December 24, 2008 — Contents


(1)  Another Original LR Translation: Illarionov on the Crisis

(2)  EDITORIAL:  Oil’s not Well in Putin’s Russia

(3)  EDITORIAL:  Dead Soul

(4)  EDITORIAL:  Road Rage in Putin’s Russia

(5)  Russia Still #1 — in Corrupt Business Practice

NOTE:  Our Christmas present to readers, and Vladimir Putin, is a wealth of original content today, beginning with an original translation by Dave Essel of the latest sensational economic analysis of Putin’s Russia by Andrei Illarionov.

NOTE:  Oleg Kozlovsky blogs about the Kremlin’s efforts to repress the Solidarity movement, including bombarding their opening meeting with sheep carcases, waylaying their transportation and crashing their cell phones.  He also notes that a prominent Western democracy group has endorsed Solidarity.

NOTE:  All of us at La Russophobe wish you and yours a joyous and healthy holiday season.  Merry Christmas! In honor of the holiday, we will not publish again until Sunday December 28th.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

4 responses to “December 24, 2008 — Contents

  1. Happy Holidays! Just a few words about a disturbing news report I just heard. In Covina, California earlier today, Christmas Day, Stanta went crazy and shot three people dead and then committed suicide at a Christmas party. Now every little thing that happens in Russia from government corruption to a drunken brawl at a Moscow nightclub, the russophobes take any opportunity to bash Russia. But America is the only place in the world that Santa Claus could go on a shooting rampage, that the Easter Bunny could become John Wayne Gacy, that Cupid could become a crazed sniper and shoot up a Valentine’s Day party, or the tooth fairy could become a suicide bomber. As bad as Russia maybe, I have yet to hear about an incident where Misha the Bear picks up an AK-47 and shoots a bunch of pre-school kids.

    Hope you enjoy your day with your families. Happy Holidays!

  2. Covina, California. Santa rampage claimed 8 lives including that of an 8-year old girl whom he shot in the face. Read the article for all the latest details. Before you continue bashing Russia for every single petty crime that occurs as if the USA is so pure, keep in mind that an American Santa Claus went on a rampage that left 8 people dead.,0,6505439.story?track=rss

  3. I have yet to hear about an incident where Misha the Bear picks up an AK-47 and shoots a bunch of pre-school kids.
    And why is that? Not that it doesn’t happen in Russia. In fact, the level of murders in Russia per capita isseveral times higher than in US.

    It also isn’t that you can’t read about gruesome murders. Unlike the Soviet Union, you can read about them in few independent Russian publications. For example, 6 young women were killed point blank in what is believed to be honor killing.

    Yet our dear Tower Bolshevik is yet to hear about. Indeed, why? Maybe it’s the question that his psychiatrist needs to answer in private and not the general public…

  4. Of course, due to their being retarded half-wits, the Russians celebrate Christmas 13 days late.

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