EDITORIAL: Ukraine, Smoldering


Ukraine, Smoldering

In civilized countries, a national ambassador is seen as a representative of the best his country can offer, and expected to use only the most diplomatic language even in time of war, to show that he does in fact represent a civilized, modern nation deserving of the world’s respect.

But Russia, of course, is not a civilized country.  So Russians apparently have no problem with their Ambassador to Ukraine, Viktor Chernomyrdin, publicly stating that the President and Prime Minister of Ukraine were “at each other like dogs.”  Instead of censuring Chernomyrdin, the Russian Foreign Ministry castigated Ukraine for daring to complain about his outrageous insult.

Chernomyrdin was referring to an exchange between Ukrainian President Victor Yushchenko and the nation’s Prime Minister Yulia Timoshenko which occurred behind closed doors and was secretly leaked to Ukrainskaya Pravda.  Yushchenko stated to Timoshenko: “All of you are taking bribes! Without bribes your partners in the Verkhovni Rad (parliament) would give you the finger.  If you were not a woman it would be easier to talk to you. You have a talent for theft.”

These word were ill-advised, of course. But they were made in private, and only became known to the world because of an improper leak.  As such any civilized person, much less a national ambassador, should know that they were not proper fodder for comment.  Yet Russia’s ambassador felt no hesitation in injecting himself into not just a Ukrainian internal matter, but a personal one between the two leaders of the country, one in which he has no business meddling.

How would Russians react if Ukraine’s ambassador to Russia made similar comments about Putin and Medvedev after similar private comments were revealed, referring to the pair as “dogs”? It’s unlikely Russians would be happy if the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry responded as Russia’s has done.  Quite possibly, boycotts of Ukrainian products would be organized and virulent threats issued from the Russian parliament.

But Russians don’t notice this hypocrisy, because they are just that barbaric. They don’t notice how they are alienating what should be one of their closest friends and allies, ignore the fact that they stand utterly alone in the world.  Nor do they notice that Ukraine has managed to make a woman prime minister, something Russia has never done, and managed to pass power back and forth between true opposition parties in real contested elections — again, something Russia has never done.

By attacking Yushchenko and Timoshenko, what Chernomyrdin was really doing, then, was attacking the institution of democracy itself — something utterly unknown and therefore terrifying to Russians, like a match being struck for the first time in front of a wild forest savage.

The world must see these brazen aggressive statements by Russia for what they are — a precurser to military aggression just like the world witnessed in Georgia.  Russians see the Crimean region as being just as much a Russian entitlement as Abkhazia and Ossetia, and they are getting ready to attempt to seize them.  If the world turns a blind eye, as it did to Hitler’s aggression early in World War II, it will deserve the horrific consquences that inevitably will follow.

9 responses to “EDITORIAL: Ukraine, Smoldering

  1. Ah, and even Chernomyrdin’s still around.

    “We wanted the best, but it turned out as always”

  2. Well… they ARE arguing like dogs. Their currency is failing, their country’s reputation is falling, their military is outdated, and they need discounts on gas prices to get what little of their economy is left going…

    And, their people prefer the government of the rather sizable country next to them. Yukashenko’s at maybe 4%, Timoshenko’s at ~20%, and at least one third of the population is pro-russian.


    Russians routinely behave like beasts. Is it OK with you if Hillary Clinton publicy says so? Your “comment” is so inane that it bespeaks having been written by an ape. Are you fine with that, dimwit?

    One third? That means two-thirds is anti-Russian, Mr. Moron.

  3. Andrey said “Their currency is failing, their country’s reputation is falling, their military is outdated, and they need discounts on gas prices to get what little of their economy is left going…”
    Is he talking about Ukraine or Russia?

  4. Oleg,


  5. Rassiyan diplomats are so outspoken, making all their extensive propaganda against Ukraine useless. Moscali are indeed a “special enemy”. There is some noisy democracy next door complains the isolated Russian Federation. Strangely even France once again wants to join NATO probably after negotiations over Georgia with the Rossiyski Diplomats. Congratulations and thanks for the help Moscali, it would be impossible for a normal country to be so stupid. Last week you made “new friends” with the Irish. Two Russian warships spilled nuclear fuel in the southern coast of Ireland. 12 tonnes of nuclear fuel about 400 km off the coast of the Irish county of Kerry on their way to Severomorsk. The spill covered a surface of 6.5 by 6.5 kilometers. Way to go morons.

  6. Андрей – you obviously believe that “stupidity is a virtue” – next you’ll be telling us that Pootin pigs can fly; so please stick, (if possible,) to the facts, you propaganda brainwashed Moron! And leave this magic publication to the intelegentsia.

  7. Leonidm V. Marchenko

    What’s WRONG with “Viktor Chernomyrdin, publicly stating that the President and Prime Minister of Ukraine were “at each other like dogs.” “?????

    Is it not true? America’s Ukranian project is falling apart without any sighnificant help from Russia. Cos it was stillborn. So there is no need to blame your own faults on others..


    Nothing’s wrong with it, as long as you don’t mind the U.S. Ambassador to Russia referring to Medvedev and Putin as dogs. Do you?

    Of course, some civilized people might not want their country’s diplomats to dispense crude, vulgar insults against the leaders of other countries, thinking it made their nation look barbaric. But apparently, Russians are proud of their barbarism? Is it how they plan to influence other nations at the bargaining table of international relations?

  8. http://www.regnum.ru/english/1130496.html

    “Lithuanian politician: Demoralization, discredit and decentralization are three big problems of Ukraine
    Read it in Russian

    “Ukrainian membership to EU relays only on Ukraine and how quickly Kiev will reform the country to meet EU standards. Besides, Ukraine have to permanently tumble Europe with questions: “what we ought to do further”, said Audronius Azubalis, the chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of Lithuanian Seim, while addressing the third Europe-Ukraine forum participants in Kiev on February, 27, reports a REGNUM correspondent.

    “There are three big roblems in the Ukraine. I would qualify them as: demoralization, discredit and decentralization. The greatest treat is that EU membership expectations could fail in short run. And as consequence, there will rise a Euro-skepticism in Ukraine, — stressed Azubalis.- Besides, a high corruption level in the Ukraine remains one of the main problems. It is not a secret, that that even investors from Lithuania leave the country, phasing down their activities, which discredits Ukraine in the international arena”, — added Azubalis. According to the Lithuanian politician, the “last gas crisis revealed, that there is something wrong with the Ukrainian policy. And it is impaired Ukrainian image, as a stable state. And the third threat is decentralization. I mean an active influence of other countries on the Ukrainian policy. Even more very obvious trends to divide Ukraine upon geographical principle”, — assumed he.”.

    Orange Revolution had destroyed Ukraina and Russia did not want to follow such way. The time shows that our position was true!

  9. Well “Russian Yam” you certainly are a friend to Ukraine, when you show them your true nature. Now there will be even less debate on NATO and Europe.
    Indeed Ukraine will climb out of this mess and once more Westernize Rassiya. Then your rotten fleet and sino monkee commie ilk, will have to leave. Once cauterized, the normal humans can do their work. Ukraine has survived the worst that Moscali did, and now will get over this new mess, to leave RaSSiya to your old freinds in the East and South once your minerals vanish. Western banks will seize your deposits and send you back to face Asian vengence. No quarter will be given or expected.

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