EDITORIAL: Putin = Russophobia



Putin = Russophobia

To know Vladmir Putin, public opinion surveys clearly show, is to hate him (and all the simple-minded or just-plain-evil Russians who support him, of course).

2002 — 66% 
2003 — 63%
2004 — 59%
2005 — 61%
2006 — 58%
2007 — 53%
2008 — 48%
2009 — 40%

Those are the the percentages  from annual opinion polls of Americans who viewed Russia in a favorable light during Putin’s years in power since the 9/11 tragedy when America’s attention was distracted.  They decline every year (except a brief anomaly in 2005) and have plummeted a breathtaking 40% while Putin has held power.  A majority of Americans now have an unfavorable opinion of Russia.  Both Egypt and China have higher favorability ratings among Americans than does Putin’s Russia.

If you’d like to set yourself a challenge, and you speak Russian, hop onto the Yandex search engine and just try to find an article in a major Russian publication asking what the Putin regime may have done wrong in conducting relations with the world’s only superpower and how it migtht try to set things right.  You’ll likely not find a single example, even as a new American regime has come to power talking about “resetting” relations with Russia and worrying what America may have done to give offensde, and in fact you’ll have great difficulty even discovering mere factual reporting of the data set forth above, much less any criticism of the Putin regime for causing it — just one of Putin’s innumerable failures on both domestic and foreign policy fronts during his time in power.

So in fact, it may very well be that the vast majority of Russian people can’t be expected to be demanding that their government stop offending America since they don’t even know that offense is being given.  But even an ape should be able to understand that choosing a proud KGB spy as Russia’s “president for life” is bound to cause great consternation in the U.S., and the people of Russia are responsible for having allowed that spy to blind them to the reality of the impact of his policies around the world.

Now, Russia stands utterly alone.  It has panicked Western Europe by destabilizing gas supplies and invading Georgia and before that Chechnya.  It has repulsed America by ratcheting  up cold-war provocations and cracking down on civil society in Russia.  It has terrified Eastern Europe to the exent of driving them to seek ballistic missile defense systems from the U.S., and now the only countries that will carry on normal relastions with Russia are rogues like Nicaragua, Syria, Venezuela and Iran.

It is truly amazing that such a short time ago Russians saw these very same policy results drive their nation, the USSR, into the dustbin of history, and yet now they are setting about doing it all over again.  It is, to say the least, deranged behavior that betrays the best interests of Russia’s children.

It is, to say the most, a concerted effort at national suicide.

47 responses to “EDITORIAL: Putin = Russophobia

  1. If you think that the US opinion polls are a least bit important to Russia, then you are utterly mistaken. Russia does not act to please any world power.

    And surely you cannot know what is the best interest of the Russian children. If you did, you would suggest solutions instead of hollow accusations.

    The age of the monopolar world is over and you must face it – the US has no real power over Russia now.

    And the rise of Russia is imminent – one cannot stand on his knees for so long.

  2. Off topic.

    On this sad day, 4 years ago a great man, President of Ichkeria-Chechnya Alsan Maskhadov was murdered in cold blood by the fascist Russian regime. May he rest in peace

  3. Maidari, any clue in your mind as to the scope of the Russian economy’s emplosion right now? And, financing that spectacular Russian ascension back into a big world power player will come from where? It takes money, my friend, and, people that admire Russia of which there are very few.

    You utterance is amusing.

    Russia is a dump like Pakistan with a few rusty nuclear missles hardly envoking much fear now days. Pootie is only good for bringing your USSR sovok comfort zone of repression, poverty, ignorance, gulags and ignorable comical bluster back onto the world’s stage. Enjoy your life. Glad to be not sharing it.

  4. Gary Marshall

    Oh, Russians can stand on their ‘knees.’ That is exactly what they have been doing for centuries to dictators, megalomaniacs, military dunces, and murderers.

