February 1, 2009 — Contents


(1)  EDITORIAL:  A Primer from the Professor

(2)  On the Trail of the Markelov Assassins

(3)  The Sunday Sacrilege:  Praying to the KGB

(4)  Russia Soldier Defects in Ossetia

(5)  The End of Russia?

(6)  The Sunday Skater

NOTE:  We’d like to make mention of the fact that the quality (and quantity) of commenting on this blog has been increasing at a steady rate, creating a whole new resource for readers.  We track the activity of readers when commenters post links, and we want to let the active commenters know that there is a good deal of such activity, clicking and reading the links you post, so these efforts are not going unnoticed.  We thank you for your valuable contributions to this blog if you have commented, especially if your comments have included links, and encourage you to continue your efforts in support of democracy in Russia.  We also encourage other readers to use services such as Digg, Stumbleupon and Reddit to favorite posts of interests so that even more readers can become informed about the situation in Russia.

2 responses to “February 1, 2009 — Contents

  1. LR, I’m sorry to send it this way, but it’s easier for me than email. May I suggest that perhaps this (the post in the link) would be a good post on LR.


    We’ll run your item along with your comments in our Wednesday issue.

  2. Thanks, much appreciated.

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