Top 10 things Americans have done but never Russians

In our editorial we point out one difference between the way Americans and Russians roll it. In America, the pilot of an airplane saves the passangers; in Russia, it’s the reverse. Here’s our list of other examples in top-ten form. We invite readers to educate us if we’re wrong about any item, to add to the list, and to create a pro-Russian list . . . if they can.

Top 10 things Americans have done but never Russians


Built restaurants and auto dealerships in Western Europe


Built the world’s tallest office building


Won seven Nobel Prizes in literature


Maintained a constitution through a civil war


Maintained a constitution after a national leader was shot and killed


Defeated a nation in war from the other side of an ocean


Had a black president and supreme court justice


Had a female minister of foreign affairs and speaker of parliament


Passed power between rival political parties in an election


Walked on the surface of the moon

28 responses to “Top 10 things Americans have done but never Russians

  1. You can add, liberated western Europe from the Nazi’s, then let the newly liberated states choose their own governments, as opposed to Russia “liberating” eastern europe then enslaving it under the evils of soviet (Russian) rule for over 40 years.

  2. A Few Things Russians have done but never Americans (in no particular order):

    Sent their own people to war without rifles in the hopes that the enemy would run out of bullets before the nation ran out of cheap, expendable peasants.

    Prosecuted, expelled, vanished, imprisoned and even killed some of their best writers, poets and musicians just because their work did not please the leaders of the nation.

    Made a decent-to-good film adaptation of Sherlock Holmes and then had the nerve to fabricate the lie that Queen Elizabeth herself had declared it “the best ever” (this one irks me particularly)

    Cowardly murdered its former sovereign and his entire family without so much as a fair trial.

    Became the laughing stock of the Free World after being unable to defeat Finland during the Winter War, despite having three times as many soldiers as the Finns, 30 times as many aircraft and 218 times as many tanks.

    Described whatever it is that Dima Bilan does as “music”.

    Sold one of the richest territories in the entire globe in terms of oil for less than $7.5 million (less than $100 mil in today’s money, adjusted for inflation)

  3. hahahaha… #2 is totally lost on Russia. They have no concept of what this means! “huh? Wha? You mean I have to give up power to my opponent? No no. Not possible. I will kill him first and rewrite the constitution.”

  4. Lol, first off all, Americans have never been on the Moon. Very few people outside US believe in this stage show, called “Americans on the moon”.

    Second, that was Russians, not Americans who won the WW2. Simply because Germany got about 87% of its losses on Eastern front, and only 13% on Western, with not only one USA, but with UK and other states simultaneously.

    But, hey, American were very good at killing German citizens. USA and UK killed several times more German citizens, than USSR. For example, Dresden with almost no nazi army in it, was completely destroyed in air strikes, 300 thousand citizens were killed. The same was with Koenigsberg, that was almost completely destroyed by Brits.

  5. Funny how Russians are so prone to believe in conspiracy theories abroad (i.e. the American moon landing was faked) because Russia’s own history – right up to today – is filled with actual conspiracies. Fortunately, unlike Russia America has a free press and free citizenry that keeps the government from perpetrating conspiracies.

    As long as Russians keep saying “da” to power mad dictators, I say “nyet” to Russia.

  6. Re: SayDatoRussia

    So when WWII survivors of Berlin state that they were praying that the Americans to enter the city before the Soviets, why was that?

    And regarding the Moon landing… BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…. AHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!! HA!

    Even if “very few” believe it that is a reflection of how stupid the rest of humanity is, not a reflection on the fact of the matter.

    If German forces had taken the reasonable decision of striking straight at Moscow instead of pissing around, Russia would have been out of the picture you owe your “victory” to Hitler’s incompetence and the allied invasion taking the heat off the Germans’ eastern front.

  7. I am in agreement with “Da” about the Russians doing the heavy lifting in WWII (at least in the European theatre) but do so with the caveat that Lend-Lease played a huge role in the success of the Red Army – especially in mechanized units dependent on American trucks for supply.

