Russians bought organs of Slaughtered Kosovar Albanians

The New Kosova Report:

There are ample facts that during the years of 1998-99, when the war erupted in Kosovo, Serbia through the Macedonia and Bulgaria channels, has sold out human organs of Kosovar Albanians to Russian “medical businessmen.”

According to Macedonian sources, Serbian high government officials were directly involved in such trades. “The human organs of Kosovar Albanian victims were sold out through channels of Macedonia and Bulgaria to the buyers in Russia.”

The suspicion of such activities also shows the high presence of Russian doctors in Macedonia during the 1998-99 war in Kosovo.

“During the war in Kosovo, there was a large number of Russian doctors appearing as businessmen who held regular behind the scenes meetings with Serbia government officials who were involved in such trades,” informs the Macedonian media which was also confirmed from the reliable sources within the Macedonian government.

Meanwhile, another massive grave is suspected to be found in Macedonia with buried bodies of Kosovar Albanians.

“The sources indicate that the bodies were thrown in Lepenc river in Kosovo by Serbia military forces. Then, they were gone missing after the river floods pushed them to Vardar river, suspected to be buried in a cemetery in Skopje.”

The Kosovo Government Commissioner for the missing people, Prenk Gjetaj, has confirmed that around 20 murdered Albanians from Kosovo by Serbia forces were buried in Skopje.

“We have a case of Kralan massacre. The massacre was carried out by the Serbian military, headed by an officer named Grujic. According to the witnesses, 86 people were reported to be murdered during the operation. 30 of the murdered bodies were found in a massive grave in Serbia while 56 are still missing. Those who committed these crimes will be able to know the whereabouts of the missing bodies, but sadly the Serbian government continues to not cooperate on this issue,” Gjetaj says.

According to the Commissioner Gjetaj, there are still over 2000 Kosovar Albanians missing from the war in 1999.

NKR sources have obtained confidential information of strong facts of 200 hidden massive graves across Serbia, around river banks and military compounds; 20 of them just around Belgrade.

Commissioner Gjetaj doubts the missing will be resolved without any pressure from the international community.

“It’s difficult to obtain information from the Serbian side, since the crimes were carried out by the government of Serbia. Therefore, chances for Serbia to cooperate are very slim, since many of these officials still hold high ranks in their current government and it’s vital for them to hide the facts,” Gjetaj adds.

Several Serbs who were indicted for crimes have testified in court for the existence of many massive graves, secret prisons and crematoriums in Serbia, which the government of Serbia resistantly continues to hide such affairs.

Meanwhile, the Kosovo Foreign Ministry has been in contact with its Macedonian counterpart to discuss the findings of the recent buried bodies of Kosovar Albanians. Foreign Minister of Macedonia said that “The Macedonian government will fully cooperate at any case.”


17 responses to “Russians bought organs of Slaughtered Kosovar Albanians

  1. It was quite the other way around: In her book “The Hunt: Me and War Criminals,” former UN war crimes prosecutor Carla Del Ponte accuses Kosovo leaders, including Prime Minister Hashim Thaçi, of involvement in organ trafficking in 1999. See
    Now they just use Gebbels-like “Big Lie” tactics to shift the blame.

  2. Bobby, has it occurred to you that both sides did it?
    By the way, Serbian massacres of Albanians were very real.

  3. I don’t know what kind of argument is that “occurred to someone”. It “occurs” too often to some people that Russia is to be blamed for everything, even the Great Depression and albanians trading human organs.

  4. Never heard about Serbs dealing with organs of their victims, but they were for example burying some of their victims in Serbia. Like these small children buried in a mass grave near Belgrade:

    Speaking of which, because the alleged Serbian victims, who were never found, were said to be transported to Albania. It’s allegations without corpses or wintesses – in a book, with unnamed “reliable journalists” as sources and presenting “circumstantial evidence”.

    A year ago:

    U.N. investigators found no substantial evidence to support claims that ethnic Albanian guerrillas killed dozens of Serbs in Kosovo and sold their organs, a court spokeswoman said Wednesday.

    Btw, many bodies of deatined or kindapped people the Russian dumped in Chechnya were missing organs. Of course there was no scandal, because nobody cares about the Chechens or the war in Chechnya.

  5. Btw, Dr. Umar Khanbiyev, who had publicily acussed the Russian forces of harvesting organs of prisoners in Chechnya,
    has since defected and now is close to Kadyrov.

  6. By the way: Dr. Umar Khanbiyev, who had publicily acussed the Russians of harvesting organs of prisoners in Chechnya,
    has since defected and now is close to Kadyrov (recently toured Europe trying to convince the emigree Chechens to return).

  7. “Stories” and “rumors” about dealings in body organs are rampant and all too common. I wouldn’t believe this story until a credible news media outlet can absolutely confirm it. Lest we forget, the KGB planted stories about American stealing body organs in Latin America years ago that continue to circulate in the region and have credibility with people to this day. In fact Americans have even been killed on the suspicion that they were out to steal body organs.

  8. Expect the worst from the Russians, and you will still be surprised.
    Yet, there is precious little evidence in the NKR article.

