One Photo is Worth a Thousand Putin Screams


If we told you that one of these two men is Gazprom chief executive Alexei Miller, and the other is the head of Ukraine’s gas company Naftogaz, Oleh Dubyna, and told you they were watching officials exchange documents at the Gazprom headquarters in Moscow on Tuesday after the “gas war” between their two countries ended, you’d know instantly which man represented the winning country, woudn’t you?  That would of course be the smiling man on the left — namely Mr. Dubyna.  Photo from the Moscow Times. Another Putin scheme goes down in flames. Nice scowl there, Alexei.

13 responses to “One Photo is Worth a Thousand Putin Screams

  1. I just wish he had kept the very Hitler-esque mustache.

  2. Miller is just wondering when the Dubina (this name is translated into Russian as “a club” or “a blockhead”) will forget everything he signed. As to the smiles – he laughts best who laughs last (and who shoots first


    You’re such a ridiculous fool, like this blog’s jester. Russia has been saying it will “laugh last” for hundreds of years, and each time it’s only the world that is left ROTF as Russia destroys itself time and again.

  3. Yeah, when i saw the picture i also couldn`t do anything but laugh. It should be picture of the year or something! Millerbastard is NOT very satisfied!

  4. In the process of “destroying itself time and again”, Russia somehow managed to become the largest country in the world. And you’re right that Russia exists for “hundreds of years” – for more than a millenium, in fact. I’m afraid the U.S. of A. won’t last that long.


    Everyone knows Siberia will be easily taken by China, which is outbreading Russia in the region on the order of 1,000 to one. Russia holds a great deal of territory it can’t protect and that nobody wants because is is a frozen wasteland. Tsaris Russia was obliterated and replaced by the USSR which lasted only a little while before being obliterated and replaced by Putin’s Russia, which won’t last even half as long as the USSR. Losing 1 million or so from the population every year, Russians will soon simply become extinct, and then where will Russia be?

    Russians work for $4/hour and the men don’t live to see age 60. Is that success by your standards? The country has no civilized allies and is being destroyed moment by moment, and you are rationalizing that destruction, thereby helping to continue it. Why do you hate Russians so ferociously? What did they ever do to you?

  5. Check this out:

    Miller is watching sourly as Dubina won’t let him copy at the exam. LOL

  6. Eugene, why does land mass matter? It has nothing to do with the quality of life for citizens. It’s a no brainer that quality of life is a whole lot better in tiny Ireland than Russia by every metric.

    Due to the Russia’s declining demographics and the economic/social mismanagment of its citizens, Russia’s far east has a good chance of reverting to China eventually.

    I know it’s hard for your thick Sovok brain to grasp but Russia’s future isn’t looking too bright and it’s because of so many Sovok brained Russians that think like you and can’t ensure a decent society for themselves.

    I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for the US to break up. I would worry though about how many skulls Putin will fracture holding on to power at all costs. Of course, that’s if you disapprove of his methods.

  7. Well, the picture that Erikki posted is very telling indeed.

    But if you also check the background of that picture, you will also see Tymoshenko and Putin.

    Am I reading too much into it, or is Tymoshenko slightly smiling, and Putin puckering up his butt cheeks and looking mighty tense and worried?

  8. I think you’re thinking about Kievan Rus’ when you say Russia has existed for a millenium — but that was Ukraine, not Russia. I’m afraid modern Russia starts with Muscovy in the 14th century, which makes Russia “only” 700 years old.

    And I must agree with the others–land mass is all neat when you’re playing Monopoly or War!, but in the real world, it’s the people who live there that make the difference. Or else Antarctica would be quite a country, don’t you think?

  9. Russia [became] the largest country in the world

    That’s by area, right? Well, if Russia can increase its population growth, it can catch up with Nigeria and Bangladesh in population. That will make Eugene really proud! But even now the difference is quite small. So, we can say that Russia, Nigeria, and Bangladesh are counter balance to U.S. of A. in this new multi-polar world!

    Yes, Eugene – nobody can argue with you!

  10. Eugene, hah. I was teaching English in Korea some 8 years ago, and met some Russians at the university I was working for. One of them, a mostly-nice middle aged woman whose name escapes me, one evening told me in all seriousness that America would fall apart in 50 years or less “because of the race problems” and Russia and China would rule the world. If I had a dollar for everytime some Russian with a chip on their shoulder complained about America or predicted its demise, I’d be very comfortable. There’s really nothing like America for concentrating 600 years of inferiority complexes in the narod.

  11. Adrian, I agree.
    The Russians are a relatively new state, with a HUGE inferiority complex. They consider people like the Georgians, who were building cities and trading with the greeks & middle east hundereds of years BC, invented winemaking, and were the bulkwark of Christianity in the east 1000 years before “Russia” came into existance, as barbarians. Needless to say, the Russians only need to look in the mirror to find the real barbarians.

  12. Sorry to say, but Mr. Dubyna is now recovering from a heart surgery:


    That’s interesting, a British reporter had problems with his heart just after accusing the Kremlin of murdering Alexander Litvinenko.

    Seems all people who criticize the Kremlin need a not only a bodyguard but a doctor at their side.

  13. this is a great picture which tells a lot.

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