EDITORIAL: All Hail the Yevraz!


All Hail the Yevraz!

 In a bold and encouraging move last week, Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev announced he was proposing, in the words of the Moscow Times:   “a common currency for five former Soviet republics, a slap in the face for Russia, which has been promoting the ruble for the role. Nazarbayev said the Eurasian Economic Community, a loose group of five former Soviet republics including Kazakhstan and Russia, could adopt a single noncash currency — the yevraz — to insulate itself from the global economic crisis. Yevraz is a newly coined word that sounds close to “Eurasia” in Russian. The Eurasian Economic Community also includes Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.”

Whether or not theYevraz becomes a reality, Nazarbayev has sent a clear signal that he understands the dangers associated with neo-Soviet imperialism, and will not be destroyed by them.  Likely, this move is a direct response to Russia’s insane invasion of Georgia last year, and reflects the ripple effects of an action that will haunt the corridors of Russian policy for many years.  How can Nazarbayev not fear that Russia wishes to annex his own country just as it attempted to do in Georgia? How can he not fear that, if Russia did so, it would visit the same sort of exploitation and suffering upon his nation that it imposed during the Soviet period?

We urge Kazakhstan to recognize that their future does not and cannot lie with Russia. We urge them to see that Russia is a racist, Slavophile nation which is utterly incapable of seeing the Kazakh people as equal citizens, a nation whose only purpose in dealing with Kazakhstan is naked imperliasm and manipulation.

The people of Russia, for all it seems, are prepared to march backward in history and expose themselves to a whole new era of neo-Soviet horror.  The people of Kazakhstan should show they world that they are not so foolish.

10 responses to “EDITORIAL: All Hail the Yevraz!

  1. Good call LR…. wish all the other butt-licking former soviet Countries would show some guts like Georgia too.
    If your country falls for Russias nonsense, you either have a BIG moral problem or you should be worried about a lot of traitors in your country.

  2. What a weird site this is–a gathering point for immigrant loonies who are still obsessive-compulsive in their Old World hatreds, and want to take my America down with them. This site should be left up as a perfect example why we need to seriously limit immigration, especially from crazy east europeans. Those that stay here should learn to focus on helping America. Otherwise get the hell out of my country where I was born and bred, and go back to fighting your old world fight somewhere else. Losers.

  3. “Uncle Sam” your probably a Moscal Ideolog and Wastard posting on this site. YOUR “Russia” is sending over TU-160 Bombers armed with 12 Nuclear missiles capable striking thousands of miles into the US. TU-160 is 30 % larger and supersonic and faster than US B1-b. Moscali play games in Canadian airspace and land in Venezuela. Why would you an “American” be concerned? Pootkin even worries Moscali, so that they emigrate and keep their money and children in the West. Russia will only get worse.

  4. George,
    Given that “Uncle Sam” posted two identical messages in two different threads – we have to assume that he is a troll. LR – watch out, don’t feed the troll :)

    So, to answer him is the same as to answer a Nigerian prince that has a million dollars that needs your help cashing out! I have to admit – I just did it on the other thread. Sorry!

  5. I’m going to be honest: I really don’t understand you people. You condemn Russia as a whole for having a bad government (and I do not deny that the Russian government has done many unsavoury things, even since the fall of the Soviet Union) but this is just outrageous. Nazarbayev has been the dictator of Kazakhstan for almost twenty years now. He is not democratically elected and Kazakhstan is in terrible shape due to him. Do you not think it hypocritical to condemn Russia’s leaders and not Kazakhstan’s? It’s absolutely ridiculous not to do so.


    If you were not such illiterate and ignorant Russophile trash, and actually read this blog before commenting on it like an ape, you’d know that Kazakhstan isn’t ruled by the secret police and has scored above Russia on numerous open-society ratings by independent agencies. While it certainly has a long way to go, it has the excuse of being brutally exploited and manipulated by Russia for decades. What is Russia’s excuse? In our book, anyone who stands up to Russian imperialism and aggression in post-Soviet space is our friend. We believe that the people of Kazakhstan are genuninely interested in building an enlightened society and therefore deserve time to try to do so. We don’t believe the same is true of Russia, and we don’t see you offering ANY evidence of ANY kind to the contrary. Who is the Kazakh Politkovskaya or Statovoitova or Markelov or Khodorkovsky? We’re not aware of any. In many ways, Kazakhstan is a paragon of virtue compared to Russia (though granted, that’s not difficult given the ridiculously low standard).

    Is it really possible you are so mentally challenged that you don’t see that while you call upon us to attack Kazakhstan even as we attack Russia, you don’t reciprocate by acknowledging ANY Russian fault. Classic Russian hypocrisy.

    Get it now, blockhead?

  6. I have posted on my blog a response (http://littledoor.blogspot.com/2009/03/kazakhstan-not-to-be-admired.html) to your rather uncivil comment.


    Well, I guess that shows US! Do you mean to suggest that you think YOUR comment was “civil”? Do you tell your readers (such as they are) that your “blog” has 1/5 the links and 1/10 the traffic of this one as you patronize us with your haughty and ridiculous arrogance? Did you reveal to them your own breathtaking hypocrisy? We can’t be bothered to read your drivel, but we doubt it.

  7. Natalie, you can not ask a person with phobia to be civilized…..

  8. “The people of Kazakhstan should show they world that they are not so foolish.” Wishful thinking; these people have demonstrated their foolishness again – http://www.iri.org/newsreleases/2009-03-31-Kazakhstan.asp (slide 18). Eighty percent of Kazakhs seem to have a favourable view of imperialist Russia. For some reason even China has a better image in the eyes of Kazakhstan’s citizens than the US. When will they learn?

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