March 6, 2009 — Contents


(1)  Another Original LR Translation:  The Sochi Farce

(2)  EDITORIAL:   Whither Medvedev?

(3)  Part I: Putin’s Russia is Collapsing 

(4)  Part II:  Putin’s Russia is Collapsing 

(5)  Ryzhkov on Putin the Vampire

NOTE:  Kim Zigfeld has our take on Barack Obama’s “secret letter” to Dima Medevdev about missile defense over on Pajamas Media.  Spoiler alert:  We don’t care for it.

8 responses to “March 6, 2009 — Contents

  1. Whatever happened to the outcome or the cause of the Russian Navy sinking the Chinese vessel two weeks ago? That mysteriously was lost in the news cycle. “Nothing to see here, move along…”


    Basically what happened is that nobody cares what happens to the Chinese except the Chinese, who now are nursing a niiiiice little grudge against neo-Soviet Russia.

  2. The U.S. needs to shoot down one of Russia’s roving bombers one of these days. Then see how snotty the Russian’s get. Just the kind of slap in the face they have coming.

  3. But that is very unlikely to happen with the Appeaser-in-Chief in charge.

  4. Steve J. Nelson

    I think Kim Zigfeld is running out of money. Those Jamestown grants from dying old Cold Warriors are drying up fast and Obama is printing money for other things besides a New Cold War now. Randy Scheunemann, the Beltway bandit patron of LR, took the last train out of town after he smeared Sarah Palin and basically alienated everyone. All that’s left is a crappy blog that wants to fight Russia to the last Ukrainian.

  5. Now Steve, do you have a crappy blog you want us to look at?
    Why so anti Kim? Did she shoot you down in flames or something?
    Russia is the worlds most dangerous state.

  6. Steve, other than your little meaningless outburst, what’s your point? Your blog seems pretty content challenged other than a monthly rant against LR themed around alleged sock puppets, site stats, a nefarious Jamestown connection, hidden agendas and any other smear you can try to make stick. It’s creepy.

    You’ve got something you want to tell us about Russia? Or is your ad hominem attack on LR all there is?


  7. Given the constant reference’s to Mamchur’s Russia Blog in Steve’s site (or should I say Yuri’s?), it is clear who is the most likely owner of the La Russophobe Explosed blog that “Steve” is hawking.

  8. Michel, I think you’re on to something. I’m betting Steve’s site is Yuri’s one topic sock puppet site. The format and style on both sites are strickingly similar especially the carefully captioned photos and content links.

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