EDITORIAL: Morons, Incorporated


Morons, Incorporated

Last week the Moscow Times reported that when on February 9th Vladimir Putin “ordered the Industry and Trade Ministry on Feb. 9 to develop within a month legislation setting aside 2 billion rubles ($55 million) to make car loans more affordable” and  the ministry responded by claiming “that the program could affect 150,000 sales this year for approved models costing less than 350,000 rubles ($9,700).”‘

There turns out to be just one little problem with this line of “thinking” from the Kremlin.  It’s nonsense.   As the MT states:  “Subsidizing 150,000 loans by the proposed amount would require about 6 billion rubles, while the planned expenditure of 2 billion rubles would only cover about 47,000 cars.”

Only an “emperor’s-new-clothes” regime like that of Vladimir Putin could possibly imagine it could get away with this kind of nonsense, utterly typical of the garbage Russians were fed in Soviet times.  With no critical mainstream media and no credible opposition forces in the Duma, Putin’s KGB minions are left free to do and say whatever they like, oblivious of any consequences, just as their Politburo predecessors always used to do.

A Russia governed this way will not even last as long as the USSR did.

According to the MT, only 11% of Russians have any intention of buying a new car in the next three years, and nearly half of that group has no idea how it will pay for the planned purchase.  In other words, right now only about 7% of the Russian population plans to buy a new car and knows how the bill will be paid.


2 responses to “EDITORIAL: Morons, Incorporated

  1. No, Putin is using Obama speak. We are going to cut the deficit by spending our way out of it. Such nonsense is contagious to politicians.

  2. Kolchak,
    Except that Obama is “crying wolf” for the first time in American history. Soviet and post-Soviet history is non-stop substitution of terms. I am sure you heard the old joke:

    Mayakovsky said “We say Party, and we mean Lenin. We say Lenin, and we mean Party”. So, for 70 years we say one thing and mean something completely different”

    When Putin-Medvedev talks about democracy, election, or even nanotechnologies – he means something completely different. And then he is wondering why the world laughs when he gives advice about “improving” global financial and military fundamental

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