EDITORIAL: Salt in Russia’s Wounds


Salt in Russia’s Wounds

From our earliest days here on this blog, it has been our policy to  pour salt in the wounds of Vladimir Putin’s Russia at any opportunity.  Our purpose in doing so has been quite simple:  To dispel the notion that Putin is running a successful state and deserves the 75%+ approval ratings he routinely gets in polls.  It was yeoman’s work, of course, when Putin had the convenient cover of oil prices at $150/barrel.  A monkey could have ruled Russia during that period and looked somewhat effective.  Now, it’s more like child’s play.

Which brings us, grinning from ear to ear, to young Miss Anastasia Prikhodko, winner of Russia’s national round of the Eurovision song contest. Not only isn’t Ms. Prikhodko Russian, but — of all things — Ukrainian, her song “Mamo” is not sung in Russian either, but also in Ukrainian.


One needn’t have a very vivid imagination to visualize the reaction of her “Russian” competition.  The Times of London reports:  ” The losing finalist, Valeriya, was seen to storm off the set after the result was announced on Russia’s state-run Channel One television. Her producer Yusif Prigozhin later demanded a re-run of the contest, claiming that he had been told that Ms Prikhodko would win days earlier.”

Then he got nasty:

A song performed in Ukrainian can’t have anything to do with Russia,” Mr Prigozhin said, referring to Mamo‘s chorus. Valeriya, like most of Russia’s contestants, sang her entry in English.  “I absolutely don’t agree with the result both as a Russian citizen and a producer,” Mr Prigozhin told Ria Novosti after the final. “I got a call two days ago from a well-known Russian composer who told me that Prighozin would win. I knew about it two days ago.  “How can someone who lost in her motherland, in Ukraine, represent Russia? It’s a disgrace.”

How long before they start talking about locking up those who dare to “inappropriately” win song contests?  We don’t dare try to imagine.

It never manages to occur to Russians that their own songs might simply suck eggs and need massive reform.  No hint of introspection, not even a second’s pause to consider what Russians might have done wrong — just as in Soviet times.  Instead, ridiculous and wildly hypocritical accusations of vote-rigging and crazy, rabid nationalist bile.

It all comes, of course, right on the heels of Georgia’s national winner being a song that mocks Vladimir Putin, and with the cacaphonous background nose of Russia’s economic collapse the humiliation for Russia and Putin personally is complete and abject.  We almost feel sorry for the nasty little KGB troll.

Well, not really.  Actually, we’d like to gather on Red Square along with the rest of opposition

8 responses to “EDITORIAL: Salt in Russia’s Wounds

  1. If only it was so funny… I wonder why Russia allowed a Ukrainian entrant? Putin doesn’t consider Ukraine a country at all, simply ‘an artificial state’ which is really Little Russia. There is something behind this I really don’t like…Be careful Ukraine!

  2. Sometimes I suspect that La Russophobe is a massive troll blog, the ultimate satire, the apex of parody. God bless, guys.

  3. The song and performance of Mamo can be seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ptaahim4PU.

  4. Hey, Futility, learn basic definitions. There are consistent regular posters on this site, then, your lone lame utterance appears, who’s the troll? Duh.

  5. Leonid V. Marchenko

    Putin doesn’t consider Ukraine a country at all, simply ‘an artificial state’ which is really Little Russia

    Ukraine IS artificial state. A bit of Poland, a bit of Romania, a bit of Russia… All the evidence you will get closer to election of the president of Ukraine, hehe…

    • Russia is an artificial state,
      A bit of Finland, a bit of Ukraine, a bit of China, a bit of the Caucasus.
      Grow up Leonid

  6. and looking at it from Putin’s (well,not necessarily HIS, but his kind of) logic: if the song is sung in Ukrainian it’s like saying “Ukraine is really a part of Russia”

    So not the victory of democratic choice, as LR implies, but a centrally chosen song to emphasize to EU (and the world, too) that Russia considers Ukraine to be a “separtatist non-recognised state that actually belongs to Russia” and that’s why Russia is entitled to do the singing on behalf of Ukraine…

    crazy? yes.

  7. That stupid gal also made some embarrassing remarks about Hitler who “wasn’t so wrong”, how she disliked “negros and Chinese”, etc.

    Check this out

    My Russian is good enough to see how fitting this gal is going to be at the EV- 2009, representing Putler’s Russia.

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