EDITORIAL: India Learns how to say “Ouch” in Russian


India Learns how to say “Ouch” in Russian

The government of India has learned a harsh lesson on the perils of placing trust in Vladimir Putin’s Russia.  Now it, like Russia, stands humiliated before the world.  Its decision to buy a squandron of MiG fighters and an aircraft carrier from Russia will likely go down as one of the stupidest decisions in the annals of military history.

Last week, India and the world learned that “Russia has grounded a major chunk of its MiG-29 fleet due to structural defects.”  India already has 60 of these planes in its arsenal, and is due to get 16 more for its Russian carrier, with an additional purchase of 30 being contemplated.  But delivery was supposed to occur this month, and now has been postponed indefinitely after the tail fins of two MiG’s disintegrated in flight last year, causing spectacular crashes.  And delivery of the carrier itself is now uncertain, as Russia has tried to jack up the price by a whopping $2 billion.

Russia admits that nearly 100 MiG inspections have revealed planes that are unsafe to fly since those crashes, roughly half of all those that have been tested.  Last year, Algeria rejected a shipment of 15 MiGs for inferior quality, a move that humiliated Russia in the extreme.

India’s MiG squandrons are crucial to its defense of its Western border with Pakistan and Kashmir, and as a result India is now exposed as fundamentally vulnerable.  Rather than striking fear into the hearts of India’s rivals in Pakistan, the Indian air force is now instilling only fits of convulsive laughter mixed with perhaps some pity.   What will happen if India ever gets the chance to put to sea with Russia’s aircraft carrier — much less if it is ever force to actually use the carrier in battle — is too horrifying to contemplate.

Any nation who does business of this kind with neo-Soviet Russia richly deserves the suffering it gets. It is totally inconsistent with India’s status as the world’s largest democracy to provide financial support to the neo-Soviet dicatorship of Vladimir Putin, and we urge the government of India to see that not only is it betraying the principles of democracy by dealing with Putin, it is betraying its own basic national security interests.

India, meet Russia. Russia, India.

7 responses to “EDITORIAL: India Learns how to say “Ouch” in Russian

  1. http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/1072007.html
    Russia signs deal to supply Iran with air-defense missiles
    The Associated Press, 18 March 2009

    Russian news agencies say a top defense official has confirmed that Russia has signed a contract to sell S-300 air-defense missiles to Iran but that none of the weapons have been delivered.

    Russian officials have consistently denied claims that it already has provided some of the powerful missiles to Iran and had not clarified whether a contract existed.

    The state-run ITAR-Tass and RIA-Novosti news agencies and the independent Interfax quoted an unnamed top official in the Federal Military-Technical Cooperation Service as saying Wednesday the contract had been signed two years ago.
    Service spokesman Andrei Tarabrin told The Associated Press he could not immediately comment.

    Supplying the S-300s to Iran would markedly change the military balance in the Middle East.

  2. I agree with the article, and India will get what it wants Cheap. Not to mention the learning experience of losing lives. That stupid Nerpa Sub which had lain on blocks at the Komsomolsk-na-Amur shipyard since its construction was largely abandoned in 1991.
    “They are using bits of Soviet equipment and hardware, brushing off the rust of 15 years. says Alexander Goltz, a military expert with the online newspaper Yezhednevnaya Gazeta. “How many of the original specialists and skilled workers would have stayed on during that period? Very few. Everything conspired to make that ship very vulnerable.” Only killed 20 of its own Mangy Rashiyan crew so far. Like one for each year they tried to patch it together. Maybe India could send it out with some of its untouchables as crew? So that way they could bring prestige to the country and make the Pakistanis laugh themselves to death when that thing goes down.

  3. The irony is this. India is a stronger ally to the US than pakistan. Pakistan is increasingly more hostile to the US. But the US needs Pakistan to win the war on terror. Pakistan is armed to the teeth with US made weapons. India is armed with Soviet Weapons. If there ever were an armed conflict, Pakistan would kick India’s butt.

    • Equipment would only play a part. Whether they can use it successfully is another thing.

      Western Front of India was historically a stalemate on all 3 encounters.

  4. Of course the Moscali will deliver the S-300 once the negotiations with Obama in 2 weeks show no real concessions other then selling out Eastern Europe. China is already in Iran and doing a brisk business. They have a Knockoff of the S-300 just a shorter range version. http://www.spacewar.com/reports/Analysis_China_exports_new_SAM_missile_999.html

  5. Kolchak, I think India needs Pakistan even more than the US. Practically, it is worried about China and has disputed territory. A treaty with Pakistan may not be a bad Idea even it it has to give up some of Kashmir. Pakistan may not survive the threat from Afghanistan as it has lost territory and jurisdiction. I do agree with you that the Breeding Population of Hindus may not have the stomach for a protracted Asymmetrical war, as exposed recently in the terrorist attack on Mumbay killing 82. India had to take it. About time they commit their forces into Afghanistan. Why should the US do it with the pretend help of NATO? Afghanistan is really more Pakistani and Hindu business. Let them get off their Brahman Mufti asses.

  6. “Pakistan is armed to the teeth with US made weapons. India is armed with Soviet Weapons. If there ever were an armed conflict, Pakistan would kick India’s butt.”

    Pakistan and Indian army are both very sub-standard (even more than the Russian one). But if it was really serious conventional war (nuclear weapons – sub-continental MAD?), Indian army is just so much bigger.

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