EDITORIAL: Go, Hilllary, Go!


Go, Hilllary, Go!

We continue to be very pleasantly surprised by what we have seen so far from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton where Russia is concerned.

First, on Clinton’s first visit to Europe she made a very strong statement in support of Ukraine and Georgia against Russian aggression.  And now, she has followed that up with something even better.

Veronika Marchenko (center)
Veronika Marchenko (center)

Last week, Clinton hosted Russian human rights champion Veronika Marchenko, head of the “Mother’s Right” NGO, and First Lady Michelle Obama presented a beaming Marchenko with a “brave woman” award.

Mother’s Right is a stalwart protector of the tens of thousands of young Russian men who are victimized every year by Russia’s barbaric universal concription and hazing practices, and you may rest assured that the photograph of her in the embrace of America’s two most powerful women is more than enough to make the demons of the Putin administration see blood red.
There are no words to express how much it means to those who struggle anonymously for basic human rights in neo-Soviet Russia to see one of their number elevated in this manner.  Hope and courage inevitably flow from a mere glance at a photograph such as the one above, from the knowledge that there are many who are not afraid to spit in the eye of Russia’s malignant little dictator named Putin.
If Ms. Clinton goes on like this, she could be establishing a historical legacy that will forever link her name with the likes of Ronald Reagan and other courageous Western leaders who understood in a timely way the true nature of the Soviet and neo-Soviet threat.

10 responses to “EDITORIAL: Go, Hilllary, Go!

  1. While some of her actions might be pleasing, for now, I wouldn’t turn my back on her.
    She studied under the American communist, Saul Alinsky.

  2. @no2liberals ….and where do you get your info on Alinsky being communist? Maybe you have your terminology confused. He was noted for promoting “Community Organizing”.

  3. IncountryVlad, whether or not Alinsky was an official Communist in his early years or not doesn’t matter. He was an admitted sympathizer whose radicalized utopian goals and use of social agitation weren’t dissimilar:


  4. This is largely speculation, but do you think that Hilary’s relative (to Obama) hard line on Russia has something to do with her husband’s legacy? My theory is that when the question of “Who lost Russia?” is asked, the answer often given is Bill Clinton, and that if she were seen as at least partially responsible for a democratic turnaround in Russia, or a cementing of democracy in Georgia and Ukraine, it would do a lot to make the name “Clinton” look better in the history books.

  5. Whoa! Bad PR picture there. Talk about Mrs. Obama looking like an afterthought…ouch. As for Mrs. Clinton…I would not get into bed with her (politically speaking of course), just yet. She will do what is most expedient for her. Some how I kind of doubt there would be so many of the ‘in your face’ happenings to V.P. and Kompany if they were playing footsie with the Obama administration. Just remember, it was the Clintons who turned away when the Rowandas were going through their genocide. The US didn’t even want to call it a genocide. If Vlad started cozying up to Obama, I really believe such organizations as Memorial, Mother’s Rights and any other would soon find themselves in the Siberian deep freeze.

  6. InCountry Vlad,
    Community organizer, rabble-rouser, communist agitator, call him what you will, but who he was, and what he did is well noted.

    Saul Alinsky (1909-1972) was one of the nation’s foremost community organizers, publishing several books and creating organizations which continue today. He gave a wide ranging Playboy Magazine interview shortly before his death. In it he gives a detailed description of his 1930s life as a communist fellow-traveler.

    “There Is Only The Fight.”

  7. Maybe we’ll have to do with Hillary as the only source of adult supervision we may expect under the Gray Communist Cheat.

  8. Obama’s Supine Diplomacy
    By Charles Krauthammer, 20 February 2009; A23

    The Biden prophecy has come to pass. Our wacky veep, momentarily inspired, predicted in October that “it will not be six months before the world tests Barack Obama.” Biden probably had in mind an eve-of-the-apocalypse drama like the Cuban missile crisis. Instead, Obama’s challenges have come in smaller bites. Some are deliberate threats to U.S. interests, others mere probes to ascertain whether the new president has any spine.

    Preliminary X-rays are not very encouraging…

  9. Hillary is a feminist. She is not a statesman(person). Her agenda is to support feminists and feminazises around the world. Veronika Marchenko is a woman with a noble organization and she happens to be a woman. She qualifies for Hillary’s schedule. If Veronika were a man doing the same thing, I doubt Hillary would have cared.

    I still want to know who wrote the missile shield quid pro quo letter to Medvedev and Putin. No Media inquiry into that.

  10. Not a Fan of Hillary

    March 17, 2009

    Russia announces rearmament plan


    Nice work, Hillary.

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