EDITORIAL: Mr. Obama, How Dare you Stand Mute on Russian Racism?


Mr. Obama, How Dare you Stand Mute on Russian Racism?

If you were to simply peruse the news accounts of race violence in Russia during the last two weeks, they would read like pulp fiction — and the realization that they are nothing like fiction, but the cold, hard reality of daily life in the neo-Soviet dictatorship for hundreds of thousands of dark-skinned people, both visitors and residents, this realization would surely curdle your blood.

The silence of Barack Obama in the face of this outrage, just as certainly, would make your blood run cold.

On Sunday evening December 14th, an 18-year-old named Yerlan Aitymov was stabbed in the stomach by an unidentified assailant at the intersection of Ulitsa Butlerova and Ulitsa Akademika Volgina, near the Kaluzhskaya metro station in Moscow.  Aitymov was ethnically Kazakh and a first-year student at the Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas.

Two days earlier, the severed head of  Salekh Azizov, 20, from the city of Vidnoe, south of Moscow, was found in a Moscow dumpster.  Azizov was ethnically Tajik, and racist gangs were proudly bragging of their horrific deed soon after the discovery was made.

A week before that, African-American student Stanley Robinson, 18, of Providence, Rhode Island, was in grave but stable condition at Hospital No. 12 in the southern city of Volgograd after being stabbed by yet another pack of rabid racists.  He had to be evacuated to Finland when Russian physicians proved unable to deal with his horrific injuries.

The Moscow Bureau of Human Rights estimates there have been 110 xenophobic murders in Russia so far this year, compared to 74 last year. That’s an increase in race murder of 33% in one year, and amounts to one race murder every three days like clockwork, week in and week out, with the lion’s share of the killings occurring in Moscow — supposedly Russia’s most advanced and prosperous metropolis.  Nearly 400 others have been victimized by race-motivated violence without actually being killed.

Almost as disturbing as this river of blood is the horrifying silence of Russian civil society as the atrocity widens and deepens.  One could almost draw the conclusion that the population of Russia approves of these events, were it not for the fact that its government has so totally crushed the media establishment that one cannot be sure whether the population is even aware these barbarous acts are being carried out.

How is it possible that there is no prominent dark-skinned social activist demanding justice for these persecuted people? Is it because Russian society has sent the clear message that any such person would be instantly liquidated, that political action has not even the vaguest hope of resulting in anything like justice?

Even so-called “opposition” forces like those of Garry Kasparov do and say nothing about race violence.  Is this because they fear undercutting their already flimsy support by daring to reach out to dark-skinned Russians? Is Russian racism that pervasive?

You bet it is.

And where is Barack Obama?  How dare this man of color stand mute while his brothers and sisters are brutally cut down over and over again?  How can anyone believe Mr. Obama’s professed committment to racial justice when his silence speaks so loudly denouncing that committment?

We call upon President-Elect Obama to step out of the shadows of cowardice and speak out on behalf of the victims of Russia’s racist nightmare.  If he does not, history will condemn his presidency before it even begins.

16 responses to “EDITORIAL: Mr. Obama, How Dare you Stand Mute on Russian Racism?

  1. Obama’s rhetoric: I hope Russia will change. Racism is deplorable. Umm. I hope Russia can bring about the kind of change what we all can believe in. I hope Putin can bring the Hope back into the people. With change and hope we can get rid of racism. We can be the one we have been waiting for.

    (This type of silliness got him elected president of the US, why can’t it get rid of racism in Russia. HMMM?)

  2. I’ll cut Obama slack until he’s sworn into office, and then see. However, if he comes out of his first meeting with marionetka mitya medvedev and proclaims a “new direction” in dealings with Russia or something like that, I’ll gag. Someone needs to give him Edward Lucas’s book or translate Tregubova for him…

  3. I got your gag bag right here. Obama is already talking about how we need to work for the common good. Sounds like Soviet speak to me. In essence, Putin, Medvedev and Obama should get along fine due to the fact they speak the same language and desire one thing, power.

  4. Don’t worry, chaps! Obama’s advisor Zbig Brzezinski will tell him everything he always wanted to know about Russia but was afraid to ask… :)

  5. The Gray Communist Cheat doesn’t mind racism: anti-white racism got him elected.

  6. To add to the discussion, here is a post from my blog about lenient sentences to racist murderers.


  7. Sergey – excellent analysis! A gang of teenagers murdered 20, attempted to murder 12 more, filmed their atrocities – all for racist reasons (race in Russia, just like in Nazi Germany is defined differently from US). The gang leaders got 10 years in prison – 6 months per head.

