EDITORIAL: An Open Letter to Gordon Brown



An Open Letter to Gordon Brown

Gordon Brown
Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
10 Downing Street
London, England

Dear Prime Minister Brown,

If you don’t mind our asking, Sir, just what the !#@*&? do you think you are doing?

Are you, perhaps, trying to cement your status as this century’s Neville Chamberlain and the worst ruler of Britain in half a century?  Do you actually want to encourage more murders by Russian special forces on British soil like the killing of Alexander Litvinenko by making the Russians think England is their supplicant?   If so, we sincerely hope the good people of Great Britain will have the wisdom to put you in prison at their earliest opportunity.

Let us explain.

We see it reported on February 25th that your attorney general and chief legal officer, Baroness Scotland of Asthal (couldn’t find a suitable commoner, Sir?) “has stepped into a High Court dispute in which a congregation is battling for ownership of the £15 million Russian Orthodox cathedral in London.”   The report is as follows:

The David and Goliath battle in which the worshippers are taking on the head of the Russian Orthodox Church in Moscow comes to court this week. The dispute has already aroused anger and dismay among the several hundred “exiled” worshippers who see the battle as symbolising a bigger contest — for the heart of the Russian Orthodox church in Britain.  Now, in advance of the hearing, Baroness Scotland of Asthal, QC, Britain’s chief law officer, has stepped in on the side of Moscow.  In her role as protector of the public interest in charities, the Attorney-General has advised the trustees, through the Government’s Treasury Solicitors, that she backs the Moscow Patriarchate.

We hope you will excuse our American bluntness, Sir, when we ask:  Have you gone mental?  Are you such an ignoramus that you do not realize that the Russian Orthodox Church is a mere adjunct of the Kremlin, an expression of Moscow’s desire to build a Holy Russian Empre, and that its leading authorities are rumored to consist of a clan of KGB spies?

Are you even vaguely aware that the assault on this cathedral is being funded by Oleg Derpipaska, the Kremlin’s pet oligarch, and is clearly part of an effort to rout diversity within the Orthodox Church and reduce it, on a worldwide basis, to a sniveling cadre of pro-Putin sycophants?  Do you know that the Kremlin is not only obstructing the investigation of the Litvinenko murder but has made the accused killer a member of its parliament? Have you heard that Russia is buzzing British military installations with nuclear attack aircraft?  That the Putin regime is crushing civil society and turning a blind eye to a barbaric series of murders aimed at human rights activists?

Or are you too busy with other matters? Like building a new swimming pool with all that KGB bribe money, maybe?

Mr. Brown, we heartily urge you to reverse course.  What you are doing is really quite insanely dangerous and outrageous, and we condemn you for it. If you do not manage to grasp that you are leading your nation to ruin, history will condemn you far more harshly than we could dream of doing.