    I do disagree that the US and Britain were better at killing civilians than the Soviets were, however. In 1945, the Red Army engaged in a campaign of pillage, murder, and especially rape, that would even have made Genghis Khan blush. Some estimates put the number of rapes at over 2 million!

  8. Scott, I agree, especially about lend lease & the Russian rapes, I also want to stress that the German war industries were crippled by Allied bombing during WW2.
    RAF night bombing, particularly once the “Pathfinders” using a system called “Oboe” was extremely destructive. In the last 3 years of the war nearly 65% of the aircraft that Germany produced were night fighters, 25% day fighters, leaving only 10% of production for bombers, ground attack & transportation.
    Albert Speer, German minister of war production stated categorically that the main reason for Germany losing the war was the British destruction of German armaments factories, and the US destruction of the Petrol-Oil-Lubricants infrastructure. In addition the RAF/USAAF bombing campaign tied down more than 2,000,000 German men and several hundered thousand large calibre AA guns that would have been much better used killing Soviet tanks on the eastern front.
    80% of German INFANTRY losses occured on the estern front, but 80% of German Luftwaffe losses occurred on the Western front.
    By 1944 many of Germany’s truly elite formations were transferred to the western front or Italy.
    By the way, Dresden was the site of the factories that produced the majority of components for German radars, was a major transportation hub, especially for railway traffic to the eastern front, and it was the Russians who demanded it be bombed to support their offensive.

    As you pointed out, Germans prayed to be in the western zone. After all, look at the Russian genocide against ethnic Germans in Koenigsburg in 1945.

  9. Actually, I thought #5 referred to japan, not Germany. Whatever… SayDaToZimbabwe knows that great USSR defeated “pindos” USA in Cuba, Vietnam and neighboring Angola! Keep arguing about last century events – it will keep you and Russia in the gutter this century as well!

    Regarding #2: great article why it is not possible in Russia. Ukrainian finance minister resigned due to disagreements with prime-minister. Before resignation he argued against the budget, and when Rada (parliament) adopted the budget over his objections – he resigned.

    It’s different in Russia. As long as Kudrin is finance minister – he is in power. Nobody argues the details of financial policy with him, nor suggests alternative approaches to dealing with economic crisis. You know – the stuff that finance minister is responsible for. Russian politics are different. Kudrin’s opponents arrested several of his deputies; and it is quite obvious that if he resigns – they will arrest him as well.

    So the only choice he has, is to cling to power no matter what! there is no peaceful retirement in Russian ministers’ future. Ministerial chair is the only assurance of personal security, and the only way to help your deputies… Once you resign (retire, get sacked) – all bets are off

  10. Re: SayDatoRussia

    Actually, Russia continued supplying the Germans with raw materials throughout the invasions and battles of 1939, 1940, and 1941. In fact, Russia was supplying the Germans until the very day, June 22, 1941, when at last they themselves were attacked. Congratulations on your role in helping and then defeating the Germans.

  11. The 8 is rather risky. The decisions of the Nobel Prize committee have never been an accurate reflection of the actual situation in literature, while Russians have had a really strong representation since the 19. century – Dostoyevsky? Chekhov? Gogol? Lermontov? Tolstoy? Brodsky? Nabokov? Pasternak? Both Erofeevs? Akunin? Pelevin? Solzhenitsyn?… I’m afraid the Americans have not that much to show at this level… I’m rather surprised they received so many Nobel Prizes so far…

  12. Shuriken

    Jack London, Mark Twain, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Washington Irving, James Fenimore Cooper, Edgar Allen Poe, Harriet Beecher Stowe,
    Stephen Crane. All great 19th century American writers.

    And some Americans claim the great British writer Rudyard Kipling, as he started writing wile he lived in the USA for a couple of years while on his way home to the UK from India (during which time he met his American wife).

    Besides, many of those great Russian writers, particularly Dostoyevsky & Pushkin really hated the Russian state. Particulary Pushkin, who was so unpopular with the “power vertical” that the Tsar publicly celebrated his death.