    Two, including the gang camerawoman, were acquitted.

    In the meantime, the parliament is obsessed with expanding the definition of treason and disqualifying treason and espionage from jury trials. What justification will russophiles have for that?!

  8. Perhaps Kim doesn’t know that if she were to visit Moscow her chances of being raped by a dark-skinned person (most likely from Central Asia) would be at 70%, according to official statistics from the Interior Ministry.


    Are you suggesting, you illiterate baboon, that 70% of all female tourists to Russia are raped? Or is it even higher, because some white Slavic men also commit rapes?

    Perhaps you mean that if a rape of a tourist occurs, there is a 70% chance that a dark-skinned person will be the perpetrator?

    Or do you mean that 70% of all rapes in Russia are perpetrated by dark-skinned people?

    Or are you simply such a brainless fungus that you have no idea what you mean, and you simply want to kill all dark-skinned people?

    Meanwhile, one white Slavic man murders his wife every 40 minutes in Russia. Should we “solve” that problem by killing all the Slavic men?

    If you actually cared to read your own source material, you’d see that (a) the source is an anonymous report by the “Moscow police” and (b) the author himself states that the data is “unlikely” to be accurate. In other words, it’s pure and classic Russian gibberish.

    As are you.

  9. Despite his dewey-eyed popularism, I think Obama will be substantially better than Bush with regards to Russia for one reason: he is serious about reducing the US dependence on foreign oil and spending serious money on developing althernatives. A Kremlin desperate for innovation at home and investment from abroad to balance the budget won’t be able to stamp as hard on the tendrils of democracy or civil society in Russia without ushering in financial collapse. Which is not to say it won’t, but to note that, finally, the consequences will frame the transgression…

  10. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. It is amusing to say the least to see all these American patriots whining about racism in Russia, and hypocritical. These racists in Russia (like this AKM clown) were the types that the CIA and Yeltsin counted on as the thuggish members of Yeltsin’s “democrats”. They are clearly visible in any footage you see of the fake coup on Yeltsin’s barricades displaying pictures of the Czar, members of the neo-Nazi group “Pamyat”.

    In addition lets not forget Claude McKay, the first black man to go the Russia after the revolution was treated like an omen of good luck by the Russian masses, while called a n*gger in the “land of the free”. Or Paul Robeson who sent his son to Moscow to get an education because of America’s racist policies in the universities.

  11. “Even so-called “opposition” forces like those of Garry Kasparov do and say nothing about race violence.”

    Funny, because looking at those you russophobes endorse, the “Other Russia” coalition, I don’t see anything condemning racist attacks in Russia, or calling for an end to the rape of Chechnya. “Other Russia” is nothing more than a hotbed of anti-Putin Russian nationalists. Like the National-Bolshevik Party who thinks Putin’s not nationalist enough.

  12. For a start I, for one, am not American, and I also haven’t seen any pandering to Limonov on this site. But as for racism in Russia, let’s get real. When I was a foreign student at university in Moscow some 9 years ago, the Africans and Sri Lankans in my obsherzhitiye couldn’t make it from the campus to the frigging metro without being stopped by police. They were also advised by staff to be extremely careful if they were outside of campus ground after dark. Then of course, there was the fatal fire at Lumumba in 2003 that the police didn’t bother investigating – despite 40 foreign students being killed and strong evidence of arson. You’ve got a f*cking nerve calling it “hypocritical” to draw attention to this pervasive and state-sponsored form of fascism.


    You haven’t seen any pandering to Limonov because none has occurred. To the contarary, we despise him and have harshly criticized him and Garry Kasparov for associating with him. We’ve alsl roasted Kasparov on numerous other grounds, as well as other opposition figures, like Yavlinsky.

    However, as usual our critics are not overly interested in pesky little things like facts.

  13. Maybe some of you should also be so angry at South African racism against whites? Why is it you only see racism against blacks? White farmers get murdered in Africa all the time & no outcry?

    If you want racism to end call for an end to all racism not just Russian & stop calling like skinned people brothers we are all brothers no more or less just because of skin color.

  14. Jarnco5, what the hell does South Africa have to do with an article about racism *in Russia*, on a website *about Russia*?

    Other than allowing you to equivocate needlessly, it couldn’t have been a more irrelevant post.

    I’m positive Obama will get to deal with Russia’s uniquely ignorant brand of racism once he’s in office, and I can only wish him the best.

    (Incidentally, I can’t help but wonder if Condi Rice is such a hard-ass when it comes to Russia precisely because of Russian racism.)

  15. Why dont you talk about the racism that happens in Africa against the Caucasian race?

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