The Sunday Sacrilege: Praying to the KGB

On Tuesday, the Russian Orthodox Church chose Metropolitan Kirill as its new pope.  The Times of London reported just before the church was made:

The Russian Orthodox Church will choose [on January 27th] between three alleged former KGB agents as its next spiritual leader.

More than 700 priests, monks and lay representatives will decide who should become the new Patriarch in the first Church election since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

The contest at Christ the Saviour Cathedral in Moscow pits the favourite, Metropolitan Kirill of Smolensk and Kaliningrad, against two rivals who also rose through the heirarchy at a time when the Church was under strict Communist control.

Metropolitan Kliment of Kaluga and Borovsk, 59, is in charge of economic affairs, and Metropolitan Filaret of Minsk and Slutsk, 73, is head of the Church in Belarus. The winner of the contest, which could last until Thursday, will be the 16th Patriarch of a Church with 165 million believers.

8 responses to “The Sunday Sacrilege: Praying to the KGB

  1. Considering the tight links between the Orthodox church and the Russian state, cooperation with the KGB during Communist times and even thereafter for a while was unavoidable. If they hadn’t cooperated, they would simply have been replaced by others who would. The sad truth is that, unlike the Catholic church in the West, the Orthodox church never had a chance of an independent life.

  2. Asehpe, The RUSSIAN orthodox church inside Russia collaborated, but others, such as the Ukrainian, Georgian, Romanian Orthodox churches bitterly resisted the Communists.
    In Georgia, the Georgian Orthodox church is completely independant, and frequently criticises both the government and the opposition.

  3. I remember going into churches in Ukraine during the sovok union. One saw fervent believers trying to worship – along with sovok tour guides, who treated the place as if it was a museum, and loudly conducted their tours, especially in the Ukrainian Catholic churches, which somehow, miraculously, survived.

  4. As said in Russian The Orthodox chirch is a bunch of Prastitutki. The are a bunch of sell out prostitutes.

  5. Well, unfortunatly, the sad truth about the whole soviet-era, is that their agents and those many clergy subservient to them, controlled ALL Orthodox-church administrations, in every Orthodox country under their control. But, yes, this control was tighter in some, as in Russia, and looser/more lenient…as under Tito, it varied. In Romania, it was very all-encompassing. In Georgia, the Patriarh-Catholocos Ilia, was put there in his head post by the commies, and he is still there, a soviet-hangover. But, sure, now today, Ilia does indeed play a new role, one fitting to his freer situation. But folks, under communist rule, in every nation which they held sway over, whether Orthodox, Catholic, or Protestant, or Moslem,…they infiltrated and controlled religions, originally to eventually liquidate them, but later, to control them and USE them to keep the masses under their submission. Sure, SOME in all those churches DID resist the commies, but they were few in number, and many died in prison…unnoticed by the west. The Czech communists were among the worst, in their persecution/control of religion. The Stalin-created ‘Moscow Patriarchy’…has been since 1943, a totally enslaved/KGB run outfit, …and it still is, even now, in ‘Orthodox Christian’-Vladimir Putin’s mythical ‘Free-Russia’. But, yes, now…Georgia is indeed truly a more free westernised country, that is true.
    Reader Daniel

  6. Elmer -i love you

    sovok union

    In its derogatory form is used to denote those who have not completely liberated themselves from the totalitarian mindset.
    Vasya is a total sovok. I went to the Driver’s Licence Office and had to wait for three hours – it was a total sovok!

  7. Calling Met. Kyrill, the new “POPE” makes me laugh. It is funny because it is true. Prophetic. Met. Kyrill wants to unite the ROC with the Roman Catholics. This will help destroy Orthodoxy and help prepare for the One World Church of Antichrist.
    (‘Pope’ is a term that is usually only used by Roman Catholics. Orthodox say ‘Patriarch.’)

  8. Joanna, the Orthodox claim to be the one true religion – so do the Catholics. The Baptists think that everyone else is going to hell.

    I’m not sure where you’re getting the idea that Kyrill wants to unite the Russian Orthodox Church with the Roman Catholics.

    Heck, Russia didn’t even allow the Pope to visit.

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