EDITORIAL: Craven Europe, Appeasing Russia


Craven Europe, Appeasing Russia

We condemn the craven act of the European scoundrels who administer the Eurovision song contest for blocking Georgia’s entry from being performed in the contest because it might offend Russia’s “prime minister” Vladimir Putin.  One must wonder whether Europe would have been as quick to censor a song that teased George Bush. You can sign a petition to protest this action here.

If Eurovision had the slightest backbone, no entrant from Russia would be allow on stage this year as a sanction for Russia’s barbaric and imperialist aggression against Georgia last summer.  Instead, tiny Georgia is the one being punished, not even allowed to make its own statement about the events for fear of making girly man Putin start to cry from shame.

One could ignore this incident if it had occurred in isolation, but Europe’s appeasement efforts have been repeated and revolting.  It has, most importantly, failed to move forcefully to bring Georgia and Ukraine into the NATO and EU folds, and it has been grossly negligent in speaking out in support of human rights victims within Russia.  This is exactly how Hitler got started.  How can Putin interpret this action as anything but appeasement, as anything but an invitation to continue and even escalate his malignant activity in the hopes of winning further gains?

13 responses to “EDITORIAL: Craven Europe, Appeasing Russia

  1. Frankly, I am surprised that Georgia even attempted to participate in Eurovision this year. They should boycott.

  2. Talia, well said.
    Georgia has reacted by saying that they will not change the song, and will no longer compete.

  3. Old europe has turned into a bunch of appeasing weasels, and the U.S. appeaser-in-chief Obama won’t help the situation either. Maybe they should change the name to Euroblindness.

  4. Talina, the news just came out, Georgia will boycott. I think it was a wise move, first humiliate and ridicule Russian neo-fuhrer which as they probably assumed caused scandal, and then boycott that comic musical contest anyway in the end. Nicely played!

  5. The 2009 Eurovision song contest will be held in Russia (in Moscow), according to the rules, since a Russian singer won the contest last year.

    The rules of the Eurovision contest clearly state

    4.9 The lyrics and/or performance of the songs shall not bring the Shows or the Eurovision Song Contest as such into disrepute. No lyrics, speeches, gestures of a political or similar nature shall be permitted during the Eurovision Song Contest. No swearing or other unacceptable language shall be allowed in the lyrics or in the performances of the songs. No commercial messages of any kind shall be allowed. A breach of this rule may result in disqualification.

    What part of “No lyrics, speeches, gestures of a political or similar nature shall be permitted” are you having trouble grappling with?

    “The European Broadcasting Union has officially offered Georgia the opportunity to select another song, or to change the lyrics of the selected song in such a way that it complies with the Rules.”

    The founders of Eurovision intended the song contest to be based purely artistic merit, not political slogans.

    Obviously if Georgia was permitted to break the rules, by making political statements at what is supposed to be a good-natured (and apolitical) singing competition, then every other country, including Russia, could and would do the same. The end result would be that Eurovision would degenerate into just another forum for European nations to air their political grievances (and Europe already has quite enough such forums, thank you).

    Russia does not want and does not seek to interject politics into a song contest. It is not fair to the competitors to expect them to unfurl political banners in what is supposed to be a good-natured and apolitical European artistic> contest.

  6. Misha,
    To bad you fail to grasp the fact that the Eurovision song contest has become a political showscene long ago…

  7. Well said Alex

  8. No self-respecting Georgian could seriously consider going to Moscow to sing and dance there. I guess the only objective was to spit in Putin’s soup, and they seem to have managed it.

  9. Ash, indeed

  10. “The girl group 3G entered Georgia’s national final last year with the song I’m Free.They lost to Diana Gurtskaya, a blind refugee from Abkhazia, who sang Peace Will Come at last year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Serbia. Her forecast proved inaccurate and Georgia decided initially to boycott the Moscow final as a protest at the war. ”

    “Trivia”: The Georgians were once majority in Abkhazia – the Abkhaz were less than 1/5 of the territory’s population…

  11. In the 1989 Soviet census, I’ll add.

    Now it’s a ghost “country” (like a ghost town, only so much larger).

  12. Eurovision sucks anyway. How many Eurovision CD’s have you purchased? If you mention more than 0, then your tastes suck as bad as Putin’s.

    Only Serduchka was any good and he was having a laugh.

  13. So true that’s also the only reason why Russia won the last Eurovision

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