EDITORIAL: Once Again, the Worst of All Possible Worlds for Russia


Once Again, the Worst of All Possible Worlds for Russia

As it routinely does, the Moscow Kremlin has given the people of Russia the worst of all possible worlds last week.

First, Russia alienated the West by threatening to join OPEC, showing that Russia cannot be trusted as “reliable partner” of the West.  Then, Russia stabbed OPEC in the back, refusing to go along with supply cuts and other membership constraints that would force Russia to act like a member of a team, placing the team’s interests above its own.  The result was that OPEC’s supply cut fell utterly flat and the price of oil continued to plummet.  Meanwhile, last Wednesday the value of the Russian ruble fell to an all-time low against the euro currency.

So now, once again, everyone hates Russia, which has betrayed itself as a paper tiger making vacuous threats that have no real significance.

As Yulia Latynina has pointed out in her Moscow Times column, which we republish below, the Kremlin can’t even identify its true rivals.  Obsessed with America, Russia fails to realize that the true threat to its territory comes from China — a point we have been making here on this blog for years now.

If the people of Russia do not wise up soon and realize that their very worst enemies are in the Kremlin, their nation will go the way of Tsarist Russia and the USSR, into the ashcan of history.

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