EDITORIAL: XOXO, Vladimir Putin


XOXO, Vladimir Putin

A new president has been elected in the United States, bringing with him the possibilty for a new relationship with Russia. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has spoken of a “new era of cooperation.”  Talk is cheap, however, and Russian talk is found in the K-mart of talk.  Recent days have shown just how interested Vladimir Putin’s Russia is in forming such a relationship based on deeds.  The response of the Putin regime has been to:

  • sign a cooperation pact with American’s arch enemy, Cuba
  • announce its intention to build a naval base in Abkhazia
  • pressure Kyrgyzstan to eject an American base
  • ban shipments of U.S. pork
  • cancel an order for Boeing airliners
  • spurn U.S. mortgage debt
  • aggressively seek to achieve natural gas hegemony
  • just as aggressively seek imperial domination of the Arctic
  • remain silent on the murder of Stanislav Markelov
  • viciously gloat over American economic fortunes at Davos
  • savagely attack American Michael Dell
  • bizarrely tease the U.S. over the Kaliningrad missile installation

Are these the indications of a nation that wants to turn over a new leaf with the United States?  Can anyone make a similar list of provocative American actions taken just after Dmitri Medvedev “succeeded” to the Russian presidency? Has America, for that matter, been sending nuclear bombers to buzz Russian military installations, as Russia is doing to the U.S.?

This man Putin is a crazed lunatic, no different from the most diseased rulers of the USSR, driving his nation to ruin by provoking the world’s most powerful nation for no earthly reason except blind hatred, just as they did.

And that’s all we’ve got to say about that.

39 responses to “EDITORIAL: XOXO, Vladimir Putin

  1. Russia is clearly the main problem for not only the U.S but all world stability.

    The problem here is Obama thinks he can charm the Russian into behaving , just like he thinks he can charm the Iranians to drop their nuclear ambition by sweet talking them out of it.

    While i dont have any problem with Obama trying the diplomatic ways , and not rock the boat to early with Russia , i seen evidence during the past campaign that Obama is very cocky and thinks he can charm anyone.

    He made the fatal mistake of thinking he could charm republican in the house in supporting his stimulus plan and received a shocked when no republicans voted for it…even when he made some concession by putting more tax cut into the bill.

    Obama problem is thinking he can charm anyones he wants…Russia may use him and make him believe they are on board , and after they get what they want , they will quickly return to cold war rhetorics.

    Russia wants Obama to desolve NATO , agree that Ukraine/Georgia should be slave states and Obama should tell Europe that Russia is reliable gaz supplier and they should scrap NABUCCO.

  2. Obama could be the next Jimmy Carter if he doesn’t make the right decisions now, remember our 444 day Iranian embassy siege because Carter thought he could negotiate with thugs. It’s was no coincidence that our hostages were freed at the moment of Reagan’s swearing in as he had promised to actually do something to end it. If Obama doesn’t get it now, Russia will game him unmercifully. I’m not holding my breath. I simply from experience don’t trust Democrats when it comes to national security.

    And, thank God the Republicans held out on the stimulous plan, it’s pure pork and wasteful. We’ve been down that road before in the Depression. You let bad businesses fail and market cycles rectify themselves. It’s painful but it works faster.

  3. As much as I dislike Putin’s actions, surely limiting exposure to risky investments (‘spurning debt’) and cutting back on expenses in times of crisis (the 787 order) are rational actions.


    You’re simply missing the point. This post has nothing to do with economic rationality, it has to do with COLD WAR rationality. It’s one thing for Putin to take those two actions in isolation, combined with words of friendship and accommodation, quite another in the context of a tsunami of anti-American actions and rhetoric. Maybe some of the things Hitler did were quite rational too viewed in isolation, but his general policy ruined his nation.

  4. i think that new era of cooperation talk is simple begging quote from his speach:

    This means we must assess the real situation and write off all hopeless debts and “bad” assets.

    True, this will be an extremely painful and unpleasant process. Far from everyone can accept such measures, fearing for their capitalisation, bonuses or reputation. However, we would “conserve” and prolong the crisis, unless we clean up our balance sheets. I believe financial authorities must work out the required mechanism for writing off debts that corresponds to today’s needs.

    this means: please write off our corporate debts which roughly estimates 161 billion only for 2009

  5. AC
    concerning “rational actions” the fact is that this aren’t rational actions but rational speech. Putin is trying to sweeten western power’s

    on the side of actions Putin already has raised tax for import of cars as the answer to crisis.

