EDITORIAL: Russia’s Madmen


Russia’s Madmen

It grows more and more possible to believe that the men who govern Russia are actually, medically, insane.

We reported last week on a high-ranking official in the diplomatic corps — an educator, yet — who argues that America is just about to collapse, breaking up into a number of smaller, weaker regional states.  Russia of course, in his view, is doing just fine.

That idea is crazy enough on its own, but it gets worse — because the Kremlin is not only paranoid, it’s schizophrenic in its paranoia.

To illustrate, refer to the ravings of the commander of Russia’s Strategic Rocket Force, Col. Gen. Nikolai Solovtsov which we report in full in today’s issue. As the Washington Times states:  “In a stream of press releases and appearances the general described what he called ‘the U.S. concept of an uncontested nuclear first strike’ to destroy all Russian strategic missiles and prevent a counterstrike. ”

Breathtaking, isn’t it? And not just because of the stupidity and ignorance of the individual stories. Indeed, not even mostly because of that.

No, the worst thing is the hypocrisy and the inconsistency.

Get this:  One moment America is a feeble and helpless imploding basket case, the next a potent and dangerous strategic enemy planning on world domination through nuclear terror.

Are Russians really so mentally deranged that they can’t see the inconsistency between these two positions?  Even a child could understand that you can’t have your cake and eat it too.  Either American is doomed or it is doom. It can’t be both.

But Russians seem to be as untroubled by the laws of logic as they are by criminal laws (Russia is ranked as one of the most fundamentally corrupt societies on the planet).

And then there’s the hypocrisy.

Russia is buzzing American targets with nuclear bombers, sending nuclear warships to Venezuela and Cuba, testing new submarine-launched ballistic missiles in the White Sea, announcing a whole host of new ICBMs in development, and carrying on universal military conscription. America is doing none of those things, yet Russia attempts to paint America as militaristic!

Russia has collapsed at least twice, more like four times, in the last century alone.  For two centuries, America has maintained one constitution — despite a civil war and two global holocausts — transitioning between rival parties over and over again while maintaining rock-solid stability.  Yet Russia attempts to depict the U.S. as being on the verge of disintegration!

There are no words to describe this type of behavior, which would be of great concern even if it were coming from wayward teenagers.  But it isn’t, it’s coming from the very most elite corridors of power in Russia, coming from those who control the nation’s destiny.

That’s terrifying. Russia is governed by madmen — and what’s worse is that our own brand of Western madmen are ignoring this peril, just as they ignored the peril of the madmen who carried out the Bolshevik revolution.

5 responses to “EDITORIAL: Russia’s Madmen

  1. That’s just the old good Soviet propaganda back in action. In old days it was the same. It is mainly for domestic use. Brainwashing. Has nothing to do with reason and common sense.

  2. … though, that does no necessarily mean, that they do not themselves believe in what they say.

    A mindset. A schizophrenic world you construct yourself and then find yourself unable to escape it, especially if you do not want to.

    Basically, nearly everything what George Kennan once told still holds very much true:

  3. The Peter P. sailing to the Americas was more laughable than threatening, imho. Sending a creaky old Cold War missile cruiser to serenade Raul Castro and Hugo Chavez projects more desperation than it heralds domination.

    However, the nuclear posturing is serious. In a sense, Solovtsov is right: Russia’s nuclear forces are old and vulnerable – in theory at least – to a first strike. However, the genuine danger to Russia, of a crazed US president deciding to risk launching a pre-emptive strike for some reason, is beyond minimal and is dwarfed by the danger to the world of Russia launching a nuclear attack because of misidentifcation and/or a malfunctioning early warning system. This of course has already brought us to the brink of nuclear war at least once, with Yeltsin opening the nuclear football in 1995 and not even bothering to call Clinton.

    If Russia didn’t treasure its capacity to destroy the world several times over as the sole remaining proof of its status as a velikaya derzhava, it would reduce its strategic nuclear forces to a level where it could afford to keep them safe and well-maintained. And while Russia is of necessity (slowly) retiring its huge stockpile of obsolete Cold War warheads, its nuclear ambitions are still driven by gaudy fantasies of national power and might rather than rational considerations of self defence. Consequently, it will remain a danger both to itself and the world.

  4. Adrian, not to be ignored either is Russia’s divisive games playing using the Arab world where they are major arms sellers and very supportive of Iran’s nuclear ambitions. And they ask themselves why they are again hated in the west.

    Fortunately if oil prices stay down Putin’s foreign adventures can’t be funded anymore. His buddy Chavez has a better chance of being swept away when his oil money runs out. The last round of elections showed a big crack in his armour. The most populated provinces went over to the opposition. I’m betting Putin will be a survivor though. Russians don’t even have provincial elections anymore. They’ve allowed every useful civil tool to be taken away from themselves.

    Obama would be wise to ignore Russia and let the global recession put them back in their box. The EU would be wise to use this opportunity to break their energy dependence on Russia. Germany cleaning up its act would be the first step.

  5. When I read this article I think that every coin has both sides. The article sounds to be an example of rude pro-american propaganda. It brings forward some facts forgetting about the other facts that are connected to the topic. For example: you say about new russian submarines that are being built right now and state that “America is doing none of those things”. Could you be so kind to find the information about the number of ships in the fleets of USA and Russia? Why dont you say Russia has 10 times less ships than USA have? What the reason for blaming Russia for it wants to have sufficient number of ships? You want to put us to our box… well… we want to put USA to their box. I think USA have no rights to start war anywhere outside their borders. Have the USA found any mass-killing weapon in Iraq ? No. But the country was ruined, the president was hang up (they say he is blamed for killing about 200 Kurds), about one million people were killed by american troops. And USA enjoys the access to the “cheap” oil. USA are coming into New Great Depression and only new World War can help them. Just as it helped USA in 1930′ Great Depression. Just think how many dollars USA created and sent in the world. What is the value of the dollar if we take all the property in USA (including private property) and divide it to the number of the issued dollars that are now all around the world? It is just a question of time for Russia, Emirates, Iran and so on to start selling the gas , oil and metals for local currency and not for dollars. Dollars have to return to USA. That is why USA are trying to create wars in our side of the Earth. It helps dollar to stay more or less firm. Iraq, Afghanistan, Serbia – all this was made to create news factor for downpressing other currencies. New crisis demands more severe actions, USA need WW3 rd . And I think we all see its beginning. It is started by Israel. Thank God if I’m mistaken.

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