Dear La Russophobe (Letters to the Editor)

Letters, we get letters, we get lots of cards and letters ever day!

Dear La Russophobe,

I noticed Kim Zigfeld’s comment on an RFE/RL article on Robert Coalson’s new blog concerning the illusion of Putin’s popularity. It kind of reminds me of an incident in which I found myself in Scotland back in ’03. I was managing a performing arts venue (where I hosted a Belarusian theatre company performing proudly in their own language!!!), and it was my job to close up the place for the night. Just as I was at the last stage, locking the gate, I saw an abusive man shoving his clearly beleaguered girlfriend into a wrought-iron fence surrounding our venue.

I ran up to them and grabbed him by the shoulder and told him that there were better ways of dealing with a lady. Imagine my shock when she tearfully told me that everything was alright and I should go on my way. I walked away and he went right back to his abuse. Seeing enough, I wrapped the chain from the gate around my fist and told him to get the hell away from there. But again, she was the one who responded, saying “I’m so sorry, I’m sorry, we’ll go on”.

I think of the lies he must have been forcing down her throat day in and day out: “You never had it so good as with me… I’m the only one who will do anything for you… etc.” Just substitute the Russian people for the girlfriend and Putin for the boyfriend, and you’ve got a pretty accurate picture of modern Russia – Not that I need to tell you that. I just think how bad it will get as the Russian economy collapses, the sweets and trinkets dry up, and the regime’s only means of holding on to its “love” are intimidation and violence.

З Новым Годам (Belarusian, with the “Г” pronounced like an “H”)

Sincerely Yours,


* * *

Note:  Showing how our web pages stay in play long after they are written, on January 4th we received the following comment on our post from April 2006 about defects in the Russian education system.

Dear La Russophobe:

I read La Russophobe almost everyday but don’t find the need to comment when the articles are comment enough. I believe there are many that follow the same course. My congrats on the many reviews and eye-openers. I live in Russia as an American and witness many of thes things first-hand. Many things are hidden from the general populace but the awakening is coming.

Sincerely yours,

In Country Vlad

* * *

NOTE:  Here’s a letter (unedited) responding to Kim Zigfeld’s recent letter to the editor of the Washington Post newspaper which is typical of the mountain of sheer gibberish we’ve received from frenzied Russophiles humiliated to have been exposed in their torrent of lies about Georgia. Note well the writer’s feverish effort to change the subject, the typical tactic of the neo-Soviet propagandist.

Dear La Russophobe,

(I ask a pardon for my bad English!) I have read through your clause and there was a desire to express the indignation of that antiRussian propagation and lie by which your clause is impregnated! The arrogance and hypocrisy will ruin UK and America ! I lived 10 years in Israel (at me the Israeli citi z enship) and as thousand left for Israel in 1991 – in 1998 I have returned to Russia , to Moscow ! Last ten years I live in Moscow . I having visited many countries, would tell so: Russia – NEW, Russia -HAS changed, and the USA and UK- have remained in 80th years!” Cold war ” and propagation against Russia NEVER came to an end and it is the fact, many clever people in Israel and all over the world understand it! As soon as Russia became weak in 90 – America, UK and the West as a whole at once have started to use this weakness in the purposes: to expand NATO, to finance the footmen Yuschenko, Saakashvili, to create military bases in the Europe and in Asia, to conduct the antiRussian propagation in all directions! America always considered strong Russia and considers as threat of the hegemony, to the sovereignty! I, as well as many my Israeli friends we consider, that America has made a historical mistake when in 90 has started to support drunkard Yeltsin and to help it to plunder Russia when has started to cover thieves and gangsters who plundered Russian people, to use weakness of Russia, to finance tyrants in Georgia and Ukraine, naming their democrats! America in the future will very dearly pay for this mistake, since for 95 % of Russians today, America is an enemy! Putin is the most westerni z ed politician from possible for today in Russia , but to vegetables of cold war, such as Bush it to not understand, they live still a policy 80! In Russia all people considers, that on expansion of NATO it is necessary to return bases to Cuba , necessary to build new nuclear rockets, the ships, to distribute the Russian-Chinese influence by the same ways as it is done by America ! Why it “is possible” for America , and Russia , or still someone “IS impossible” for China , Iran , Canada ??? Really you think, what writing down every year all the new and new countries in ” an axis of a harm ” America remains the influential country? America harms to Russia in economy where can, for example, agitates to build oil pipelines and gas mains around of Russia … And as you look at if China or Russia will finance and will change a mode in Mexico (which has come to power very doubtful by!) also will start with Mexico to sell oil ” around of America “? The world has changed! If America and UK wants, that with it respected – IT SHOULD RESPECT with OTHERS, Including Russia!

