EDITORIAL: A Neo-Soviet Anschluss?


A Neo-Soviet Anschluss?

cartoonTwo very disturbing recent news reports point to a bizarre anschluss (the German word for “link up effort,” which is used to describe the unification between Austrian and German Nazis in the prelude to World War II) between various fringe groups in Germany and the neo-Soviet regime of Vladimir Putin.

First, writing on the Jamestown Foundation’s Eurasia Daily Monitor, the ever-brilliant Vladmir Socor describes an “open letter” to Barack Obama from German Minister of Foreign Affairs Frank-Walter Steinmeier which uses a “pathos-filled style echoing the globalist and pacifist yearnings of German Leftist circles” and seeking to bring Obama over to the cause. Socor notes that “Former Minister of Foreign Affairs Joschka Fischer of the Greens published an article in a similar spirit on January 11 in several German and other European newspapers.”  It advises Obama to trust and accept Russian “President” Dima Medvedev’s ideas about “new security architecture” in Europe and makes no mention of the threat posed by Russia to the present architecture.

Then, writing on Robert Amsterdam’s blog, hero journalist Grigori Pasko regales readers with a recent award Germans chose to bestow upon Vladmir Putin, a man who previously spied on their country for the USSR.

Pasko writes:

On 16 January, prime-minister of the RF Vladimir Putin in Dresden in a solemn atmosphere received the “Saxon order of gratitude” of the Dresden Semperoper in the nomination of a “Politician”. The order represents a figure of Saint George mounted on a horse, striking with a lance a dragon personifying evil. It is fabricated in the Dresden jewellers’ workshop as a precise copy of one of the most precious masterpieces of the “Grüne Gewölbe” museum – a statuette of Saint George – against the background of a panel with the motto “Adverso Flumine” (“Against the flow”). In the number of former laureates of this order – actor Maximilian Schell, footballer Franz Beckenbauer and ex-minister of foreign affairs of Germany Hans-Dietrich Genscher.

Officially it was announced that they had conferred the cute little order on Putin for his supposedly existing merits with respect to the return of the so-called “trophy art” to Dresden. I am confident that few among the Dresdenites will be able to recall what specifically this Putin did in relation to this. The question begs itself: could it be that Vladimir Vladimirovich himself through his German friends had organized yet more PR for himself? After all, everybody knows that television is what made Putin, and now he, like some hard-core drug addict, can’t go anywhere without it.

And let’s not forget the ongoing venal activities of former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, who basically sold himself to the Kremlin for use as a propaganda weapon.

All told,  this is some sick, sick stuff — we probably don’t need to point out the obvious fact that the last thing the West needs right now is trouble from the Germans,  nor do we need to remind anyone that it’s not necessarily coming from mainstream Germans.  On the other hand, there was a time when Hitler wasn’t mainstream, either. 

The people of Germany need to get their act together.  They have much to atone for, and they can begin to do so be assuming a leadership role in standing up to the threat of neo-Soviet Russia.  The German Chancellor had made important steps in that regard, for instance flying to the side of the besieged president of Georgia and lobbying Russia on his behalf.  But Germans could be much more vocal in supporting the American defensive missle system in Eastern Europe, and they should be giving far more support than they are to Russia’s embattled human rights community.  Germans cannot afford to have it said that they did less than they could have to resist the creation fo a new GULAG archipelago in Russia.

We call upon the people of Germany to answer the challenge put to them by this gaggle of freaks and weirdos within their own society by providing at least the same level of support to those in Russia who support democracy and oppose the neo-Soviet rule of Putin’s KGB clan.

14 responses to “EDITORIAL: A Neo-Soviet Anschluss?

  1. As a Russian, who has been living in Germany for over 7 years now, I feel really disappointed at watching the KGB employee ordered for alleged merits nobody has ever heard of. Thanks to Putin and his gang, I feel ashamed of speaking Russian in public, although there are myriads of the Russian-speaking living here
    And it is incredible that the Germany which claims to have repented of its Nazi past, directliy or inderectly contributes to, and fuels up, the existence of the present-day criminal regime of Putin and Medvedev, which amounts to violating the verdict of the Nürnberg trial.
    The world community should support the enslaved people of the Moscow-dominated republics and help them get rid of the dictatorship

  2. Linking up with Europe’s foreign policy of appeasement and grovelling to the Russians is going to be a fatal mistake for Obama and a big win for Putin. What scares me is that one of the left’s issue here with Bush was that he hadn’t acquiesced enough to the Russians to win Europe’s support admiration.

    Paul Goble’s excellent and insightful blog took note of this proposed Russian strategy in subduing west:

    Russia should present the US with “an ideological challenge,” by forming “a new international with the most educated groups in the West.” Such an approach, Pronin says, would allow Russia to “repeat the success of the USSR which was able to ideologically split the West and find for itself numerous allies” within the latter.
    “In the 1940s and 1950s,” the Moscow analyst continues, “a significant part of the most respectable Western intelligentsia held leftist views and openly sympathized with the USSR, and English aristocrats worked for Soviet intelligence services on the basis of their convictions in this regard.”

    Today, he says, Russia needs to find “allies interested in itself within America” and to “form a pro-Russian lobby, a circle of influential people who respect and support Russia and who will exert an ever greater pressure on the political establishment of the United States” on behalf of Moscow.
    In Soviet times, Moscow allied itself with the West’s “outsiders.” But now, Pronin suggests, Russia must take advantage of the opportunity it has to “form a union wit5h the most educated part of Western society, the scientific and artistic avant garde of America” and thus to promote “a reformation of the United States.”
    That won’t be accomplished simply by media programs directed at Western and especially American audiences, Pronin says. It will occur only if the Russian Federation can transform itself into a center of innovation where scholars can share ideas on how to “humanize” globalization and satisfy the very real but currently unsatisfied spiritual strivings of Western intellectuals.

