December 19, 2008 — Contents


(1)  EDITORIAL: On the Trail of Lira Tskhovrebova

(2)  The Putin Recession Begins to Bite

(3)  Lugovoi has an OJ Moment

(4) Annals of the Gontmakher Saga

NOTE:  It’s hard to imagine how any Russophobe could ask for more satisfying validation than they receive in our issue today.    A KGB spy is caught red-handed in the act of anti-Georgian propaganda (#1), Litvinenko’s killer has an embarrassing OJ moment (#3), and a Russian scholar valiantly condemns the Putin economy, flouting the Kremlin’s terror tactics (#4). We are winning ! The Putin fraud is being laid bare. The Neo-Soviet Emperor has no clothes! It feels good, does it not?

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