actions in Chechnya, Ingushetia, South Ossetia & Abkhazia where the majority of civillian deaths are caused by Russian actions….

  41. Hit harder each other guys, till we hate so much it is more easely for politics to use us. Americans, Europeans, Russians…. ppl of earth we are just a resourses for politics and transcorporations. And till we fight each other with so much hate they will apploude us.

    PS Sorry, my English very bad but I belive you understood me.

  42. Russians not more monsters than Americans. Russians not bombing with nuclear weapons civilians cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Not Russians made this – http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Deadonroad.jpg it made by yours brave american soldiers.

    • Sorry, I won’t try your cretins.com or whatever – try something more reliable.

      • Quote>
        Sorry, I won’t try your cretins.com or whatever – try something more reliable.<

        English sence of humor, or racist inclinations?
        Ah, I know – don`t want to loose your virginity.
        I`ve visited your links. And you don`t want the only one. Its your right – but it proves that you are wrong. Is this your ULTIMA RATIO?

  43. I have many links to argue, but yourmoderator is a coward.
    But remember that all the crimes in Ossetia were made in the name of you, russophobians. You are the accomplices

    • Really sphynx, you are a bit of a moron.

      The South Ossetian & Russian claims of “genocide” by the Georgians have already been roundly condemned as outright fabrications by Human Rights Watch, the Russian group “Memorial”, and the UN and OSCE.

      Even the Russian government has tacitly admitted that it lied through its teeth by issuing a revised civillian death toll of around 133.



      What has been confirmed is the RUSSIAN and SOUTH OSSETIAN wa crimes including (but not limited to) Rape, murder, looting, ethnic cleansing, illegal detention of civilians, destruction of civilian property etc, etc, etc,




      I also find it very amusing that Russophiles like you harp on about the Georgian use of Grad rocket launchers when HRW has pointed out that the Russians were quite happy to use them to flatten Georgian villages.

      Typical Sovok hypocrisy.

      When it comes to South Ossetia, the accomplices in the crimes (and the perpetrators) are you Russians

      • I am a moron? Nothing else to say? Let me translate what Fox said here?
        Oh! Good! A real Klondike of mentalli ill, meeting of morons. Now I see he was right partly.
        BBC -the greatest liars. About wikipedia – просвещенный has already said. OSCE officers
        said Georgians began the war. All the lie that you are trying to slip me I know already. Your moderator is coward, he kills my links. He don`t want people to know another opinion.

    • All of them? Like the ethnic cleansing of the Ingush? Like the ethnic cleansing of the Georgians? Like the Shmels at Beslan?

      I don’t know what you meant by “russophobians”. Maybe you wanted to say “amphibians”. (I know: “English language hard, Russia strong”.)

      • Ethnic cleans is what you used against indians.
        There was big ethnic clean against russians in Chechnia about wich you don`t know.
        Russians never opressed anybody by the ethnicity. And about Beslan? Ask Ossetians about Besslan. You have besieged yourself with lie and wallow in it.

        • Actually the Ossetians blame the Russian security services for Beslan.

          Fancy using flamethrowers to storm a building full of hostages.

  44. ананонимус

    Мда…. долго смеялся :). Американцы еще глупее поляков :).

    Особенно трогательно видеть как пиндосы заботятся о моем промытом мозге :).

    Видите ли, мои американские друзья, мои мозг и впрямь промыт, но только не Путиным, а Макиавелли. “Государь” – замечательная книжка, там, например, замечательно описывается та стратегия, которая США проводят вокруг России, и от туда же можно почерпнуть идеи, как с этой стратегией бороться – она стара как Древний Рим.

    Грузия и Украина – враждебные и несамостоятельные государства, представляющие прямую военную угрозу для России, они должны быть или подчинены или уничтожены.

    P.S. Как любят говорить дешевые голивудские герои: “Ничего личного”.

    • Только не сравнивай их с поляками. Они будуть плакацо. У их про них анекдоты сочиняють.

  45. Dear Robert and Andrew
    you wil find something new.
    Enough of you for today.
    And remamber, all this crimes were made in the name of you? russofobians, and only because they knew, that russians for you are allways bad. You are the accomplices.