Sincerely yours,

La Russophobe

7 responses to “EDITORIAL: An Open Letter to Gordon Brown

  1. Appeasement/Give ‘Em what they want/be nice-ism, etc. ( and to-hell with dissidents over there!)…that is Britain these days, (& Europe & America) and that is especially the case with their political/economic/military relations with Putin’s-Russia. When the bolsheviks took full control of Russia, whatever anti-communist Russians who were able to flee for their lives to the west, did so. there in the freedom allowed them, many built their Russian Orthodox parishes & beautiful churches & monasteries/convents & cemeteries and charitable/fraternal/cultural organizations. Most were under clergy NOT in obedience to the Stalin-created “Moscow Patriarchy”, but were in two or three main Russian-‘White’ diaspora churches, called “The Russian Orthodox Church Abroad”. These emigree Russians, and their children after them, up untill recently, were staunchly anti-soviet and anti-KGB-controlled “Moscow Patriarchy”. BUT! then, the world was in recent years told: Russia is free now!, Communism is dead there now!, the Moscow Patriarchy is now, ‘purified of it’s former KGB control! ( & how?…as if by MAGICALLY morphing from dastardliness and deceitful vile blasphemous criminality…..overnight…into purity and true-holiness, into ‘children of light’, etc. .???), so that the Kremlin’s propaganda line of bull, ‘now is the time’ to re-unite with the ‘Motherland’ (or Fatherland) and it’s legitimate church, ‘Our….Mother Church’, they swallowed and took, hook-line-and-sinker! So, in May of 2006 the foul Act of Re-union (snuck in under the cover of darkness and by many many lies)was signed by traitor…new-crop bishops of the exile church, (after the old-guard anti-Moscow bishops had died off & were out of the way) with this KGB-controlled & STAFFED Moscow Patriarchy. How could such a massive deception as that occur? Well, largely because: the diaspora Russians and their children….ROMANTICALLY, dreamed and imagined a fairy-tale, old-Russia, a so-called ‘good-old-day’s Russia… (which no longer existes at all, after the communists took over….indeed if such a fanciful wonderful Czarist-Russia EVER was a reality anyway!)….and thus, they were suckered… into this ‘re-union’. Since then, Moscow has been slurping up their church properties….all over the world, claiming them either as “Russian National properties” (built by the Czars….as ,some, were indeed), or…simply using Orthodox canon law, which ancient canons stipulate: “All diocesan properties are in the name of the diocesan bishop!”. And when ‘the bishop’ is now a KGB agent in bishop’s disguise, then…….all is lost. Such is this case in London, also in Bari, Italy…in Palestine, and around the world. Sadly too, western governments and their legal systems, often decide in favour of the current Moscow-gang, as ‘the legal government of Russia’….and it’s state-church, the Moscow Patriarchy, etc.
    There still are a remnant of anti-soviet Russians in the west, who WILL not submit to this, but our churches are weak and small in numbers and finances and headcount. Afterall, the communist operative policy towards the anti-communist Russian emigration has always been: infiltrate/divide/conquer. Unfortunaterly, it has largely worked.
    When I asked a prominent member of our Russian Orthodox Church Abroad:(who also had a long & distinguished a career in American intelligence work, Dr. Eugene L. Magerovsky): “But doesn’t our American government know or care about this neo-soviet expionage visa the Moscow Patriarcate HERE in America,”? he responded: “They care as much about this matter, as….sitting and watching a snow-drift form” ( an old Russian saying). And, so too is Britain.
    The west in general, prefers to dream/to pretend, that we and the current-Russia are buddies, and that in the end….we can trust them ! (?) IF ONLY, Russia were truly free! of it’s horrid communist past/lagacy, and were truly free as far as human rights and freedoms,….but alas!…it is not so.
    So, what this article complains about, seems to fall on deaf ears, as Moscow spreads it’s tenacles around the world, in many ways, including…masquerading as doing “Russian Orthodox Missionary Work”. And so it goes.
    Reader Daniel

  2. Wow if that is a way to not get a government leader to pay attention then that is that. The article in the times is so badly written as to be not worth commenting on. Personally I don’t see the big deal. Apart from LR sensationalism. If you call Tu-160 bombers flying in international airspace “buzzing” military installations then I’d love to see what happens when they really come close.


    Russians would not know how it feels to have nuclear bombers fly that close because NATO is not doing it to Russia, you ignoramus.

    And who do you think the Kremlin would side with if asked to choose between a pro-British church in Russia and a pro-Russian one? Your remarks indicate you have neither thought carefully nor even read our text, and are nothing but a babbling simpleton.

  3. Dear LR,

    Regardless of whether NATO is flying nuclear bombers near Russia or not “buzzing” and flying in international airspace are two different things even if you are only flying 30 miles from another coast. Buzzing would imply flying at low level with a hundred metres of the installation. A la Maverick in Topgun. I also love to see how you call me an ignoramus yet you have to resort to personal insults in your response. This shows that you are a hypocrite. A reasonable person does not have to resort to such insults to rebuke somebody elses point.

  4. well at least Canada gave an adequate answer to Russians for flying over our air space. For the first time, im really pround of being Canadian:

    Harper concerned by “aggressive” Russia
    Fri Feb 27, 2009 12:32pm EST

    SASKATOON, Saskatchewan (Reuters) – Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, speaking after it emerged that a Russian bomber had flown toward Canada before U.S. President Barack Obama visited last week, said on Friday he was deeply worried about Moscow’s “increasingly aggressive” actions.

    The long-range Bear bomber did not enter Canada’s Arctic airspace but Canadian CF-18 fighters had to order the plane to turn back. The incident took place less than 24 hours before Obama visited Ottawa on February 19.

    “This is a real concern to us. I have expressed at various times the deep concern our government has with the increasingly aggressive Russian actions around the globe and into our airspace,” Harper told a news conference in the western province of Saskatchewan.

    “We will defend out airspace … we will respond every time the Russians make any kind of intrusion on the sovereignty of Canada,” he said.

    (Reporting by Rod Nickel, writing by David Ljunggren; editing by Rob Wilson)

  5. Well said Luis

  6. You don’t even know what the dispute was about, so you could as well shut up!

  7. As far as I, and anyone else who minds such intrusions, Bill is engaging in semantics. A bomber capable of carrying nuclear cruise missiles flying within 30 miles (or 300!) of my coast is as good as buzzing, just as a falling egg is as good as cracked.

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