    As long as they allow these embarrassments to force them down, the US and Nato will walk all a Russia that must look far away to the embattled dregs of the world for a friendly gesture.

    Putin, with the money dwindling quickly and the sharks all about him, will not last the year. Regime change is coming.

    Gary Marshall

  5. Gary, don’t count on it. Russians aren’t quick witted enough civilly nor democracy craving nor have they prepared themselves for more a benevolent alternative to Putin. Obama is six weeks in the WH and Americans are taking it to the streets with nationwide taxpayer Tea Parties over his hubris and lack of economic policy – check out Michelle Malkin or Instapundit as the MSM won’t cover it.

    There will be a minor insurrections in Putinville, easily put down and buried literally. The Good Cop, Bad Cop act will calm the masses after a few shocks. Russians are more concerned with sustenance than freedom. Sorry to be so cynical, but, Russians never fail to disappoint.

  6. Hey Maidari, Just one service I offer to you and the other Russian morons polluting this blog is a free link to a song you should learn by heart, “The East is Red “- from the Central Asian Republic to the Arctic Circle and East from the Urals to the Pacific . The Chinese will never have to fire the first shot. Learn the song, learn to love it especially in the presence of your new overlords. They are not as forgiving as Americans.


  7. Maidari , thank you for the laugh. I haven’t laughed that much for quite some time. Of course, we all know that Russia’s declining population — in strong part due to Russians’ rapidly deteriorating life expectancies and living standards– coupled with Putin’s undermining of economic progress in the country has pretty ensured Russia will be a third-rate power within a generation. The Russian army is more like a street gang than a professional military force and even Russian military analysts have doubted out loud whether it could defend the country in an emergency. And while Russia’s current tsar forces his anti-Western fantasies on the country, most Russians don’t seem to notice that the real security and economic challenges to Russia will not come from the west, but from the south and the east. While all of Russia’s neighbors, from China to India to Turkey to Poland, are learning how to be competitive in the 21st century, Moscow is doing its best to pretend it’s still the 19th.

  8. Lol! Go Go Genghis!

  9. Guys, visit Russia and see how things are, if you have doubts rather than sitting here and watch this ridiculous blog.

    But my point was – Who the hell are you to judge Russians? Why should I give a rat’s ass about your opinion?

    And you all have a rather one-sided view of the Soviet Union. “repression, poverty, ignorance, gulags” – every single country goes through that period. Your precious did US as well.

    As for economy – it is crumbling everywhere – Putin cannot possibly make things worse.


    If Putin can’t make things worse, it’s only because he’s already ruined things so badly that there is no bottom left. But many thought things could not get worse than Lenin, and they did with Stalin. Then worse still, as the entire USSR collapsed. Your remarks are hysterically ignorant and totally devoid of any value added in the form of your own research links. Utterly lame.

    And if this blog is “ridiculous” then what does that say about you, who do nothing more than offer such pathetic comments on the blog? Are you ultra ridiculous?

  10. One sided view of the Soviet Union?
    61,911,000 civillians killed by thier own government in peacetime says it all.
    Imagine if we were asked not to have a one sided view of Nazi Germany what the Russian reaction would be.
    Not every country goes through that period.
    Tell me when the US had a system of political repression and mass murder like that in the USSR? No country European state in modern history has had such a bloody awful system of political repression and mass murder as Russia.
    In British commonwealth history we had Oliver Cromwell and his Puritains but we got rid of them, but Russia has had opressive governments for all of its history except a few months in 1917.

    • “One sided view of the Soviet Union?
      61,911,000 civillians killed by thier own government in peacetime says it all.”

      Andrew, this number includes all murder (own civilians in peacetime, own civilians at war, enemy civilians, friendly civilians, neutral civilians, POWs, own soldiers).

    • Also it’s just one estimate. And it’s here:

      Probably 61,911,000 people, 54,769,000 of them citizens, have been murdered by the Communist Party–the government–of the Soviet Union. This is about 178 people for each letter, comma, period, digit, and other characters in this book.