  46. Don’t get me wrong — I like your blog. If not anything else — its at least funny and motivating. But unfortunately its nothing much more than that.

    You wrote that instead of comforting Russians you are here to confront them, us.. And I cant agree more with you — criticism is great. Freedom of speech and what not.

    But there are two types of criticism: constructive and destructive. And I hate to say that while you occasionally do produce articles that are readable, they still are nothing more than a hate speeches. You are not criticizing Russia — you are projecting a weird inexplicable aura of hatred towards Russia and Russians.

    Now, I can see that some of the people in this blog do know something (or are able to use google, which is almost as good), but most are ignorant in the way you express your opinions and lead the argument.

    I lived in the US and a few other countries long enough to see most of their rather nasty sides. And I have to say that all of them are far from perfect. But there are people who are willing to work to make things right or make things better, and there are people like you “rusophobes” here.

    There is an elephant in the room that no one seems to notice: countries(states) are BAD. “Bad” in a “real politik” sense: if it suits interests of the powerful groups within those states, they will kill, torture and do all sorts of nasty stuff to the common people internally or overseas — and it has nothing to do with who is in charge “KGBsts”, Republicans, Democrats or what is the state structure or the form of the economy… its all part of the same agenda. And you, ladies and gentleman, “rusophobes”, are a part of it too.

    In ethics there is a long ongoing argument of what is important: intent or the result. But this is inapplicable to your case: your intentions are be no means to help Russia deal with its problems (which are quite a few, unquestionably) — your intent is to express your hatred, and nothing more.

    And the result of your hate speeches will be, indeed, to propel Russian nationalism — this is the only reaction people have when someone expresses open hatred towards the group they belong to — to stick together.

    Now, I also understand that you all have your own agenda and obviously its not going to change because of a single comment. But I have this to say to you: this world would be a soo sooo much better place if self-righteous asses like yourselves would understand the need to work together, and not try to make everybody conform to their political or religious or any-other-kind of beliefs. There would not be an end to what we could accomplish together. But guess what.. — its not going to happen unless you all have a sudden epiphany and realize that all that energy you spend hating us, them, and everyone who does not conform to your vision of the world could be put to a good, constructive use. And that is NOT going to happen.

    One more thing: obviously I was mostly attacking the local “rusophobes”. However, absolutely same goes for all “rusophiles” or whatever you kids call yourselves these days. It works both ways. The only way to lead an argument is to respect your opponent and be open minded about their views: sometimes they happen to be right. Otherwise you shall have no respect to yourselves.

    This is how I see things.

    Thank you for taking your time to read this.

  47. The tragic event for americans is not theirs foolishness, but just the claim to intelligence. Look at your fat self-satisfied stupid elite (McCain together Paline …).
    It all depends. Time wasn`t on your americans side, in my opinion.

  48. Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin

    Yeah, poor Georgians! Instead of “peaceful” killing of Russian citizens they faced Russian tanks. It is a state secret but I’ll tell you. We used one billion of T-34 against brave Georgians. All videos from Tshinval are merely hoax produced by my secret police (FSBdirectheirofKGB). Including my favored one with Saakashvili chewing his tie.

  49. I now will tell you that created in our Russia. Greatest problem – shortage of drinkable eau-de-cologne. In a day give out on a bottle, but yet a bear it is necessary to make drunk, and then a poor fellow sdokhnet. Battle balalaikas are in the terrible state. On streets commissars walk and shoot all, who will be suspected in propensity to democracy and liberalism. Putin personally tortures especially differing on this business. And Medvedev helps him – gives the instruments of tortures. I saw. It CNN translated. And yet FOX News did the whole program, but it certainly was not rotined for us, and those who tried – shot up from tanks straight on a red area. In general, pizdec for us. Arrive to us in guests, I am ready to be partaken with you dikalonom from soldering. In a dug-out certainly rawly and closely, but as it is talked for us “In crowd conditions, and not in obide”. Velkam,vashu mother.

  50. It is really amazing what communazi apes the Russian goon squaddies are.

  51. Хочешь познакомиться для секса?!
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  53. У нас в Дагестане за такие слова могут и камням изакидать :(

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