EDITORIAL: Annals of Vladimir Frolov — of Russophile Rats and Sinking Ships


Annals of Vladimir Frolov — of Russophile Rats and Sinking Ships

You know things are getting plenty bad in Vladimir Putin’s Russia when you see Russophile rats like Vladimir Frolov start to panic.  Once again, he’s written a Moscow Times op-ed column which looks for all the world like a  shot by Putin through his Frolov mouthpiece across the bow of Dmitri Medvedev, another salvo in an effort to blame Medvedev for the country’s economic collapse and use his “failure” as an excuse to return to Russia as “president” for life.

Frolov begins his essay:

A friend in Washington and a seasoned observer of global politics emerged from last week’s security conference in Munich with the strong conclusion that Russian diplomacy is schizophrenic. In a series of diplomatic moves that coincided with the Munich conference and the first appearance there by U.S. Vice President Joe Biden with the new administration’s foreign policy priorities, Moscow has managed to simultaneously encourage, confuse and appall its U.S. and European partners.

Then Frolov ominously intones:

My U.S. friend has a point. It creates an uneasy sense that Russia’s diplomacy has multiple rudders and more than one pilot pulling at all of them at the same time. “They don’t know how to accomplish what they want. This is a dangerous way of dealing with an adversary — or even a friend,” my colleague said. Whatever the case, it is a diplomatic recipe for disaster.

Ouch. Looks like pretty soon “President” Medvedev is going to need any army just to watch his back as Putin circles, him, shark-like, just waiting for the perfect moment to stick in the knife.

For Putin’s sycophants to be speaking this openly, though, about “disaster” and “schizophrenia” and “danger” bespeaks desperation verging on panic, and it’s fully justified.  On every conceivable front, from the economy to foreign relations, from pensions to Georgia, the Putin regime has failed.  Public protests are growing, international pressure is increasing, the ruble is dissolving into dust along with the price of oil.  There is a real danger that some opposition figure could appear and seek to wrest power from the clutches of the KGB clan in the Kremlin, whose ability to bribe its foes is rapidly disappearing and whose blunt-trauma approach can only go so far given its limited resources.

2 responses to “EDITORIAL: Annals of Vladimir Frolov — of Russophile Rats and Sinking Ships

  1. this is a very interesting development…It appears that a split from the inside is forming.

    problem is , who’s the good guy and who’s the bad guy….If all out war explode inside the kremlun , wo should we rout for.

    I heard somewhere that people around Medvedev wants him to tell Putin he run things now , and if Putin objected , Medved should fire him.

    Anyway , Medvedev took a shot at Putin on his TV appearance by stating indirectly that putin got lucky with high oil and did not do anything meaningful but to just collect oil money.

  2. Medvedev was chosen for one quality, and one quality only. And that quality was his dependence on VVP et al. The fact that he is trying to consolidate (see list of 1000) shows that he is scared, and cannot last much longer.

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