Russia Shows the World how . . . to Commit Serial Murder

RIA Novosti reports:

Serial killers have committed over 500 murders in Russia in the last three years, the head of Russia’s top investigative body said on Sunday.

“Russia registered over 500 serial murders in the past three years. Investigators solved 132 murders in 11 serial killer cases in 2007-2008,” Alexander Bastyrkin said in an interview published on the Prosecutor General’s Investigation Committee website.

He said these crimes posed a particularly serious threat to society because of their deliberate and inhumane nature.

In the most notorious recent case, Alexander Pichushkin, 33, nicknamed the ‘chessboard killer’ for his habit of marking off his victims on the squares of a chessboard, was convicted in 2007 of 48 murders.

Bastyrkin said that Investigation Committee was joining efforts with other federal law enforcement agencies to develop preventive measures to deal with serial killers in Russia.

4 responses to “Russia Shows the World how . . . to Commit Serial Murder

  1. Tower Bolshevik

    I wonder who taught Russia to commit serial murders?

    Charles Manson & The Manson Family
    John Wayne Gacy-The Killer Clown
    Jeffrey Dahmer-The Milwaukee Cannibal
    Gary Ridgway-The Green River Killer
    David Berkowitz-The Son of Sam
    Ted Bundy
    Henry Lee Lucas
    Donald Harvey
    Earle Leonard Nelson-The Gorilla Killer
    Edward Theodore Gein-The Graveyard Ghoul
    Donald Henry Gaskins-Lethal Pee Wee
    Albert DeSalvo-The Boston Strangler
    The Zodiac Killer
    Richard Ramirez-The Night Stalker (my personal favorite)

    …and the list goes on.

    America has the highest rate of serial murders than any other country. South Africa being number 2. If you’re going to blame all of Russia for their serial murderers, it might not hurt to note who the teacher was.


    Why do you think Russia learned anything from American about serial killers, you moron? Has it learned anything about democracy?

    What makes you think Russian faults are OK as long as America has them too? Do you actually WANT Russians to suffer? All through the Soviet era Russians justified their faults by referring to American faults. They failed to reform, and the USSR ceased to exist.

    Your “comments” are childish and ignorant, totally barren of research or actual facts, an embarrassment to Russia and this blog. For your own good, shut your stupid mouth you ignoramus.

  2. Tower Bolshevik

    Another thing, should you have any doubt please check wikipedia’s list of serial killers by country.

    Compare the number of serial killers in Russia to the number of serial killers in the USA. Russia’s number is but a fraction of America’s. Also note the list of unidentified serial killers at the bottom, almost all of them in the USA. America has beaten Russia by a large margin in showing the world how to commit serial murders.

  3. Actually the US has the highest number of ARRESTED CRIMINAL serial killers.
    In states like Russia, the serial killers get jobs working for the KGB/FSB, and are protected by the government.

  4. For La Russophobe:

    I didn’t expect you to post that last one for it was more to you personally. I never said Russian serial killers are ok (I’m still mystified as to what drew you to that conclusion). My point was simple: You claim Russia is showing the world how to commit serial murders soley on the grounds that one was just convicted, but I showed you otherwise. I showed you that America has already done that (hence the list I made). Some of those were worst than Andrei Chikatilo and Aleksandr Pichushkin put together. But anyway, now America has evolved to school shootings (something else its shown the world). Go figure.

    For Andrew:

    Do you have any evidence to support such a baseless and blunt accusation? As I’ve already refered to, check out the UNIDENTIFIED SERIAL KILLERS list. America has the largest number of serial killers AT LARGE as well. Just like school shootings or serial murderers, I understand some truths about America are hard for you to face. But please provide evidence next time.

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