EDITORIAL: Mr. Osyak Goes to Moscow


Mr. Osyak Goes to Moscow

Russia is such an amazingly messed up place that sometimes even we, who are prepared to believe just about any extreme nonsense where this nightmare of a country is concerned, see something in print, even in the quality press, that we find difficult to swallow.

Such was the case when we opened our virtual copy of the Chicago Tribune last Wednesday and learned about the amazing Mr. Ivan Osyak. 

A Russian Orthodox priest in the southern city of Rostov, Osyak and his wife Nadezheda have 17 children.  13 of them, along with their parents, recently made a trip to the Moscow Kremlin where they were handed a medal denominated the “Order of Paternal Glory” and a bouquet of flowers from Russian “president” Dima Medvedev.

With a plummeting population that is predicted to drop by one -third to below 100 million within the next half-century, the Kremlin has decided to respond by ignoring the actual problem, Russia’s horrific mortality rate, and bribing parents to have babies in the hope of staunching the population flow.  Hence, Medvedev also handed Mr. Osyak a check for the astounding sum of . . . wait for it . . . $1,600.

Yes, you read that right.  It’s $94.11 per child.  Is Russia really so impoverished that this pittance seems like a windfall to its downtrodden masses?

You bet it is.  The Tribune reports, that the Osyaks live in squalor —  sharing a cramped three-bedroom cottage with 15 of their children.

Yes, you read that right.  That’s 5 kids per room, one of which holds the two parents as well.  Even if each room has two pairs of bunk beds, virtually unknown in Russia (except in prisons, of course), one kid is still hanging from the ceiling.

It’s hardly surprising, then, to read the Tribune‘s blunt conclusion on Putin’s population policy:  “There’s a flaw in the strategy—it’s not working.”

Things like an “order of paternal glory” were supposed to be relics of the Soviet past.  But then, so were KGB rulers like Yuri Andropov, and so was the national anthem of the USSR.  Yet, Russia is ruled by a proud KGB spy, plays the Soviet national anthem when it wins medals at the Olympics, and it has gone back to the laughable practice of trying to inspire Russians through the awarding of ridiculous medals proclaiming “glory” while embodying only shame.

If a couple doesn’t want to have a baby, then learn they can get cash by having one and decide to do so, this may not necessarily make for a happy family or a vibrant society.  Given that Russia leads the world in divorce and that the average Russian man doesn’t live to see his 60th year, it’s in fact an obvious recipe for disaster even if it did solve the population crisis.

But it can’t do that, because Russia’s population crisis isn’t born of a low birthrate, if you will pardon the pun.  It’s born of an obscenely dangerous society, where all manner of plagues from smoking to house fires lays waste to the civilian population while the government does its level best to kill of the rest with equally dangerous military service.  And the Kremlin isn’t prepared to lift a finger to do anything about that, just as the Soviet regime was not.

Russia is pressing ahead, just as the USSR always did, with plans to expand its military power and provoke cold war. It has no trouble finding money for that, but for Mr. Osyak it can only dig up $94.11 a head for his gigantic family, and he stays in his pathetic little shack packed in like sardines.  As the Kremlin’s financial cupboard gets barer, what will be to prevent the KGB thugs who rule the country from concluding, just as Stalin did, that it’s too expensive to bribe parents to have kids, much cheaper to simply order them to do so at gunpoint, on pain of Gulag?

That is the story of Russia, the one that will be written on the nation’s tombstone.

26 responses to “EDITORIAL: Mr. Osyak Goes to Moscow

  1. “That is the story of Russia, the one that will be written on the nation’s tombstone”.

    Nuts to you! Russia will be alive more than you suppose!


    If we suppose a week and it lasts two, will you be pleased?

  2. Our trouble which are mentioned by you are not unique. Great Russians organism will solve them. I am sure that Russia will be exist more than “western world ” because Russia had got victory over its enemy in all situation during all existing (Chazarsky Kaganat, Zolotaya orda, Poland, Germany, Turkish). All of them considered themselv more progressive than Russia. Now Chazarsky Kaganat, Zolotaya orda did not exist. Poland, Germany, Turkish were got left by Russia. US and Co will be not an exception to the rule!

  3. The Western World existed during all this time too, and it’s still there–in fact, when the ‘Western World’ started, after the fall of the Roman Empire, the Slavic tribes hadn’t even split up yet, so there were no Russians.

