EDITORIAL: A Scary Postcard from the Front Lines of the New Cold War with Russia


A Scary Postcard from the Front Lines
of the New Cold War with Russia

Two events last week, viewed in juxtaposition, are extremely disturbing.

First, Russian “president” Dima Medvedev ominously called upon Russia’s wealthy to “pay off moral debts” they owe to the state.  He stated: “Nowhere in the world perhaps has the development of entrepreneurship in recent times happened as quickly as in our country.  People simply have been getting very rich in a very short time.  Now it is time pay off debts, moral debts because the crisis is a test of maturity.”

How we ask you, dear reader, is Medvedev’s rhetoric any different from that heard at the time of the Bolshevik revolution? What does he plan to do with those recalcitrant folks who don’t want to simply hand over their wealth voluntarily to the state?  Will they be “asked” to pay in the way that Mikhail Khodorkovsky is paying, Mr. Medvedev.

But pathetic hapless fools like Gary Hart were not listening. 

Instead, the likes of he and whackjob Chuck Hagel were announcing that their “commission” had concluded it was “deeply concerned by the gap between the current U.S.-Russian relationship and the level of cooperation that the United States needs with Russia in order to advance vital American interests.” Under the auspices of the wretched Nixon Centre, adminstered by Russian weirdo Dimitri Simes, Hagel and Hart had not a word to say about the barbaric abuses of human rights going on in Russia today, nor about Russian aggression against smaller neighbors.  All they could think about was the allegedly crucial role Russia has to play in nuclear disarmament and fighting terrorism.

Isn’t this how Nazi Germany got started, to say nothing of Soviet Russia? Bellicose, unhinged rhetoric followed by invasion of tiny defenseless states like Czechoslovakia and Georgia followed by appeasement from the West followed by worldwide conflagration? Have we learned nothing at all from the past century?

We condemn Hart & Hagel as collaborators whose actions, even if they are unwitting, are exactly those the neo-Soviet regime would want them to take, and which as such directly undermine Western security.  It’s time for the wheel of history to crush idiots like these before they doom us to repeat history’s worst failures at the costs of untold lives and fortune. 


4 responses to “EDITORIAL: A Scary Postcard from the Front Lines of the New Cold War with Russia

  1. what ‘cooperation’ do we NEED in the US with Russia? Maybe the same amount of cooperation we get with IRAN? But this story also should show why the liberals in the US are NOT going to be to hard on the likes of Medvedev and Putin. Remember, its the liberal congress and White House which wants to ‘monitor’ if not tax or take back bonuses from the EVIL AIG people. If I were the exec of AIG, I’d write out a check for the stupid money the government gave, stick it in the middle of a cow pie and send it off to Washington with a note; ‘here, have your cake and eat it too!’ So please don’t go thinking this administration is any different from Russia’s.

  2. Просветленный

    Страшно и зловеще для нас истинных либеральных демократов звучат слова о “моральном долге”. Олигархи, укравшие свои состояния в 90-е, по определению не кому не должны, потому что они носят гордое звание -капиталисты. И это звание, (что понятно для любого цивилизованного человека) полностью освобождает их от любого исполнения норм морали.
    Ходорковский, в наших сердцах навсегда останется как узник совести. И не важно, что он не платил налоги, а его начальник охраны убивал неугодных. Для нас, истинных русофобов это не имеет значение, потому что как правильно заметила дорогая редакция, это война, а враг нашего врага, наш друг, буть он хоть детоубийцей.

  3. We know the polyglot failed state of Rassiya can not work properly. The simpletons that desire authority, will not gain an orderly state. These RaSSiyans are a people of disorder, that is why Visas are required and NATO was formed. The disruption Moscali cause normal processes…, may be the reason. Some foolish stopgap approach by civilized countries, is used in dealing with an abnormal regime. This causes the problem to get worse, by being passed around, instead of promptly engaging it. The Kremlin begins to think that there are no limits, to what it can get away with. Russia will simply return what is stolen when forced. No lose, in holding on to stolen property as long as possible. The law or life itself, will begin to finally catch up with criminal organizations, the process is a slow grind, unstoppable, and the end is clear. The collapse is much faster, or the real competition by Orientals and Muslims will mangle the bodies of useless eaters and criminal perverts running the Russian Federation.

  4. Просветленный

    Полностью с Вами согласен George. NATO и визы абсолютно необходимы, потому как без них, эти ненормальные россияне могут заразиться смертельными ценностями цивилизованных стран и не дай Бог превратить ненормальный режим в нормальный, ( в понимании цивилизованных).

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