February 25, 2009 — Contents


(1)  EDIORIAL:  The Times, they are a-Changin

(2)  EDITORIAL:  Ukraine, Smoldering

(3)  The Battle for Russia’s History

(4)  Russia in La-la Land

(5)  Putin, Exposed

NOTE:  As we had hoped, Slumdog Millionaire won the Oscar for best picture on Sunday, and solidified its position with the best director award. Russia, of course, won nothing.  Perhaps it will take the lesson we described to heart, but we doubt it.

4 responses to “February 25, 2009 — Contents

  1. Russian movies are never presented in the categories of Oscar and they can not get into them no matter how good they are. The only category Russian movie can get is the “foreign movie” category. Oscar is dedicated only for english-language movies, that’s why it has to be established new global award, dedicated to movies worldwide, not for local american market.


    You’re an absolute idiot. Russian directors can and do make films in English, and Russia has won in the past for foreign language film (Mikhailkov’s film about Stalin). Films in Russian are also eligible in both live action and animated categories. Films with subtitles have won many Oscars. This year, however, Russians didn’t have a single nomination much less a win. Moreover, Slumdog was not made by an Indian. India has inspired a foreigner to make an Oscar-winning film about it, Russia hasn’t. India is admired by the world, Russia is reviled.

    Your inability to admit Russia’s faults and rationalizing them with lies instead of calling for reform is deeply harmful to Russia and far more dangerous than criticism.

    You’re a helplessly blind nationalist liar and moron. We pity you.

  2. Another thing is that the Indian government was very cooperative in the making of the film despite the attention that it draws to the slums in Indian cities, this is because the Indian government, being a democracy, realises that the only way it can make changes and improve it’s citizens lives is to admit when there are problems and try and fix them.
    As opposed to Russia’s KGB mafia and serf like population who refuse to admit that there are any problems whatsoever.

  3. Russian movies, every year an Oscar is given for “Best Foreign Language Film”, so Russian movies can get an Oscar and do.

    Four Russian movies won the Best Foreign Language Film: War and Peace (1968), Dersu Uzala (1975), Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears (1980) and Burnt by the Sun (1994).

    You are an idiot. I found that in 5 seconds using Google.

  4. There is, of course, an international counterpart to the Oscars – namely the Cannes Film Festival (yes, I know it’s not exact but it will do to prove this point.)

    In the 70 years that it has been running, Russia (if one includes the Soviet Union) has won a grand total of two, count them, two Palmes d’Or. The first was in 1946, a year in which no less than 12 films from 11 different countries won the award. Films from the US won twice that year. The second was in 1958.

    In contrast, the US won 16 Palmes d’Or. No contest there…

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