EDITORIAL: The Russophile Rats Protest too Much


The Russophile Rats Protest too Much

Roman Dobrokhotov

The Defiant One: Roman Dobrokhotov

The hotter things get in Vladimir Putin’s economic kitchen, the skeevier and more loathsome will be the insects and rodents that are released upon the world attempting to distract its attention from all that failure, and the more desperate will be their tactics. On Wednesday we dealt with the crazed ravings of nationalist shill Anna Matveeva, on Friday we exposed an actual KGB mole infiltrating Western media, and today we can hardly say we are shocked to see one Vladimir Frolov, oftexposed on this blog for the Russophile rat that he is, taking the lead role in this frenetic scurrying.

LR founder and publisher Kim Zigfeld’s latest installment on the mighty Pajamas Media mother blog tells the story of Roman Dobrokhotov, who heckled “president” Dmitri Medvedev’s crazy pontifications about the Russian Constitution. If you want to appreciate the significance of Dobrokhotov’s move, just listen to hardcore Kremlin apologist Frolov, who devoted his Moscow Times column to the issue.

Frolov wrote:

When a young heckler named Roman Dobrokhotov disrupted President Dmitry Medvedev’s speech at the gathering of the Association of Russian Jurists on Friday, he apparently thought his act would go down in history as a display of civil heroism rivaling the historic protest against the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia by six young people on Red Square in August 1968.

The difference is huge. When Larisa Bogoraz and her friends staged their quiet protest on Red Square, they knew they were going straight to the gulag, where they might perish. Some of them did. That is why their act was so important, shaking the moral foundations of the Soviet system.

But Dobrokhotov knew he was risking no more than a chat with the local police chief, as Medvedev himself and celebrity lawyer Anatoly Kucherena from the Public Chamber rushed to his defense. Dobrokhotov got his 15 minutes of fame, but at the same time, he exposed how detached those who call themselves the “opposition to the regime” are from the country’s real problems

Then Frolov starts talking about healthcare, suggesting that if Dobrokhotov isn’t working to cure cancer then he can’t be taken seriously.  These are depths to which the Kremlin oligarchy is prepared to stoop in order to keep their bony clutches on power.

Anna Politikovskaya didn’t write about healthcare, but she risked a great deal more than a chat when she wrote about Chechnya, and even she never dared to interrupt a presidential speech.  Oleg Kozlovsky didn’t write about healthcare, but that didn’t stop the Kremlin from shanghaing him into the army where he might have faced the brutal dedovshschina hazing ritual.  But apparently, until Dobrokhotov is actually killed, in the “mind” of a psychopath like Frolov the fact the he’s alive “proves” he’s perfectly safe.  This is neo-Soviet “thinking” at its most laughable — and terrifying.

You won’t find Frolov on the streets protesting against much of anything, of coruse, and you will find many of those who do in prison. Nobody can make light of a “chat” with the corrupt Russian police establishment except somebody like Frolov who’s never faced one.  At the very least, Dobrokhotov’s action will have serious negative reprecussions on his professional career. At worst, he could find himself in very serious trouble.

The real point, though, is this:  If what Dobrokhotov did really had no significance, then the Kremlin and its minions would have ignored it. They didn’t, because it did.

In the same way, some claim that the opposition activities of Garry Kasparov, such as his founding of the new opposition group “Solidarity,”  are meaningless and laughable, of no concern to the Kremlin. If that’s so, then how can the following report from the Moscow Times be explained?

Animal rights activists said Monday they would ask prosecutors to investigate an unsettling incident in which dead and wounded sheep were used in a smear campaign against the new liberal opposition movement Solidarity.

Delegates to Solidarity’s founding congress over the weekend said unidentified men in a bus Friday dumped around 20 dead and dying sheep dressed in Solidarity T-shirts onto the ground in front of the hotel where the congress was held in the northern suburb of Khimki.  “There were two people in the bus who were throwing them out,” said delegate Ella Polyakova, who witnessed the incident. “We started to yell at them, and they shouted back saying the same fate awaits us.”  A video of the incident being circulated in the Russian blogosphere shows an ailing, whimpering sheep lying on its side atop what appear to be sheep corpses.

In the video, which was filmed by youth opposition activist Oleg Kozlovsky, a delegate says he recognizes one of the men dumping the sheep as an activist from Young Guard, the official youth wing of United Russia, whose leader is Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

Would Putin’s minions really resort to barbarism this extreme if they didn’t fear Kasparov?

Of course not.  This frenzied behavior is the clear sign of desperation, weakness, and uncertainty.  The Kremlin does not know what to do, its scared, and so like the wild beast it is the Kremlin is lashing out blindly and whatever moves, heedless of how it may be perceived by the civilized world.

Now is the time for the opposition to make a stand, claim territory and fight for it. Now is the time for the West to stand behind the Russians who are bold enough to make these moves.

Now is the time.

2 responses to “EDITORIAL: The Russophile Rats Protest too Much

  1. Kim,

    Ouch. Can the person you’ve already tried and convicted as an “actual KGB mole” at least say a word in her own defense? Lira Tskhovrebova recently visited the Georgian embassy to petition President Saakashvili for redress of her own and the South Ossetian population’s grievances. She brought along a petition of support from more than 100 Georgian NGO members — who could not fairly be described as Russophile Rats. (Weren’t the Russophile Rats characters in The Rescuers?)

    You can see video of it here or here.


    You need to try to read a bit more carefully, dear. The problem with the lady is that she didn’t tell anyone about her connections to the KGB, and pretended to be something quite different. Why did she hide the truth? By doing so, she herself called her own credentials into question.

    How exactly does her protest against Saakashvili show that she’s not a KGB spy? You need to think a bit more. Perhaps you can find some evidence of her criticizing the Putin adminstration on some point. That would be the kind of evidence that would show she’s not in the Kremlin’s pocket.

    Don’t drink and post. Very dangerous.

  2. [Tshovrebova] brought along a petition of support from more than 100 Georgian NGO members…
    Which shows the stark difference between democratic Georgia and the thugs that rule South Osetia.
    Did Thskovrebova say a word in defense of Alan Parastaev who “admitted” on South Ossetian TV that he planned to murder dear leader Kokoity? How about deputy Batyr Puhaev who was beaten up by Kokoity thugs? Or Alan Chochiev?
    Did she demand the investigation of murders of Oleg Alborov and Bala Bestauty that Kokoity conveniently blamed on Georgians?

    These are the people who made human rights and peace-building their life’s work.

    NGO that works as an arm of repressive government is called GONGO. Veteran Russian dissident Sergei Kovalev explained to another GONGO why it is shameful and unacceptable for an honest person to be perceived as being part of one. Tskhovrebova, obviously, doesn’t have such reservations. Nor does she have any shame. No wonder that she doesn’t have any credibility, either.

    I apologize for excessive number of links. However, unlike those from “Ossetian Ministry of Truth”, they are not pointing to my PR campaign.

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