  6. Blaze
    Quote: “Russia is clearly the main problem for not only the U.S but all world stability” unquote.

    Did you hear a latest news: President of Kirgizia decides to close US air-force military base!

  7. For more Russian stupidity (aside from the ever debilitated “I am Russian”) it seems that Russians are sooooo stupid that they think it is OK for a drunk to pilot a commercial airliner.


  8. Dear ‘I am Russian’ Do you know what a Press Release is? Do you know any idiot can write one? Do you know just because ONE IDIOT in Kyrgyzstan says the base is closing means nothing? I’d like to see them try to close the US Base. ‘I am Russian’, shouldn’t you be out beating the crap out of a Kyrgyz right now anyway? You are not a Patriot of Russia. You are a patriot of your vodka and notebook which is most likely loaded with stolen software. Get an education and a life! You are an embarrassment to Russia-


  9. You know, Mr. ‘I am Russian’ Okay, you win. Russia is so great. If they close the US Base in Kyrgyzstan what do they gain? Are you a supporter of the Taliban? Maybe you want to go back to Chechnya? I don’t think you are so brave to have ever been there. How about the war Russia is promoting between Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan? Want to recreate the Soviet Union do you? You can’t. There is no money. It didn’t work the first time and things are worse now. Do you have a mother? A Grandmother? Children? Do you want a life for them? You must not care because if you did, you would see why Putin’s psychotic behavior is destroying any chance your family has for a future. Russia is BANKRUPT! Causing chaos and instability will be a problem for the world, but it won’t DO ANYTHING to help FEED RUSSIANS! Do you understand this? I am not thinking that understand this. Ok, keep drinking then. Keep ignoring the senior citizens digging through the trash, Mr. ‘I am Russian’. I am in the United States now. I doubt Mr. ‘I am Russian’ that you have ever been here. Otherwise, you would not speak such nonsense. I know both and I know that Russia is built on lies and I am ashamed of that. I want better for my children. I want them to be proud to be Russian. This is not the way. Putin is destroying Russia. We don’t need Crimea. We need stability and a guaranteed future. We need freedom to speak the truth and the ability to conduct business and build an economy without the constant threat of the criminals who control everything. The list is long. Get a visa, Mr. ‘I am Russian’ and go see the world. You will be shocked by the reality of what is Russia.

  10. Well as for closing the base, it seems the Russian media announced it but the Kyrgyz foreign ministry said:

    “Tonight, Kanat Tursunkulov, an official from Kyrgyzstan’s foreign ministry, told the Guardian: “Our president has said the [US] base is very helpful for the stability of the region and Afghanistan.” Asked whether that meant the president would now shut it down, he said, “There’s no comment on this.”


  11. http://www.rferl.org/content/Commentary_Words_Deeds_Dmitry_Medvedev/1378486.html

    Read the article, especially for those who think Medvedev is any better than his boyfriend Putin.

  12. On the US base closing.

    It seems like Russia is really pushing the Krysts to close the base so that the U.S could come begging to them.

    This , to me is a huge slap in the face of Obama……Any idea that you could trust the Kremlin , is futile.

    Again , unlike many on here , i’m not for Obama egtting out of the box and start using cold war rhetorics and rock the boat…If he does that , this will hurt him more then help since his base expect him to first and foremost , try to work things out..

    But , people around Obama should make clear to him that he should not be cocky enough to think he could get Russia on board.

    When dealing with Russia , you have to watch your back since their entire foreign policy is fix in a way to undermine U.S policy.

    Why in the world would Russia try to force Kryst to close the U.S base when Russia has stated they are looking to cooperate on Afghanistan

  13. Well said Tatiana, if only there are more good Russians like you then Russia has a chance of climbing out of the pit.

  14. Not so fast on the US base closing in Kyrgyz – it didn’t happen, even though “I am baboon” is already excitedly crowing about it as an established fact.

    More “rooshan might bringing the world to its knees,” I suspect.

    Seems that they simply want more money.


    Of course, when the news reports in roosha sensationalize something that didn’t happen, what a poor little “I am baboon” to believe?


