January 16, 2008 — Contents


(1)  Another Original LR Translation:  Milov on the Gas War

(2)  EDITORIAL:  More Pathetic Lies from Vladimir Frolov

(3)  EDITORIAL:  The Perils of Putinomics

(4)  Russia:  Land of the Slaves, Home of the Craven

(5)  Military Spending is no Solution for Putin’s Russia

(6)  Kasparov on Russian Mayhem in the Middle East

NOTE:  All hail the mighty commenter! We’ve just published our 13,000th comment on this blog, and to mark the occasion note that one of our favorite bloggers, The Streetwise  Professor, recently put up a post about Ukraine that was inspired by a comment from our beloved regular and prolific commenter “Elmer.”  Nice work, Elmer!  Commenters often play a larger role in producing blog content than some realize, as witness our recent editorial on suicide in Russia, also inspired by a comment.

2 responses to “January 16, 2008 — Contents

  1. Thanks, LR! And congratulations to a great blog!

  2. Yes congrats. I’m impressed by the work that’s put in to writing so many editorials. Kudos and keep it up.

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