EDITORIAL: That Neo-Soviet Ape Charles Ganske, at it Again


That Neo-Soviet Ape Charles Ganske, at it Again

We don’t know of anyone in the Russia blogosphere who makes any claim of significance without having some form of deep and direct ties to Russia itself, either in terms of living in the country, mastering the language or both.  Nobody, that is, except that moronic pretender over at Kremlin shil Russia Blog named Charles Ganske, whom we have repeatedly exposed for gross incompetence here on this blog (plug his name into our search engine if you’d like to view the carnage).  Ganske’s only real connection to Russia is that he works for a Russian citizen educated by the Russian state who acts as a shameless Kremlin agent, working closely with the state-sponsored Russia Today propaganda network to undermine American national security by inducing us to drop our guard on neo-Soviet Russia.

And now, he’s at it again.

In his most recent missive, Ganske praises a post on a blog called Strategy Page as “excellent” for showing how, allegedly, we have nothing to fear from Russia’s military (and therefore should drop our guard and let the Kremlin do as it likes).  Ganske states:

The notion that Russia is engaged in a military buildup to challenge the West, which was popularized last year during the brief war between Russia and Georgia, has taken a hard hit from the realities of the global economic meltdown. The Kremlin is trying to patch huge holes in the Russian federal budget left by the collapse of world crude oil prices from $95 per barrel to less than $40 a barrel.

Well.  Where to begin?

Let’s start with this:  Oil has descended not from $95/barrel but from $150/per barrel.  But then, facts have never been something of much interest to those Kremlin collaborators over at RB.

Next:  The “excellent” post on SP doesn’t contain one single link to any kind of source material to substantiate its factual claims.  This becomes a problem when, just for instance, it states: “The government has cut its budget another 15 percent. This includes 15 percent cuts in military spending. Procurement of new army equipment is expected to take a disproportionate share of the cuts.”  Oops. Turn to the Jamestown Foundation’s Eurasia Daily Monitor and you read:

The defense budget will be 1,439 billion rubles ($40.4 billion) in 2009, 1,509 billion ($42.4 billion) in 2010, and 1,615 billion ($45.3 billion) in 2011, with 36 per cent of these funds earmarked for weapons and equipment purchases or repairs and 32 per cent for military pay. The 2009 defense budget, however, has been cut by 8 per centnot the widely reported figure of 15 per cent. Cuts will be made in construction and repairs, and other expenses will be reduced.

EDM quotes Russian Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov as saying there would be no cuts in procurement of new army equipment at all.  Ouch.  EDM states:

In short, despite the financial crisis, Russia will continue modernizing its armed forces and aims over the next three years to procure more than 70 strategic missiles, 30 for the Iskander operational-tactical system; 48 combat aircraft; more than 60 helicopters; six unmanned aerial vehicles; 14 ships; 300 tanks; and more than 2,000 vehicles. It will re-equip around 40 force groups and units.

Yet, the SB post, as full of holes as a block of Swiss cheese, passes for “excellent” over at Russia Blog.  It’s excellent, of course, not because it’s true but because it advances the propaganda agenda of the Kremlin, to induce the much more powerful West to drop its guard and allow Russia to consolidate its dictatorship both politically and militarily.

Ganske’s post is useful in one respect, namely highlighting the panicked desperation of his Kremlin masters.  He writes:

Russia’s conventional armed forces were already in poor condition when they were called on to repel the Georgian assault on South Ossetia and then to invade Georgia in August 2008. Some Russian commanders reportedly had to resort to using easily monitored cellphones to communicate with their troops during the Georgia War. A Russian bomber on a reconnaissance mission was shot down with the fatal loss of its entire crew by a Georgian surface to air missile because the Russian Air Force did not have any unmanned aerial vehicles to survey the battlefield inside Georgia. Now it looks like the replacement of worn out equipment built during the Soviet era and the early Nineties will have to be postponed indefinitely.

Has the Kremlin really failed so utterly that the only option left to it is to paint itself has helplessly impotent and unworthy of challenge — a risky strategy to say the least, as Ukraine and Georgia look on?  It has indeed failed just that spectacularly.  It’s definitely a sign of hope that concerted opposition could make serious headway in backing Putin down from his neo-Soviet aggression.

Posted more than a week ago, Ganske’s ridiculous drivel has yet to draw a single comment from any reader, much less has anyone been allowed to point out the truly breathtaking inaccuracy and misrepresentation that it offers to unwary web surfers.  It’s comforting that Russia Blog is as much of a catastrophic failure as the Putin regime itself, and yet still disturbing that web pages of this kind go on being created by the Kremlin’s minions, and in Ganske’s case even by American citizens, for the purpose of undermining American security.

RB ought to be closed down, and Ganske sent off to some work he can handle — like flipping burgers, maybe.


One response to “EDITORIAL: That Neo-Soviet Ape Charles Ganske, at it Again

  1. “RB ought to be closed down, and Ganske sent off to some work he can handle — like flipping burgers, maybe.”

    Dreams, dreams, sweat dreams… :)

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