December 31, 2008 — Contents


(1)  EDITORIAL:  Russia’s Nuclear Shell Game

(2)  EDITORIAL:  Russia, What kind of Country?

(3)  EDITORIAL:  Another Russian Patriot off to Siberia

(4)  The Day of the Russian Jackals

(5)  Novokuznetsk on the Ropes

NOTE:  La Russophobe wishes all her contributors and readers a happy and prosperous new year, hopefully one that in Russia will bring less Vladimir Putin, less KGB and more democratic civilization to Russia. Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

5 responses to “December 31, 2008 — Contents

  1. Stalin was voted the third most popular Russian:

    MOSCOW (Reuters) – Soviet dictator Josef Stalin was voted Russia’s third most popular historical figure in a nationwide poll that ended on Sunday, despite the famine and purges that marked his rule.

    The “Name of Russia” contest run by Rossiya state television channel over more than six months closed on Sunday night with a final vote via the Internet and mobile phones. It drew more than 50 million votes in a nation of 143 million.

  2. 2 penny

    I hope you do not believe the fist place person, a 13th century prince Alexander Nevsky, to be a much better charachter. Even being very much fictitious.


    If you have some dirt to dish, please do so. We plan an editorial on this topic for Friday.

  3. Nevsky was responsible for defeating the Teutonic nights, but what the Russians fail to remember is that he was a collaborator with the Mongols, and quite happily supported their depradations against his own people in return for them giving him power.
    How Russian of him.

  4. Some people love to be dominated..

    Look Russia’s economy is more diversified than Gas (Schroeder’s favorite thing to suck from Putin) and minerals:


    Please don’t impersonate. If you do it again, you will be banned.

  5. Actually I think Schroeder likes to suck something else of Putins……..

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