    Also, why simply say ‘it still exists’? Cancer still exists, and it doesn’t follow that cancer is a good thing. If Russia is following a bad path, then it’s bad that it still does, not good.

    Did the Golden Horde (your Золотая орда), the Khazar Khanate, Poland and Turkey consider themselves ‘more progressive’ than Russia? Not that I know. What I remember is Moscow thinking it is the ‘Third Rome’. I think it’s mostly Russians who think Russia is not progressive, or who feel offended by this–look at Peter the Great.

  4. There is an abundance of two elements in the universe, hydrogen and stupidity. Russia seems to have an abundance of the latter.

  5. Russia is a cancer, and so is “I am Russian”

  6. For asehpe

    Russia is not a cancer, Russia is are Great civilisation which have origin of Slavic tribes (according to your mention) and Turkic tribes and Finno-Ugric tribes. So Russia are very multy racial country. Otherwise Russia is a multicultural country which absorbed better achievements of the world, including of the Byzantine Empire ( e.g. orthodox religious doctrine) . So Russia is the ‘Third Rome’ indeed. Most of our people are patriotic and support completely Putin because they understand, that enemies want to destroy their Motherland.

  7. “I am Baboon” try reading real history.
    Western Europe has existed for far longer than Russia, and due to their flexibility, adaptability, and strength, the USA and other democracies will exist long after Russia has collapsed under its own corrupted mass.
    In addition, nations like Georgia existed thousand of yeas before Russia, and due to their embrace of democracy and reform, they will outlast you. The Georgians have survived the Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Mongol, Turkish, & Persian empires. They will outlast the Russian barbarians too.

  8. Russia is NOT a “multicultural country”, it is an empire. When your subject peoples, for example the Ukrainians, Georgians, Finns, Chechens, Ingush, Dagesh, Tartars, etc decide they don’t like the way you treat them, the typical Russian reaction is genocide. Hell, you even abuse your own soldiers so badly they will do anything to get out of the army, even defect.
    As for “great civilisation”, I see nothing great about Russia’s historical record, for example the murder of more than 68,000,000 civillians in peacetime.

  9. 1) USA IS NOT a democracy;
    2) Georgia is not a civilisation, but only pity country;
    3) Russia is not a pity country, but Russia is a GREAT CIVILISATION which have more achievements then other countries in the worlds. One of them – Russia has not allow USA to extend its “democracy and freedom” all over the world. In 20 century USA was stopped by Russia and now many really free country (e.g. China, Kuba, Vietnam, Livia etc.) thank my country for it! Thanks to Russia millions lives in worldwide were saved!


    (1) Yes it is, and whether it is or not has nothing to do with Russia.

    (2) Compared to Georgia, Russia isn’t any kind of country at all, but just a barbaric tribe of failed criminals.

    (3) Russia is beyond pity. Now, the whole world laughs at Russia, which stands totally alone, without any major nation as a friend.

    Russia has destroyed itself three times in one century. Now, Russians are working hard on fourth and final destructions.

    Where is the Tsar? Where is the Politburo? Where is Yeltsin? They sit and wait for Putin.

  10. Good grief, Russia & China between them murdered 148,000,000 people in death camps (68,000,000 of them in Russian gulags) from 1917 to 2000. Russia is not a civilisation, it is a gangster state and a blot on humanity.
    It is interesting how the vietnamese “thanked” Russia by evicting its “advisors” in the 1970’s.
    Libya has recently spurned Russia and turned to the US and EU for support, the list goes on.
    I am Russian, you are proof that Russia is a barbarian state.

  11. Finnish defense ministry published today a paper about a future of Russia (nothing strange there, Finland has been invadet by Russia every century since the birth of Novgorod.) The paper stated that Russia’s muslim minority will become a majority by 2050. Russian are dying fast, but in muslim populated parts birthrate is much higher, and men have much better life expectancy. The paper estimates that by 2015 majority of army recruits will be muslims.

    In 1991 there were app. 300 mosques in Russia, today app. 8000. There were no schools for muslim children back in 91, today there are 60. Russia also joined Organization of the Islamic Conference as an observer member in 2005.

    Any comments?