  9. (mlp)

    If you read my link, there’s intro:

    Russian sources reported about the facts of forced ablations of internal organs from live humans. Thus, investigations in the Moscow Coordinating Center of Organ Donors uncovered the start of the operation on removing a kidney before the patient was pronounced dead.

    This is what the response of Russia’s Office of Attorney General says, which was forwarded to Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov in regards to the inspection of the legitimacy of the actions carried out by the law enforcement who stopped the surgery that the Center’s experts were performing on donor Orekhov A.T. on 11th April this year.( 2003)

    “The Center’s employees had the right to start the operation on removing the kidney only after the report of Mr. Orekhov’s biological death has been drawn up and signed by resuscitation expert, by the one in charge of the resuscitation unit and by a forensic expert”, – the Office of Attorney General stressed.

    “However, during the examination of the scene of the incident no such document was found. At the same time, blank forms of statements of biological death and statements on extraction of organs (kidney) for transplantation signed by forensic experts were impounded from the Center’s doctors”, – the reply by the Office of Attorney General says.

    Mr. Orekhov was taken to the 20th Hospital in the morning of 11th April, 2003 with a craniocerebral trauma (head trauma). The patient’s condition was said to be extremely serious, therefore the Donor Center reported a potential donor being available. At 16:35 (4:35 PM) Moscow Time, the Center’s field group started preparing for a surgery on forced ablation of kidney from a live patient.

    Business on human organs in Russia has been drawing the attention of the researchers and experts for quite a while. But still, as far as this business goes, which in Russia has turned into one of the most horrible and one of the bloodiest sources of profits, it is veiled in mystery and secrecy. Only very few facts of that terrifying business flourishing in Putin’s Russia ever get publicized.

    And now, if you want some “reliable” media reports on this:

    The trial follows a police operation in Russia which is said to have uncovered a ring of corrupt officials and doctors who routinely murder patients for cash.

    A television documentary claims that the murder of badly-injured or sick patients is widespread and senior health officials are pocketing huge sums as middle-men.

  10. And another:

    Four Moscow doctors have been arrested for plotting to murder a patient so that they could use his organs for transplantation in an illegal trade which Russians fear is rife but which is seldom brought to court.

  11. And now, from Radio Free Europe:

    By far the most widespread abuse is that of the abduction of Chechen noncombatant civilians, a practice that Russian Ombudsman Vladimir Lukin described in 2004 as “the main [human rights] problem” in Chechnya, and which the New York-based Human Rights Watch (HRW) in 2005 designated “a crime against humanity.”

    Both HRW and Amnesty International have documented dozens of individual cases in which survivors describe the abuses to which they were subjected by their abductors, or family members chronicle their efforts to locate, and secure the release of, the “disappeared.”

    Citing data collected by the Russian human rights center Memorial that monitors only roughly one-fourth of the total area of Chechnya, HRW estimated in early 2005 that between 3,000-5,000 people were snatched in Chechnya in the five years since October 1999. Some of those apprehended were subsequently released, many after having been subjected to torture; others disappeared without trace.

    Chechen websites have, in addition, reported cases in which children have been apprehended and killed and their internal organs removed — presumably to sell for transplant — before the mutilated bodies were dumped.


    Ingushetia’s deputy prosecutor Rashid Ozdoyev, who became alarmed by and set about investigating such disappearances, collecting evidence of police involvement in 40 such cases, vanished himself without trace in March 2004, and is believed to have been detained and executed (see “RFE/RL Caucasus Report,” May 28, 2004).

  12. I am currently a NATO-peacekeeper in Kosovo, and I daily come across places were mass murders have happened. Both ethnicities murdered and both suffered. Bitternes between two groups will last for decades. There’s one exeption however: Serbian and Albanian criminals are getting along just fine and don’t let the past bother their business in human trafficing and drug trafficing.

  13. To be sure, a government is in a better position to remove bodily organs for further use than a mountains-bound bunch of guerillas. So, if Del Ponte’s hearsay from hearsay was never plausible, this particular story could prove more believable.

    Remember that the Serbian government has now been officially found guilty for its extermination attempt on half of the Kosovo Albanians.
    Says “normal” Serb Svetlana Lukić:

    “The part of the verdict which says that our country, Serbia, has through its highest state, military and police officials organised and implemented a criminal undertaking has terrible implications for all of us. Those who do not know this are twice shamed, as the world reminds us once again what freaks we are. ”

  14. Serbian and Albanian gangs always were working together, war or no war – even as they practically ruled Serbia.

    During the period starting with the Yugoslav wars and ending with the death of the Prime Minister of Serbia, connections between the mafia and the government were obvious and even exposed, corruption was rampant in most branches of the government, from border patrols to law-enforcement agencies. After Slobodan Milošević was ousted, organized crime in Serbia went underground and into hiding.

    This is in total opposition to Bosnia, where criminals on both sides fought each other bitterly since the beginning (April 1992: Arkan’s bands of gangsters and hooligans “cleansing” Eastern Bosnia and carting off the loot to Serbia, while at the same time Sarajevo Muslim gangsters forming militias and defending the city from the Serbs and federal army).

  15. 2 Le Judophobe

    Well, at least not eat, and that very much.

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