Another Barbaric Race Murder in Putin’s Russia

Tang Quoc Binh, the latest victim of Russian barbarism

Tang Quoc Binh, the latest victim of Russian barbarism

Voice of Vietnam reports:

Tang Quoc Binh, a 21-year-old Vietnamese student, was fatally stabbed by a group of strangers near a metro station in Moscow on January 9 when he was going home.  Binh was taken to a local hospital for treatment, but he died the next day due to serious wounds. The gangsters were said to have run away after stabbing Binh.  The Vietnamese Embassy is coordinating with the local administration and the Vietnamese community in Russia to take care of Binh’s funeral and trace the murderers. Born in the northern province of Hai Duong in 1988, the first-year student was studying at the State University of Management (GUU) in Moscow.

3 responses to “Another Barbaric Race Murder in Putin’s Russia

  1. This is not the first time Vietnamese students are killed in Rusia. I hope this is the last time to read this news. Vietnamese Embassy should take their efforts to protect Vietnamese ppl who live in oversea.

    La Russophobe responds:

    Vietnamese are not alone in being victimized by racist violence, many other races a nationalities are also victims. All their countries should be cooperating for mutual protection. Read more about race violence in Russia by clicking the “racism” category at the bottom of this post or in our sidebar and in LR publisher Kim Zigfeld’s piece at American Thinker:

  2. and now Russians are taking their violence abroad – skistar Alberto Tomba has received a beating from a Russian tourist (link in German):


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