    We can all see where this is going. and they’ve been successful if you read the swarm of pro-Putin appeasers that follow articles critical of him in the Guardian and other papers. It’s disgusting the level of moral bankruptcy that has occured in the west.

    Are Obama and the Democrats, so many who are blatantly socialists, stupid enough to fall for this? I’m not holding my breath.

    Sarkozy and the Germans are snakes. They have never been and aren’t our friends. Trust me, they are hoping that Obama is a wimp, it’s in their best interests. The greater fools are all of the liberals here that are glad to see America, the only Good Cop left standing, weakened. They are too naive to realize it will effect them eventually. Thugs and terrorists will fill the vacuum.

  3. Btw Asutria:


    Still thinking it was not important?


    We never said it was not important you ape we devoted an editorial to it. Please don’t litter up our posts with irrelevant comments, this should have been put on the post to which it pertains.

  4. MG, the Germans are hypocrites. They are among the worst of present day anti-Semitics and are anti-American at core, so much for their overcoming their Nazi past. They failed to maintain any moral authority when they traded human rights for Putin’s gas. Gerhard Schröder is a disgusting pig. They’ve got their own East German sovok brained sheeple to deal with plus a younger generation with typically muddled socialist thinking.

    The world community is a very splintered and ineffectual entity. The UN is useless and as corrupt as Putin. No neighboring African state will rid Zimbabwe of Mugabe. The bottomline is that Russians need to engage themselves in that reality versus their present hubris and the distraction of accumulating western stuff, get off of their knees for once and reclaim their country. Sadly, it is past the point that lives won’t be lost doing it.

    Thanks to socialism in the EU individual freedoms are diminishing there too as the elite un-elected bureaucrats in Brussels rule the masses. Ireland’s NO vote was met with cynicism by France and Germany with a plan to ignore it. Europeans are hardly in a position anymore to be lecturing Putin on the principles of democracy.

    We are living is an age of uncertainty and muddled thinking. I’ll repeat again that those that are glad that America is diminished financially and hoping that Obama will be in the European model of liberal “enlightenment” might be very sorry that that wish comes true.

    I’ll take a Ronald Reagan anyday.

  5. Penny, I admire your posts, but on this one, I have to wonder whether you are painting with a brush too broad as far as the Germans are concerned. Granted, Schroder has sold out to the rooskies – and he is a pig.

    But all of the Germans?

    Funny little story – my nephew recently took a trip abroad, and ran into some Germans. The discussion eventually turned to health care.

    The Germans expressed the following dismay and surprise: “why would the US want government health care? Mein Gott, we have tried it, and it doesn’t work!”

    For what it’s worth.

  6. i am an ethnic German and i can tell you,that 90% of the german population has anti-russian moods.There is no possibility for pro-russian leftist groups to come to power again. Schröder and his clique are destroyed. Long live the chechen rebels,the greatest freedom fighters on earth!!! Long live the german-american friednship.Russia will collapse in 2009,this vampire-empire will die soon


    Good news! Thanks!

  7. Sascha, what’s german public opinion on Nord Stream? Does the german public really mean that this project is mutually beneficial for both Europe and Russia? How loud are critical voices to Nord Stream? Why do you allow this kind of corruption? The ugly truth about Russian subsea pipeline projects, said by an russian analyst: http://www.eegas.com/export_plans_en.htm
    And there are strong environmental arguments against Nord stream, too : http://www.balticsea.lt/en

  8. Elmer, that is also the response of Brits that I have met. When you ask them about their health care system, they complain.

  9. There will be no pipeline,because russia has neither enough money nor enough gas in the current Putin-crisis,which actually develops in the Vampire-Empire with full speed. Every day http://www.kavkazcenter.com reports in reference to russian citizens about the crisis,which is hidden by the state media.


  10. “We are living is an age of uncertainty and muddled thinking.”

    How well said dear Penny, how well said.

  11. As i can see, oddly everyone is confessing their ethnic backgrounds on this article’s comment section. Well, as a Scottish/French Canadian I have very pessimistic outlook on Germany and its political choices. I hope Sascha’s optimistic outlook will trample mine, (not to mention his admirable support for the Chechen freedom fighters), however, Merkel who had enormous opportunity (when Russian invaded Georgia or gas crisis in Ukraine) to change the German foreign policy from the Vichy kind of collaborationism to some degree of respect to human rights and commitments to democracy, she has single- handedly diverted the country further into Schoiderian path. I can only say that Mr Shevardnadze might have made a grave mistake by uniting two Germany’s and withdrawing Soviet troops from Berlin. Germans would have felt the Russian boot closer to their throat and hence their politics might have been more progressive.

  12. elmer, I’m not painting every German with the same brush, but, I’ll stand by what I said about far too many of them. It’s really about time that the Europeans take responsibilty for and pay for their own defense. They’ve lived off of the largesse of American taxpayers footing the bill for NATO for decades. It’s really time that it ends.

    Sascha, don’t count on Russians dumping the Putin regime this year. He has an 83% approval rating as of a poll there today:


    Even taking into account that it may skewed in his favor, he’s still the only game in town. He’s only going to be replaced by another thug cut from the same cloth with a better scripted tv persona.

  13. 83%??? Only naive idiots believe in such a russian propaganda.Russia will collapse in 2009 in more than 100 small independant states,you will see it

  14. sascha,

    “83%??? Only naive idiots believe in such a russian propaganda.Russia will collapse in 2009 in more than 100 small independant states,you will see it”

    As the Arabs say it, Insha’allah :)

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