      Old and young, healthy and sick, men and women, and even infants and infirm, were killed in cold-blood. They were not combatants in civil war or rebellions, they were not criminals. Indeed, nearly all were guilty of … nothing.

      Some were from the wrong class–bourgeoisie, land owners, aristocrats, kulaks. Some were from the wrong nation or race– Ukrainians, Black Sea Greeks, Kalmyks, Volga Germans. Some were from the wrong political faction–Trotskyites, Mensheviks, Social Revolutionaries. Or some were just their sons and daughters, wives and husbands, or mothers and fathers. And some were those occupied by the Red Army–Balts, Germans, Poles, Hungarians, Rumanians. Then some were simply in the way of social progress, like the mass of peasants or religious believers. Or some were eliminated because of their potential opposition, such as writers, teachers, churchmen; or the military high command; or even high and low Communist Party members themselves.

      In fact, we have witnessed in the Soviet Union a true egalitarian social cleansing and flushing: no group or class escaped, for everyone and anyone could have had counter-revolutionary ancestors, class lineage, counter-revolutionary ideas or thought, or be susceptible to them. And thus, almost anyone was arrested, interrogated, tortured, and after a forced confession of a plot to blow up the Kremlin, or some such, shot or sentenced to the dry guillotine–slow death by exposure, malnutrition, and overwork in a forced labor camp.

    • And more:

      In sum, the Soviets have committed a democide of 61,911,000 people, 7,142,000 of them foreigners. This staggering total is beyond belief. But, as shown in Figure 1.1, it is only the prudent, most probable tally, in a range from an highly unlikely, low figure of 28,326,000 (4,263,000 foreigners); and an equally unlikely high of 126,891,000 (including 12,134,000 foreigners). This is a range of uncertainty in our democide estimates–an error range–of 97,808,000 human beings.

      Just consider this error range in Soviet democide, as shown in Figure 1.1. It is larger than the population of 96 percent of the world’s nations and countries. Actually, if France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Switzerland were blasted clean of all human life in a nuclear war, the human toll would be less than just this range in the Soviet’s probable democide–the range, and not even the total murdered.

      • Well said Robert.

        There is a large range as you rightly pointed out, but the metheod used to come to the figure he uses is pretty sound. I do however think that he probably is a bit low.

        My wife’s great Uncle was unfortunate enough to suffer in both the Nazi camps, and after the war in the Gulags.

        Captured by the Germans in 41, refused to join the Georgian legion and was sent to the concentration camps. Knocked unconcious by gas and buried in a mass grave (this was prior to the ovens, people surviving in this manner was one of the reasons crematoriums were introduced) dug his way out & joined up with Polish partisans. That would be bad enough by itself, but after the war the NKVD said “Mr Kandelaki, you surrendered you traitor” and sent him to the Gulags for 15 years or so.

        He said Nazi Germans, or Communist Russians, no difference. The same animals in different uniforms. He also said there was at least some hope in the German camps that the allies would win the war and punish the Nazi’s, but in the Gulags you knew no one was going to save you.

  11. oh I’ve been there. LR is pretty accurate in most of the assessments.

  12. Come on, the US never had any of the features of the USSR in its history.

    Just as your comments are being judged as fact challenged, illiterate and foolish Russia can be judged too. Deal with it.