  13. OK – since we’re doing this, let’s go down the list.

    10 – Absolutely true. The US is the #1 purveyor of culture in the world, and Russia is no exception. You simply cannot avoid it. Furthermore, Russia has absolutely failed in exporting its own commercial and cultural identity outside its former empire. In the US, I can only identify three “brands” that have entered the popular consciousness – Stolichnaya, Lukoil, and Smeshariki. Nations one tenth Russia’s size and power have done better.

    9 – True. And considering Malaysia and Taiwan CAN claim this distinction, it’s pretty sad all things considered.

    8 – Technically true, but I’m generally in agreement with Shuriken at least on the Russian half of his argument (I disagree with the American half though – the US has produced a good number of awesome writers over the years.) If I wanted to enter a discussion with a Russian on whose culture was more accomplished, I’d personally stay away from literary traditions whatever nation I came from (save England, who can boast Shakespeare, who pretty much trumps everybody.)

    7 – True, although they have maintained Tsarist power through several of their nastier revolts (Pugachev, Stenka Razin, et al) A lot of this has to do with the simple fact that for most of Russian History, there hasn’t been a constitution, and when there has (i.e. the Soviet Period) it basically said – you’ll do what we want, or you’ll regret it. That’s an easy promise to keep if you’ve got enough soldiers.

    6 – See #7. Although the many cases of Tsars being assassinated had little effect on the quick succession of the next in line.

    5 – True, but kind of a set up. Since most of the major world powers came from either Europe or Asia, it would be geographically and historically difficult for Russia to pull this one off. That being said, the one time they did go toe to toe with a cross-ocean rival, the Cold War, they lost, and in a big way.

    4 – True, although they did have a GenSec/Absolute Leader from Georgia, which should be at least equivalent to the US voting in Irish Catholic Kennedy in the 60’s. Of course, Stalin was not “elected” into his position – he maneuvered and cajoled himself there, and killed anyone who got in his way. And of course it is generally agreed that Russia would have been a much happier place had Stalin never been born.

    3 – True, but a very cheap shot considering that Russia has had four female chief executives, the Tsarinas Elizabeth and Catherine, and the Regents Sophia and Anna.

    2 – True. And a poor showing even for the region. One can easily see Yanukovich winning the presidency in Ukraine, or Burburadze in Georgia. Short of Putin or Medvedev getting drunk and betting their position on a chess match, is it even possible to imagine Kasparov (or anyone else) doing likewise in Russia?

    1 – True. Do I even have to explain?

  14. DaytoRussia,

    Without immense flows of allied munitions, materials, and food to Russia when it suffered from the treachery of its former partners, the Nazis, Russia would have collapsed probably swiftly in the spring or summer of 42.

    The allies put men in the field wherever they were able and worked every means to cripple the Nazi machine. The same reasons that Germany did not hurl its armies across the channel during the battle of Britain were much similar to those of the allies not casting theirs in 42 and 43.

    If Russia won the war, then why did they wait for the allied landings in Normandy in 44 to crush the Nazis?

    Yes, all those lunar landings were a mirage as is the equipment and debris left behind. You would think that if such an fraudulent exercise were so easy, the Russians would have also manufactured the sham. Obviously, they lack the know-how to match the US illusion.

    Gary Marshall

  15. Hah – The Moon.

    If this had been done between 1969-72 then why has it not been done since?

    If this had happened then all the expensive research and development (R&D) cost would already have been incurred in the 60s, leaving the costs of any future visits relatively small.

    Given the Moon’s gravitational field pull, then how on earth did they launch to get off?

    The moon buggy sequence in the Bond movie “Diamonds Are Forever” (1971) – is very much in point here. This is more convincing than the 1969 film – and I don’t mean the George Lazenby one.