  12. _Anton
    “In 1991 there were app. 300 mosques in Russia, today app. 8000” It is not bad because in 1991 there were approximately 700 ortodox church, today more than 20000! Russian population did not decrease. There are more people in Russia then official reports says. Russia is the most interesting for immigration in the world. Tens millions citizens of near abroad countries (especially Ukrainians, Armenians, Uzbekistans, Tadjikistans, Kirgizias) have escaped from our country to Russia in 1990-2009. These people have changed our names, fornames, religions and nations, they have becames Russians voluntary! It is Russian soft power and so way Russian people have developped during all existing.
    About different reports. Russian enemies predicted Russian destroied during all Russia existing . Most of them are destroed now. But Russia is alive and prosperous.


    Sir, you are an abject moron. Prosperous? Russians work for $4/hour and don’t live to see age 60. Was Germany destroyed? We thought it was reunited — while the USSR no longer exists. Russia loses 1 million from the population every year and will lose 1/3 of its population within the next 50 years. Germans never dreamed of such a victory!

    Your breathtaking ignorance is a perfect illustration of why Russia is a doomed society.

  13. asehpe, I want to point out one thing to you about russian dude. You corrected his “Chazarsky Kaganat” to be “Khazar Khanate”. You think you corrected his spelling error, right? Given his numerous errors, you can be forgiven for that (one thing that I am not going to ridicule, is his spelling errors. While the guy is delusional idiot, he is trying hard to learn English, and one day he may realize that people in all third-world countries should learn English… but I digress).

    So, “Chazarsky Kaganat” is just one example of those damned joos that throughout the centuries tried to enslave proud Russians. Khanate just doesn’t have this “joos want to rule the world” subliminal message! Don’t ruin it for the dude!

  14. USSR are destroyed only “de jure”, but “de facto” USSR still exists! I do not know that is good or bad, because I patriot of Russia no USSR.it is true.
    Our demografic problems is not a catasrofa. Many country have a similar problems (e.g. democr. Ukraina have more demogrefic problem but this country unlike Russia have not tens millions immigrants)!

  15. I am Russian, for starters, I suspect you are some kid at a keyboard here in the USA having a good time trolling for outrage. Your ESL seems too inconsistent to be real. But, whatever, you need better, more sophisticated, canned talking points if you are going to keep our interest.

  16. I’m Russian too. But I don’t defend what is happening. I push back against it, admit her failures and fight for a better day. I am Russian and I love Russia which means I do not accept Putin, his policies, the corruption or any of it. If you love Russia, then you must acknowledge the darkness of our government and fight against it. Offense to honesty will get you no where fast.

    Mr. “I am Russian.” You are a very uneducated fool. You are the problem with my country! Pure ignorance and lack of a formal education outside of Russian propaganda! And Mr. “I am Russian” you are also a racist fool. Blame your failures on immigrants and you will only die a slow death on your rancid vodka!

  17. Felix

    “one day he may realize that people in all third-world countries should learn English… but I digress” – I realize that people of all the world shall learn English, German, Russian, Chinese and as much other languages as possible! This statements is relate to each group of country only (both first-world,…… or third-world ).
    I know also that people must learn history. “Chazarsky Kaganat” existed at the dawn of Russian civilization.

  18. God bless you Tatiana, may you and those who struggle alongside you have the victory and finally bring freedom to your country.

  19. For “I am Russian” see here for the crimes of the system you support:


    Wherever you are from, you are an uneducated simpleton “I am Russian”

  20. Tatiana
    I am not a rasist I like immigrants. citizens of former USSR and They are Russians de facto. The most of them became russians during 1-2 year!

  21. As for Russia’s real attitiude to immigrants.
    Well the Russians are not known for being the most racist people on earth for nothing.
    Just like their current immigration system which is seen as pandering to widespread racism.


    The Russian government constantly portrays immigrants, especially those from former CIS states, as being responsible for all of Russia’s ills such as crime etc. The fact is that the overwhelming majority of Russian crime is comitted by Russians.

  22. Andrew

    Quote: from former CIS states

    It is not true because CIS is not a former quite the contrary CIS is alive and recent summit in Moskow confirms it!

  23. Reading through the comments, I have only one question. Is ‘I am Russian’ even literate?

    To me it looks like he’s banging his head on the keyboard.

  24. Former Soviet states, my mistake. Regardless, Russians are still racist.

  25. Andrew

    Yes it is your mistake. Reardless, You are a nasty bigot.

  26. No, I am Russian, you are the bigot.

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