  15. Tatiana

    1) I do not like a vadka, I prefer a red wine.
    2)My soft ware is OKEY.
    3) Quote: “One Idiot “. “One Idiot ” is a president of independent country! President of Kirgizia headed that country since “democratic revolution” which was sponsored by USA. There are many unprofessional employee in USA sicret services. 4)Russian soldier fought against Taliban in Tadjikistan in 1993-1999 and won a victory.Then Taliban (which was created by untalented USA secret services) decided to attack its creators in USA. USA created Taliban to kill Russian people and now Taliban kills Americans! That way will be happened with other democracy in all the world too!
    We won a victory in Chechnya thanks to Russia army and thanks to chechenians but against western countries wishes.
    6) Thanks to God I have mother and one child and hope to have more. I wish a life for them, so I must be a patriot. I served in Russian army and I am prepared to serve now if it will be necessary.
    I see that western countries are the main threat for my children. I saw that you made in Jugoslavia, Chechnia, Cosovo, Irak. Yours crime more hard then crimes of others! You have not any rights to attacs my motherland because you more worst.
    USA had killed authochthon people in his country and created slaveholding system in plantation. As opposed to USA Russia did not killed any nations and all of Russians authochthon have autonomy now! I do not want any “American dreams and freedom”. We do not want in democracy as Irak and Cosovo. We does not wish to have a destiny such as American Indians and American black-skins slaves .We did not also want share a fate of Palestinians.
    7)Russia is not insolvent now. On the contrary Russia still has more much money as my country had not any time before! Russia is very reach unlike USA which is really BUNCRUPT.
    8) Crimea is Russian historical region as well as all Ukrainian (Rus). But we have nothing against a legal independents of that very beautiful country unlike USA which has broken a Ukrainian sovereignty and imposed it two idiots – Yschenko and Timoshenko (so stupid as their patrons in the USA secret services) who torment unfortunate country and neighbouring countries. USA secret services created a horrible corruption and stealing in Ukrainian.
    9) You are ashamed because you are a traitor. It is very well that you escape to USA. But I have many friends hwo were in USA and turn back without admiration about that country.
    10) I am sure to visit USA places after crisis (perhaps it will be USA, but it is dubious. USA are BUNCRUPT and therefore will be collpsed very soon!

  16. This whole Kyrgyz base closure story reminds me a famous punchline from a famous Russian writer – у людей большое горе – они хотят поторговаться (people are in big pain – they want a good bargain). Last time it happened in 2006 – Rumsfeld added a few million and the whole issue went away.

    In the meantime the president of next door Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon hinted that he is not coming to Moscow for some annual summit. He was going to these summits every year so far, and they are major recipient of Russian foreign aid. But with Russia’s standing in the world falling like a rock, even Tajik friendship now costs more.

    But, of course, USSR still exists “de facto”. Don’t take my word for it – our resident delusional Russian said it himself!

  17. Andrew

    Quote: “it seems the Russian media announced it but the Kyrgyzforeign ministry said”.
    Kyrgyz President said for closing the base it was translated in TV. Obviously that Russian TV media did not create a false president! That is extremely significant that western media keep a silent. That fact show unfreedom of western media.

  18. Andrew
    I looked over world media and saw that some of them says about Kirgizian president notice. And you told that only Russian people said such new. You read yours newspapers without endeavour. It is sorry my because I am russians citizen but you must read your press better.

  19. Well “I am Baboon”, if you had read the article, the Kirgyz foreign ministry DID say that.
    In the end it is all about money, as Felix already said, just like last time the Kirgyz president wanted to shut the base. As soon as the US stumps up with more money, all opposition to the US base will “miraculously” dissapear. Just like last time this happened.
    Thats why the President is saying one thing in Russia, and the Foreign ministry another.
    In the end, the US base will still be there.
    By the way, in one of your posts you say you have one mother and one child, I hope you do not mean what I think you mean, hillbilly boy.
    Though judging by your demented posts I think that there is probably a history of “keeping it in the family” where you are concerned.
    As for the west making Chechnya? Well delusional baboon Russian dude, that was all Russia’s fault. If you serve your country again, I sincerely hope you get sent to Chechnya, or Ingushetia. Or maybe to Georgia where I can look at you down the sights.
    You have no understanding of history if you say that Russia “killed no nations” I am sure most of the opressed minorities in Russia would (AND DO) violently disagree.
    Your “Great Russian state” killed more “natives” during its expansion than the USA or UK. Russia practiced genocide against those who resisted. It was done in the Caucasus to the highlanders in the mountains, it was done in central asia & Siberia. Those who resisted were either killed or enslaved, and dispersed around the empire.



  20. Felix

    But it is not true because president of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmonov took part in this summit. He had some dubious about summit connected with his conflict vs prezident Uzbecistan . But he could not ignore russian pr. minister Putin. Very important decisions were announced in this summit.

  21. As for a “victory” against the Taleban in Tajikistan. Balls.
    What happened was the war degenerated into a stalemate, with Russian forces struggling in the Capital against the United Opposition forces. In the end a UN sponsored armistice was followed by elections etc.
    A bit like calling the Russian withdrawl from Afghanistan a victory.