  16. scott:
    re your comments on 4: it can be a cheap shot for Russia, but it certainly is a valid point for USSR and post-Soviet Russia. While the were plenty of poster-women (Tereshkova and “weaver Petrova”) I can’t think of any woman in the position of real power. Culture minister in the 60s is the only one that comes to mind. Certainly, nobody in Politbureau or similar…

  17. Well, since the article says “things Americans have done but never Russians,” I stand by my argument – although you are largely correct in your assertion – women have not played much more than a cosmetic role in Soviet and post-Soviet society.

  18. Well, since the article says “things Americans have done but never Russians,” I stand by my argument – although you are largely correct in your assertion – women have not played much more than a cosmetic role in Soviet and post-Soviet society.

  19. Tom,

    Why is it that only insipid illiterates reject what is so obvious to any one, even the leaders of the former Soviet Union. With all the missile detection systems down to the amateur astronomers, how could the US have created such a magnificent illusion that escaped the notice of the entire Soviet Union and all the other countries throughout the world?

    You do know that the Soviet Union no longer exists, don’t you?

    The reason that the effort was not repeated indefinitely by the US and not even once attempted by the Soviet Union was cost. What was to come from another excursion?

    There would have been some cost reductions for perhaps 1000 missions, but not from 6.

    I hear the UFO Association is joining with the US Government Hoax Committee for their annual meeting, to be held on Saturn. Drop by.

    Gary Marshall

  20. Nabokov doesn’t count for Russia – he wrote in English and only in USA. If anything, he counts for the US. Asimov also doesn’t count for Russia as he was 3 when his family went to the States and he never even learned Russian.

    as for American writers, how about Hemingway, Faulkner, Steinbeck, Golding, Brodski, Salinger, Louisa May Alcott, Fitzgerald…?

  21. 10. Dropped nuclear weapons on civilians

    LA RUSSOHOBE RESPONDS: Russians killed far more OF THEIR OWN PEOPLE without using nukes.

    9. Had their former puppets plunge passenger airliners into their sky scrapers.

    LA RUSSOHOBE RESPONDS: Beslan? Dubrovka? You’re a raving lunatic.

    8. Had their students snap and go on murderous rampages killing their classmates.

    LA RUSSOHOBE RESPONDS: Skinhead lynchings, stabbing of little girl.

    7. Practically eradicated races of people (Navajo, Apache, Lakota, Sewee, etc.) and restricting their movement in their own land.

    LA RUSSOHOBE RESPONDS: Murdered more of its own citizens in one year of Stalin’s purges than in all of American history.

    6. Had more serial killers than most of the world combined.


    5. Bomb, rape, exploit and impoverish countries and call it “progress, freedom, democracy, human rights”.

    4. Supportig dictators all of the world (Pinochet, Somoza, Suharto, the Shah, Hussein, Ne Win, Pol Pot, etc.), and whining about “freedom, democracy, human rights”.

    LA RUSSOHOBE RESPONDS: Libya, Syria, Hamas, Hezbollah, Venezuela . . . etc.

    3. Teach their people that Mexico’s language is “Mexican”, Brazil’s language is Spanish or “Brazilian”, Russia and Germany are the same counry, Russia is Communist, Germany is Nazi, Afghans, Indians, Iranians are Arabs.

    LA RUSSOHOBE RESPONDS: Teach their people that Stalin is a hero who did the right thing.

    2. Supported Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, in the hopes of forming an anti-Soviet alliance (as did Churchill).

    LA RUSSOHOBE RESPONDS: Made a bargain with Hitler selling out their own allies

    1. Build its country on the backs of millions of African slaves.

    LA RUSSOHOBE RESPONDS: Built St. Petersburg at the cost of 100,000 slaves OF THEIR OWN PEOPLE. That’s just one city

    LA RUSSOHOBE RESPONDS: Do you realize that you haven’t named a single positive Russian achievment? Your comments indicate ignorance of truly barbaric proporations.

  22. Number four is misguided at best.

    Pol Pot was not supported by the west, in fact America was out of the entire region before the Kmer Rouge took authoritarian power.