  13. you guys are so ignorant in international affairs!look at the planting of ‘democracy’ in iraq,ukraine,georgia,afganistan etc…..Nothing seems to be going right for you guys lately!!!!Iraq which was a wonderful country under Sadam Hussein is now left burning, destitute and abandoned by oil thirstyand greedy america!!!America’s saakashvilli has ruined beautiful Georgia all for the sake of an oil pipe line for america’spetro well-being!Ukraine has been reduced to beggar statusby america through yuschenko and the Afganistan campaign has backfired with obama sending another 17,000 troops there to try and control the situation which america has once again created..Russia on the other hand through Putin diplomacy is in very high esteem in the eyes of the EU,very close with china,india,iranand the arab countries virtually allies now with turkey and so on……You say Russians are dumb—93% of the USA defence design department are RUSSIANS where are you r smart americans. Where does Harley Davidson come from—-Harlamov and Davidov children of Russian emigres.what was the first thing obama did–talked to Putin and Medvedev after being elected!!!Don,t forget america’s oil and gas are fast running out and one option will be to try and give Russia ‘democracy’ie the “freedom” to give everything to america

  14. valery, you had me until you jumped the shark with the Harley Davidson part. Nice try, but, even the lamest Russian sovok troll’s rant here isn’t that off of the wall.

    Amuse yourself elsewhere.

  15. Actually the first foreign leader he talked to was Mr. Brown of the UK

  16. You say 93% of American defense design are Russians…could be, however, they are 100% Americans of Russian heritage; working in America. By your own logic Valery, if you have 100% Russian defense design being russian than you should be way ahead in EVERYTHING.

    • Barb, Mr. valery is either a crazy idiot or simply a troll. (I think he might be “I am Russian” under another name, or maybe it’s just a common mindset.)


      The Harley family originated in the fenland and farming country near the English village of Littleport, about 75 miles north of London. The name Harley stems from the Middle English, hara ley, and means “clearing in the woods.” William S. Harley’s father, also named William, was born in 1835. In 1857 he married Susan Scotting. In 1860 they immigrated to the United States and in 1864 William enlisted in the New York Heavy Artillery.

      Of course, and like penny already said.

  17. (valery) “Iraq which was a wonderful country under Sadam Hussein”

    You know guys, it’s kind of explains Russia’s atitudes towards Russian regime (no matter if less horrible than Saddam’s Workers’ Paradise at the peak of the horrors in 1988 and 1991).

  18. Guys, lets be realistic. in 1991 the population of the USSR was approaching to 300 million people.
    During Emperor Nicholas’ reign there were about 190 million. If there were about 70 million killed, the impact on the demographics would be severe, and the population could not possibly reach 300 million.

    Nobody denies the severity and cruelty of Stalin’s regime, but let us not exaggerate things.
    A regime cannot kill so much people – the Germans did their best, but all they could afford was only 24 Million (the largest contribution to the victory over Nazis)

    • Maidari,

      Are you denying the work done by groups such as memorial that document these crimes?
      Most of the numbers come from KGB archives that were avaliable to researchers during the 90’s before being closed again recently by Putin & co in order to glorify the soviet system.

      You also fail to mention that for much of the Soviet period there was (due to a lack of contraception and no family planning or sex education for young women) a very high birth rate in the Soviet Union.

      Also note that despite the famine in Ethiopia in the 80’s the population increased, this is aslo the case in places like the Congo. Or China, which despite the absolutely horrific crimes of Mao still managed to have a population increase.

      You are also assuming (stupidly one might add) that all the deaths ocurred at the same time.
      They were spread out over the entire history of the USSR, a period of 74 years.
      The population of the USSR grew from 190 million to around 300 million at its peak a rise of around 57%.

      The population of the USA rose from 76 Million to 280 million, and increase of 204 million or about 368%.

      So you can actually see the effect of the mass murder of the communist system.

      If anything the horrors of the Soviet system (much of the killing was done by Lenin, and the murder did not stop with Stalins death but continued right up to the end of the Soviet Union and beyond) are underestimated because the reality is almost too horrible to contemplate.

      • I just thought about “Harlamov and Davidov children of Russian emigres” – maybe that’s how the Soviet government explained the awesomeness of the imperialist Harley-Davidson motorcycles :)

        “93% of the USA defence design department are RUSSIANS ” would be then for the rest of the Lend-Lease act equipment like the Soviet-favourite Air Cobra fighters and the Dodge and Studebaker trucks that hauled Red Army across Eastern Europe.