  22. ANDREW
    QUOTE: “In the end, the US base will still be there”
    I will be glad if Americans base in Kirgizia will be kept. Thanks to USA we will have a beautiful legal explanation to keep Russian bases in the Near abroad (especially base Sevastopol in Crimea after 2017). Notorious USA air forses have not a dangerous to Russia. Well it will be beautiful legal precedent for my country.

  23. Since when did your nation of barbarians care about legal precedents?

  24. Tatiana,
    Why do you think “I am Russian” is Mr.? Do you think women can’t be such idiots? What about Lira Tskhovrebova? As a man, I am insulted.

  25. Kyrgystan made a strategic decision, Obama has a history of siding with the politically expedient position. In most cases he never took a position at all.

    The cult of personality knows no borders.

    Like virtually all americans, I have no idea what Obama plans to do. The only advice I can give is don’t count on hope or change.

  26. I am Russian, the only reason that people return to their own countries after they arrive in America, is because they expect to carve a chunk out of the streets of gold and go home.

    It’s not that easy, you have to work for it. When every individual provides a service to every other individual, regardless of motivation, Isn’t that the definition of liberty?

    Or you could have the pompous belief that If someone isn’t as faithful to some abstract concept as you, they deserve less. Regardless of any, if any service you provide for them.

  27. The people hard work no only in America. My friends are succesful people. Their hate Americans selfconfident and global imperialism.

  28. I am Russian,
    That seems to be the Russians problem, they hate and envy everybody else because they are ‘self confident and successful’. What a sorry bunch of slobs you people are. Stop feeling sorry for yourselves and blaming everyone else for your own lack of ambition and smarts. Grow up!

  29. I am Russian:

    “2)My soft ware is OKEY.”

    Oh god, I laughed hard.

    Are you for real?

  30. Bill

    We grew up many years ago (when voted against communists in 1990 and dissolve USSR) unlike the most of americans who have still lived in Cold War. Such position of american citizens leads USA to the catastrophe.

  31. Robert

    I just defend myself from Tatiana who alleged my groundless:”You are a patriot of your vodka and notebook which is most likely loaded with stolen software”. Groundless accusation is a the most widespread method of russophobe.

  32. You need to follow your own advice, “I am rooskie.”

    You spew sovok nonsense.

    Every one of the statements you made in the following paragraph is FALSE – and continues to be Kremlinoid sovok propaganda, lies, and distortion.

    “Crimea is Russian historical region as well as all Ukrainian (Rus). But we have nothing against a legal independents of that very beautiful country unlike USA which has broken a Ukrainian sovereignty and imposed it two idiots – Yschenko and Timoshenko (so stupid as their patrons in the USA secret services) who torment unfortunate country and neighbouring countries. USA secret services created a horrible corruption and stealing in Ukrainian.”

    Crimea is a Tatar region. roosha forcibly kicked out all the Tatars, and took over the territory – by force. It may be considered as part of Ukrainian Rus, but not roosha. Today it is part of Ukraine – not roosha.

    As far as roosha not having anything against the legal independence of Ukraine – balls!

    Ukraine is independent. roosha just conducted yet another gas war in order to try to bring Ukraine to its knees – and for other reasons.

    Ukraine continues to be a sovereign nation, with a democracy which is far more developed than Putinism.

    The only country that is tormenting its neighbors is rasha – with trade wars, gas wars, immigration sanctions, and all sorts of sovok propaganda.

    Lay off the alcohol.

  33. Elmer
    You are annoyed and angry because you understand that your point of view is a false!

  34. Wow, now “I am Russian” is bringing out the big arguments!
    Truly a pathetic attempt even by your low standards “I am Baboon”
    Once again you prove Elmers points for him.

  35. As long as I have been paying attention, Russia cuts off the flow of natuaral gas to Europe in the winter. If these feeble power grabs, and opportunistic manufactured humanitarian disasters continue, Russia will have no one left to patronize.

    Once Europe realizes that Russia does not consider their best interest when making these decisions, they will look elswhere.

    What will Russia do then?

  36. I am Russian, this ones for you.

  37. “That fact show unfreedom of western media.” Umm, ahh, do you have examples?

    I can find you cases of treason, outside the scope of the free press. None of which have been persued.

    You give me one example, I’ll give you five. If you even have one.

  38. I’m still waiting. If you can find two examples anywhere, I will find my ten in the New York Times alone.

    I will continue to wait…

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