EDITORIAL: Another Russian Patriot off to Siberia


Another Russian Patriot off to Siberia

Vitaly Efremov, Russian Patriot

Vitaly Efremov, Russian Patriot

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.  Fyodor Dostoevsky.  Alexander Pushkin.

It would be hard to think of three greater Russian patriots, wouldn’t it?

So naturally, the people of Russian handled them as follows: Pushkin was killed, Dostoevsky was put up against wall facing a firing squad and almost killed, and Solzhenitsyn was deported.

Meanwhile Josef Stalin, one of the greatest mass-murderers of Russians in their history, was given total power as a dictator and is lionized to this day.

Doesn’t quite make sense, does it?   Except in the sense that it perfectly explains why the average Russian man works for $4/hour and doesn’t live to see his sixtieth year.

And if you think this kind of behavior ended when the USSR collapsed because of it, you’d best think again.  Vladimir Putin, a proud KGB spy, currently rules Russia at the behest of the Russian people, and then there’s the case of Lieutenant Vitaly Efremov.

On May 3, 2008 Efremov posted a homemade rap video patterned on Eminem on the Russian version of YouTube.  Amazingly, it’s still there to this very day, and you don’t need to speak Russian to appreciate it.  It’s been viewed almost 100,000 times and has collected nearly 100 comments.

Entitled “A Letter to the Minister of Defense,” the video chronicles in horrifying detail the abusive day-to-day conditions under which ordinary Russian soldiers spend their pathetic lives after being drafted into the neo-Soviet army.  It doesn’t even begin to touch upon the very worst aspects of such “service,” which include the barbaric “dedovshchina” hazing ritual that has permanently scarred so many young Russians and led countless victims to commit suicide.

The Kremlin’s response? Five months later it transferred him to a post in Siberia, where his ridiculously small monthly pay prevents him from traveling back to his home in St. Petersburg to visit his family when on leave.

The move was sadly predictable, given the way the Kremlin has treated dissidents from Oleg Kozlovsky to Mikhail Khodorkovsky.  But that doesn’t make it any less barbaric.  The Kremlin is telling soldiers, and the world, that it has much to hide, that it won’t even allow soldiers to use humor or satire as a way of dealing with the appallingly crude conditions under which they live.  The Kremlin is saying it will create an isolated world of ignorance and no accountability, where policymakers do as they like free from consequences and unware of mistakes. The Kremlin is saying it will condemn Russia to a neo-Soviet future even more bleak than the disasters the country has just passed through.

Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin continues to pretend to be a “strong” leader.  In fact, he’s childishly weak and pathetic, unable to tolerate criticism or even jokes about his leadership, exactly the same phenomenon that characterized the USSR.  And how could it be otherwise? Putin is a proud relic of the Soviet era.

Read more in Russian here and here.

6 responses to “EDITORIAL: Another Russian Patriot off to Siberia

  1. correction: Pushkin was killed in a duel by a righteous husband. Not the first duel he ever fought a duel because of sleeping around with other men’s wives, either.

    Another thing people keep forgetting about Pushkin is that he was black… His grandfather was a kind of a “pet negro general” for Peter I and later governed the province called Estland that was won from Sweden in the Great Northern War. So Pushkin was 1/4 black which I personally find rather funny: why is it that one is never half-white but always half-black?


    Correction, you’ve been suckered by the Kremlin’s propaganda. Most knowledgeable people agree that the duel was a set-up, a way for the monarch to kill Pushkin without catching the blame for it.

  2. The clip is excellent – I don’t understand the language, but the overall message was clear – the soldier felt the hopelessness of a position of a young man who has to serve pointless military duty.

    BTW note the dirty bathroom in the barracs, how bad it looks, etc etc – I think that is the true Russia.

  3. sorry, great-grandfather and 1/8th respectively: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abram_Petrovich_Gannibal

  4. The Glorious Red Army is about to be sued by an organisation of Russian mothers for leaving the Troops occupying the Georgian region of Samurchubalo (renamed by Lenin to South Ossetia) to starve & freeze. See here http://www.rferl.org/content/Russian_Soldiers_in_South_Ossetia_Living_In_Horrendous_Conditions/1362912.html

    How great is the all conquering blah, blah, blah.
    Little bastards deserve it mind you.

  5. Since when do most Russians work for $4 an hour? I think you’ve got Russia confused with some third world country.

    And if you say Russia IS a third world country, I’d laugh at your pathetic knowledge of what third world means.


    Listen you idiot, if you are not going to take the trouble to actually read this blog and become familiar with its subject, then please don’t comment on it. If you continue, we’ll simply delete your gibberish. If you think you know what the actual wage is in Russia, why don’t you cite a link that establishes it?

    The average monthly wage for four full-time work weeks in Russia in 2007 was less than $600, which works out to less than $4 per hour. The minimum wage for an hour’s work as prescribed by law is far less than that.


    You’re such a pathetically ignorant and illiterate imbecile that by defending Russia you give it a bad name. Please shut up.

  6. “And if you say Russia IS a third world country, I’d laugh at your pathetic knowledge of what third world means.”

    As someone who as a lot of friends in Russia they don’t find it funny, actually. Russia is a third world country, one that exports natural materials (oil, gas, gold, etc), and imports consumer goods, know-how (read the story of GPS development in Russia for a good example of some Kevin in Russian government trying to convince his higher-ups that Russia is not a third-world country).

    Keep laughing, dear. The rest of the world will laugh at you.

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