February 9, 2009 — Contents


(1)  Putley on Markelov

(2)  One Picture is Worth a Thousand Screams

(3)  EDITORIAL:  Just say Nobama

(4)  EDITORIAL:  What would Stalin do?

(5)  Stalin’s advice to Putin

(6) Anastasia Baburova, R.I.P.

NOTE:  Though it is probably not necessary to point it out, nonetheless we will say that we have moved our editorial into the third position in today’s issue out of respect to the two lead items, a brilliant essay on the Markelov killing by Jeremy Putley and an equally brilliant political cartoon from the pen of Sergei Yelkin,  better known as Ellustrator, which could not compliment the essay better. We are honored to be able to publish these heroically courageous items on our blog, and we feel they serve to underline the point we are making in our editorial better than we could possibly do ourselves.  We also note that today’s issue is entirely orginal to the blogosphere.

4 responses to “February 9, 2009 — Contents

  1. Can the Putin regime really collapse?

    What do you think have to happen to make it happen?

    I’ve read somewhere that if by the spring/summer , massive rallies arent materializing , then it wont happen.

    Who do you think will be the person or groups to make it happen?

    Is Putin grip around Russia too tight to create some type of color revolution…Is it me just dreaming?

    Does everyone agrees with me that if there’s a chance for a revolution , it’ll have to start in the far east , where the Kremlin choke hold is not as tight as the east?

    Anyway , can anyone tell me how they picture a perfect revolution in Russia?

  2. My personal guess is that as long as at least 20-30% of the population stay brainwashed it wont happen…or without bloodshed.
    No type of color revolution will do it. Russia’s different. A revolution will only provoke a change of powers, not a change of regime…

  3. Agree with Sandro, the government and secret police have too tight of a grip on the whole society. They’ll use whatever tactics they need to quell the discontent. The only chance of Putin being over-thrown would be if the military went against Putin. It’s not that far fetched, with the officer corp being sharply reduced, their must be some unhappy people there. But who knows what you might end up with then, some nazi’s or commi’s no doubt.

  4. Bill, with compulsory military service, you are absolutely right. It is not that far fetched.

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