    The Shah wouldn’t have taken authority over Iran had it not been a usefull idiot overseeing American foreign policy.

    Of course America supported Saddam at the time, name an alternative please. He was murdered, name another.

    Pinochet was not ideal, but he was not Pol Pot. See above. You cannot pin that on America, when you were the only influence in the region.

  23. I would like to turn TBs argument against him, starting with:

    Ironically, Pol Pot; murdered almost a third of the population of Cambodia. Rivaled only by the French socialist revolution coinciding with the comparatively pristine American revolution.

    Joseph Stalin, his mass murder can only be measured by population trends.

    Mao Tse Tung, difficult for historians to say, but either his indifference or incompetence killed more people than god.

    Adolf Hitler, I bet you were wondering when I would get to him. His legacy still lives, and is carried through militant islam. No comprehensive death toll as of yet. There will be more, unfortunately.

    Fidel Castro, mafia thug that somehow(CBS) gets his hand on an island nation. If it were only just a long haul trailer(this is me dreaming).

    Idi Amin, who can say anything bad about someone who literally eats their political opponents.

    Robert Mugabe, turned the bread basket of Africa into a basket case. Filled with various forms of venerial disease and a frothy topping of Cholera.

    Hugo Chavez, re-introduces a flourishing nation to dependance. Lets see how that goes. For some reason I think I already know the answer.

    By no means is this a comprehensive list however, TB really needs to see the end result of his “good intentions”.

  24. Really, all of them are rediculous except for number ten. At the time Japan was a militarized culture, so its hard to find a “civilian”. Nagasaki and Hiroshima both had huge industial centers supporting the war against us.

    The rest, I’m just so used to hearing from people that think mixing baking soda and vinegar, “is just amazing.”

    9. And you expect to be taken seriously?

    8. We don’t monitor thought criminals here… yet.

    7. Keep in mind that it was the predecessors of the modern(and prehistoric collectivist ideology) usefull idiot that enacted the Indian Removal Act, and perpetrated the initiation of the Trail of Tears.

    6. Unless I am mistaken, virtually all were brought to justice. Russia’s serial killers are sanctioned and given acceptable targets. Why is it that Russia kills more journalists than any country except Cuba(with Russian influence).

    5. Bombing I can see, tell me of your tales of rape and pillage. Your idea that everyone is equal in every society is, there is no word to describe your ignorance. The US spends billions of dollars a year to improve the accuracy of these weapons in order to avoid civilian cassualties.

    4. See my last post.

    3. That has to be the most vacant minded complaint that I have ever seen. You see our feeble minded celebrities, and assume that they represent the whole. That in itself is ignorance on your part.

    2. Again, you are making generalizations. Keep in mind Stalin actually made a truce with him, but who was worse. Collectivists are universal. Blaming all of america for supporting Hitler, is equivelent to me saying that all of Russia supports the genocide in Rwanda(of which your country contributed).

    1. Again this collectivist argument resurfaces(of which you are a part).

    The only reason this attrocity was allowed, the states required unanimity in what the time was treason.

    We Individualists dragged you collectivists along, again by allowing you to suppress other individuals. One of the great quotes of the day “either we hang together, or we hang alone”.
    When facing the strongest military power of the time, unanimity was essential.

    If you claim to be in moral judgement, just look at your own country. Since 1917, your country has oppressed, starved and murdered more people than currently live in russia.

  25. Honestly TB, you are an infant in the battle of wits.

  26. Capt. G. Leone (Ret) USA/USAF

    Well, I can think of one thing the russians (lower case intentional thorughout (lcit)) did better than America: GUN CONTROL! Ask all the dead russians unable to defend themselves against “papa stalin”, may he burn in “the theological place of eternal punishment”. Of course, I could be wrong as the current administration is working with the united freakin’ nations towards global disarmament of civilians (read: the United States) and the elimination of the Second Amendment to our Bill of Rights to the Constitution of the United States of America.

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