Sincerely yours,

Ljuba Putilova

14 responses to “Dear La Russophobe (Letters to the Editor)

  1. Reading the first letter makes you sad for Russia. The second letter only confirms what we know of Russian apologists- Russia needs respect. For what? If they want respect, they can give it.

  2. For Anonymous
    I apologise for my Bad English. But I did not understood where you catched a likeness between call girl on the one hand and Russian people on the other hand. I can invent many insulting comparing about you any country or any people.

  3. Ljuba Putilova
    Thank you for island of truth among ocean of outrageous lie!

  4. I am Russian, your English isn’t at all bad, but, then you know that as well as I do. Your constant unnecessary reference to your “bad” English isn’t necessary so you can drop the pretense of being misunderstood. You’ve misrepresented yourself as a lawyer, well educated and representative of that class of professional Russians, but, then slung a lot of stupid comments earlier that a fifth grader could pick apart which is incongruous with the identity you’ve chosen. My question is, what’s your game besides the attention you get from trolling?

  5. In Country Vlad

    For I am a Russian:
    I would suggest improve your English as not to take offence. There was no mention ir inference of “call” girl in the post you refer too. Don’t assume everything is as terrible as you think it is at first glance. Comprhension of the bigger picture is what is needed.

  6. “I am baboon” makes a fool of himself as usual.
    Where in the 1st letter did it say “call girl”?
    It was about a domestic dispute you MORON!
    As usual you show your “highly educated” STUPIDITY.
    Time to dry off the front of your pants again “yellow leg”

  7. For Andrew and In Country Vlad.
    Girl who goes on to night with and after that sends away her protector for being with violator is a call girl ( i.e. prostitute) or just idiot! But I do not understand what this matter refer to Russian people.

  8. For Penny.
    “Besides from trolling” I have a very hard work as a litigation laywer (in tax- disputes area). But now there are a new years holliday in RUSSIA.

  9. Ah, “I am Baboon” shows his intelectual genius again!!
    Considering he comes from the world capital of abuse against women & children his truly disgusting attitude to violence against women should not really be that surprising.
    It is a sad fact that many (or even most) women abused by a partner are too afraid to accept help because the result of doing so is so often being murdered by said abusive partner or spouse.
    One of the very sad things about Russian culture (aside from all the other sad things such as racisim, murder, ethnic cleansing etc etc etc) is that the majority of Russian women suffer abuse at the hands of those who should be protecting them, Russian men, and the attitudes of people like “I am Russian wife abuser” only propagate Russia’s ongoing violence against the most vulnerable in it’s society.
    His obvious hatred of women is shown by his classification of the victim of a violent assualt as a prostitute or idiot.
    However, it shows the world the ugly nature of the Russian psyche (or should that be psycho?)

  10. Andrew
    I repeat. Girl who goes on to the night with violator and after that sends away her protector for being with violator is a call girl ( i.e. prostitute) or just idiot! But I do not understand what this matter refer to Russian people.
    I was not rude fellow, because it is sensible summary, but you outrage my Russia without facts!

  11. “I am misogynist Russian baboon” as usual has been damned out of his own mouth.

    Though I must admit that the Russian people have prostituted themselves for Putin.

  12. Andrew
    My people just do not wish to be ravished by US and other “democracy”! We do not wish a result which had millions black slaves, millions American Indians, many and many former colonies of Europa in the World, many and many modern colonies of US in the World (Irak, Iran, Jugoslavia, Ukraina, Kosovo)!

  13. US slavery stopped a long time ago.
    As opposed to Russian enslavement of hundereds of millions of people, european, caucasian, arab, central asian, and east asian, which continues to this day.

    Better US democracy than Russian tyrrany.

  14. hi, i am german and i grew up under brutal russian tyranny in the former GDR. Russia will collapse in 2009,the end of this bloody and rotten Vampire-Empire is near!

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