EDITORIAL: Russia’s Space Terrorism


Russia’s Space Terrorism

Two weeks ago, an orbiting Russian government Cosmos 2251 satellite crashed into an American private satellite owned by the Iridium corporation, obliterating both and scattering at least 2,000 pieces of dangerous debris that will pollute the Earth’s orbit for decades. It is already threatening the next mission to the Hubble Space Telescope.

It did not have to happen.  The Russian government could have “de-orbited” the Cosmos 2251, which had ceased to function usefully years before, and avoided the collision, which was certain to occur otherwise. The Russian government chose not to do so.

That’s terrorism.  Now, not only will Russia’s own satellites have to avoid this detritus field, but Russia has even further blackened its own reptuation and standing in the world community, right on the heels of its outrageous barbarism in Georgia and its egregious imperlialism in Ukraine.

What did Russia get in return?  Are Russians proud of their ability to act like the Chechens of space?  Will they proudly wear the world’s designation “bandit nation” just as the Chechen terrorists do?

Do Russians really think they will do better with the cold war the second time around, this time as a pale shadow of a much more powerful state that the West has already destroyed utterly?

16 responses to “EDITORIAL: Russia’s Space Terrorism

  1. I have a bad message for you.
    Russia will continue to grow stronger and the US will continue going down the hill and there is nothing you can do about it.
    And it really doesn`t matter if Putin will be president or not.
    The Russian foreign policy is instituionalized and will stay course for the next 300 years Putin or not .

  2. A few things here.

    First to LR – Yes, Russia didn’t de-orbit its satellite, and it would have been responsible to do so. That, however, is carelessness, not terrorism. Please don’t trivialize the latter by confusing it with littering.

    Dan – 300 years is a long time. It is, in fact, 300 years since Peter defeated Karl at Poltava , which in many ways can be seen as the tipping point at which it became a great power. Any cursory glance at history will show you that as a great power during the subsequent period, Russia has changed policy course any number of times.

    Furthermore under the current leadership, Russia is undergoing the same crash that the US has, and chances are it will be systemic for Russia. The death of the Hummer bodes very poorly for a nation whose economic health depends primarily on high energy prices. And if the US falls, it will not be replaced by Russia, but probably China, who, without a bogeyman to cooperate against, will in all likelihood turn on Russia to remove the last obstacle to its hegemony on the Pacific Rim as well as to gain the energy supplies it needs to continue its growth.

    So yes, Russia is returning to its roots – particularly those roots it enjoyed during the reign of Batu Khan. Enjoy…

  3. Ah, as usual a racist attack on “the Chechens”, the the “bandit nation [of] terrorists” and supposedly the world symbol of villainy.


  4. LR: I see just on right a banner link to PW. Maybe you should sometimes read about the “bandit nation” there? For example: http://www.watchdog.cz/?show=000000-000015-000006-000057&lang=1

  5. Is it just me, or all the Russophiles here sound like clones. Dan has a message for us. Russia will continue to grow stronger and US will continue to go down the hill. Reminds a “message” from Chernenko that I saw atop of high-rise buildings in Moscow: Учение Ленино вечно потому что оно верно (Lenin’s theory is eternal because it’s correct). The year was 1988.

    It’s funny how these “Unkneeling Russians” can’t argue! They are delivering messages; and we should just take them. Since these Russian messages traditionally are accompanied with tanks, they got used to no pushback. It melts your brain though, dear Dan!

  6. Russia will continue to grow stronger? At the rate Russia is losing population, there won’t be any Russians left in 300 years. Maybe they should institutionalize those directing their barbaric foreign policy. The world would surely be a better place to live. Just another envious slob wishing the demise of the U.S. Don’t hold your breath.

  7. The brave Chechen Freedom Fighters are an example to freedom loving nations. They have fought the Moscali and their minions at all costs. They should be honored for their bravery. How dare you equate the filthy Moscovy-raSSiyans polluting space, with the people that they have oppressed and murdered. The Chechens saved over 100,000 Ukrainians from the the Artificial Famine and Genocide. I will now give this site less credibility. You are a disgrace and an idiot probably twisted as well.

  8. Must have been a slow news day but to equate not deorbiting a satellite with terrorism…that smacks of desperation to me.

    So if I have a broken down car that I could move, but don’t move and someone smacks into it am I a terrorist?

  9. LR

    Typically horse of feather! Obviously that Russia did not use any space weapons.
    Russia longs for avoid a new Cold War which would be baneful for all the world. But it is not true that USSR was destroyed by NATO and USA. I repeat that USSR WAS CANCELLED BY RUSSIANS WHO VOTED IN 1991 AGAINST COMMUNISTS.
    If NATO begin a new world war it is fatal for both Russia and West because West is not so strong as in 1980-1989. The Third World has increase and without Russia USA is doomed to be destroyed. When Russia and USA are started a quarrel then the third world always helps Russia against USA (for gain a benefits from new USA`s problems). USA needs in Russia as well as Russia needs in USA. USA and Russia both have intricate history and we mustn`t to teach one anoter. We must support one another. But it will be possible if you go away our Near Abroad we may be restrict our ations in all the world except Near Abroad and this is the most beautiful (and only feasible for USA) contract between our countries. If you refuse our offer you must understood that we do not give Near Abroad to you! And such way you push on us to third world and we are forced to join to Asia and China to defend our Motherland. Such way dangerous for us but its more and more dangerous to USA because Iran, China and company do not able to confront against Russia themselves. But when Russia become ally to aforesaid country then USA is doom to failure.

  10. … Wait, I’m pretty sure I can replace Russia with America and West with East and the article will still make sense.

    You know that Russian satellites hitting other satellites kind of require a second participant?

  11. Leonid V. Marchenko

    Ups, you posted lie again…

    How could old uncontrollable russian sat crush into modern controllable american one??

    Do you have any brains?

  12. However I am thankful to LR because it confessed that nicknamed “Chechen`s resistance” were terroristic groups. It very worth for my and so I am even ready to confess that perhaps we could do better.

  13. “You know that Russian satellites hitting other satellites kind of require a second participant?”

    Why, yes: the one that gets hit.

  14. Again, I have to reiterate that no, this wasn’t a terrorist attack and naming it as such is almost insultingly silly. Does anyone really think that some Russian general decided 10 years ago that he’d leave the satellite in orbit so that someday it could hit an American satellite that wasn’t even launched yet? Sorry, but I have to give this one to the Russophiles.


    You’ve simply not read this article, and that’s insulting to this blog. If you find us silly, get lost you pathetic loser. Write your own blog, and see who reads it (i.e., nobody).

    The article clearly states that Russia COULD HAVE DEORBITED but chose not to, in the past few months, not ten years ago.

    If you won’t read our text, don’t comment. Do otherwise, and you’ll simply be banned as SPAM trash.

  15. So, because they could have done something but didn’t, it’s a terrorist attack? That’s funny.

    Find information that says deorbiting an old satellite is free, and your argument makes sense. Otherwise, next time YOU pay Russia to remove their satellites from space.

    Hell, for all you know it’s the nasty American satellite that was aimed by some kid with a joystick towards the Russian one.

  16. They couldn’t deorbit the satellite as they had lost contact to it due to a failure. You can’t order a satellite to move if it can’t receive or process instructions.

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