The Sunday Art Show


Care to guess who painted this?

Hint:  Josef Stalin also wrote romantic poetry.

3 responses to “The Sunday Art Show

  1. “Hint: Josef Stalin also wrote romantic poetry.”

    Was it any good? I suppose that if it was even not too bad it would be read evey day by TV anchors. It must have really stunk. Speaking of which, isn’t the whole childlike-primative style a bit over done. I mean if it were an interesting subject then fine but it is just a window showing weather as cold as the artist’s heart.

  2. I think Hitler was a better artist. Imagine how different the world would have been if an art critic had taking a liking to Hitlers paintings.

  3. I think the “childlike-primative style” was the point. My understanding was that the theme was some story by a Russian author. Am I right? Also, did anyone see a picture of Valentina Matvienko’s painting? It would be interesting to see if it was any better than this one.

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