January 4, 2009 — Contents


(1)  EDITORIAL:  Russia with 30/30 Vision

(2)  Annals of Russian “Patriotism”

(3)  The Sunday Book Review: USSR Stole H-bomb

(4)  Translation:  The End of Television

(5)  Americans & Russians Study Cold War Together

2 responses to “January 4, 2009 — Contents

  1. An interesting aside. It seems that even Russians are now referring to Russia as neo-Soviet. One columnist from Gazeta.ru has an interesting formulation: “Soviet with a market visage” (СССР с рыночным лицом) [Note: I translated the expression using visage instead of face as it was more appropriate. A visage implies appearance as opposed to substance.]

    The full quote from the column that explores the similarities between the social forces that lead up to the collapse of the Soviet Union and the social pressures that are now building up. In 2008, the symbol was the imports on the imports of foreign used cars in the late 80s the shortage of sugar:

    Не настаиваю на том, что белым ядом для «СССР с рыночным лицом» станут праворульные иномарки. Это, скорее всего, будет что-то еще более нелепое и не обязательно в 2009 году. Но в 2009 году шансы выше, хотя и на голодный желудок, что не радует. Но, раз уж это неизбежно, экономический кризис хотя бы немного увеличит число людей, готовых спрашивать, куда и почему девался сахар. В определенный момент и они поймут: не в благосостоянии дело, а в том, что они готовы на него менять и что закономерно получили в итоге.

    Source: http://gazeta.ru/column/butrin/2915553.shtml


    Brilliant as usual!

  2. “This is the only possible result of playing footsie with the KGB”. Someone may think that only friends of KGB suffer losses now.


    You mean to say that Russia has oligarchs who are NOT friends of the KGB? Do tell! Please name one!

    And you seem to be admitting that Putin’s failed policies are victimizing many people who are not oligarchs but innocent victims of his incompetence. Indeed so! Many Russians voted against Putin or voted not at all, and they are now being wiped out right along with the rest.

    Your statements become more idiotic and ignorant as they go along. Certainly proof that you are, indeed, Russian.

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