  19. Andrew,

    Pol Pot was more of a Chinese creature (he was a radical Maoist with some of his own ideas, made in France when he was a student of Sorbona). Chinese advisors even helped him to exterminate the Chinese ethnic minority in Cambodia, among others…

    The Soviet-supported Vietnamese later broke off with Pol Pot (or rather he broke off with them) and actually invaded Cambodia and destroyed his regime – while at the same time beating off the limited Chinese invasion of north Vietnam.

  20. Why are credentials so importatant.

    I’ve debated an engineer, and felt it necessary to appologize to him for his lack of knowledge on any topic from architecture to economics and even politics.

    Needless to say, I was not impressed.

  21. This article has been translated into russian and published in inoforum.ru.


    P.S. Wolf flock pleased your humor. You’re very funny :).

  22. For me ridiculous read notes from
    crazy house.

    From Russia with contempt.

  23. Russian barbarian

    Russian barbarians defecate on the democracy and national interests of America.


    Is that how they, and you, prove what an advanced civilization Russia is? Very convincing!

    Incidentally, it’s what the USSR did too, isn’t it? Worked out so well, wanted to try it all over again?

  24. Russian barbarian

    А грузинчик порадовал гнида, зря кровавое КГБ не добило твоего деда.

  25. What’s up with this Russian spam invasion?

    The Nashis learned learned about the Western Imperialist Fascist blog and decided to annoy them to death?

    Just put back comment moderation on and that’s all.


    The explanation is in Monday’s contents notes, we got a bit of extra attention in the Russian-language blogosphere. We have a very large number of comments coming in these days, and it’s a bit burdensome to have to moderate them quickly enough to satisfy commenters, a bit easier to prune out the rubbish later one. But if things get out hand rest assured we will deal with the matter. If you see any SPAM or otherwise objectionable comments we haven’t, please notify us by e-mail.

    • I see practically only “spam or otherwise objectionable comments” ;)

      One guy wrote:

      “USA citizens slaughtered 74,283,911 Native Americans; they killed 49,328,436 *their own* citizens of Japanese descent.”

      and now I seriously have no idea if he’s now just trolling the other trolls, or if he’s actually that stupid. It’s hard to guess :)

  26. Хрень полнейшая все эти цифры. Нам на ваше мнение насрать с большой колокольни!!!

  27. Вот придурки-то, а. Солженицын им лапши на уши навесил, или они Солженицыну?

  28. In Russia with a smile we learn(find out), that in isolation, that Russians are oppressed.
    Be deceived further, you want it….

  29. USA citizens slaughtered 74,283,911 Native Americans; they killed 49,328,436 *their own* citizens of Japanese descent.
    How can USA be a good country now? If any leader of any country *ever* slaughtered innocent people, all those who live within borders of that nation-state, and all their off spring, are guilty and do not deserve any recourse. Woe unto us all, earthians.

  30. I’m from KGB. I’ll track you all and we’ll talk about Russia in GULAG.
    Luis Dingley – Aslan Mashadov is terrorist that killed thousand of russian children. I wish such hero live in your country

    • “Luis Dingley – Aslan Mashadov is terrorist that killed thousand of russian children.”

      You are wrong, it was not thousand and million of “russian children” and he ate them all. No one noticed becuase they were among millions of Russian street children and no one cares about them.

      “I wish such hero live in your country”

      His family lives in the European Union.

  31. ФСБнаследницаКГБ

    Вы среди сербов опрос проведите, как они к ВАМ относятся.

  32. Zomg, Svetilnick is here!! :-D
    Каков ресурс – таков и уровень обсуждений ;)

  33. Let me post one comment:

    Svetilnick is one of our liberal trolls. You can see his “level”. :)


    We can see yours as well. It’s the smiley face that realy makes things plain. Molodets!

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