EDITORIAL: Ask Not for Whom the Bell Tolls, Mr. Obama


Ask Not for Whom the Bell Tolls, Mr. Obama

Barack Obama has not even taken the oath of office yet, and his administration is already mired in scandal.  The Democrat governor of his home state has been indicted by a federal prosecutor for trying to sell Obama’s Senate seat to the highest bidder, and while Obama has steadfastly denied any involvement in the tawdry proceedings, he’s stonewalled the investigation.

And now we know why:   Obama was lying.

The Chicago Tribune now reports that not only did Obama’s right-hand man Rahm Emanuel, who will serve as new President’s chief of staff, meet with Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich about filling Obama’s seat, but Emanuel proposed Obama’s left-hand woman, Valerie Jarrett, as the leading candidate for the spot.  Obama is part and parcel of the corrupt Illinois political machine, and the investigation of his fundraiser Anthony Rezko hangs over his head as well.

That’s not the end of the Democrat Party’s woes. Charles Rangel, the chairmen of the most crucial committee in the House of Representatives, Ways and Means, is now facing a congressional investigation for influence peddling and tax evasion.

These distractions are the last thing America’s Russia policy needs right now, but they are the entirely predictable result of electing a man with a murky past deeply embedded in the corrupt miasma of Chicago politics.   Mr. Obama must now find a way to prevent these events from derailing vital work to resist neo-Soviet oppression.

In his first post-election statement about Russia, Obama issued wonderfully tough and decisive words on the Georgia conflict, and we report today that his spokesman John Kerry followed them up emphatically while on the ground in Georgia last week.  We were very encouraged by those developments.

But they were only half a loaf.  As most recently seen the Kremlin’s barbaric attack on the human rights organization Memorial,  and it’s ruthless repression of the most recent peaceful Dissenter’s March, neo-Soviet Russia is not only a threat to its external neighbors but also to the Russian people themselves.  Why does Mr. Obama remain silent in the face of this outrage?  Why doesn’t he give reassurances to human rights activists in Russia that the United States will stand behind them in their brave struggle to turn back the clock on the Sovietization of Russia? Doesn’t Obama understand that Putin is now planning to return to power as a formalized “president for life” and that once he does so Obama’s options on defending civil society will be radically curtained?

We urge President-Elect Obama to seize the day, and realize the historic opportunity he has to beat back the forces of evil in Russia and write an entirely new history for both the people of that benighted country and the outside world as well.

3 responses to “EDITORIAL: Ask Not for Whom the Bell Tolls, Mr. Obama

  1. If you come from dirt, expect to be covered in some of it. Obama clearly came from one of the dirtiest political machines in the country. The Blago Scandal is not surprising. We are not talking about Wasalia, where the biggest scandal was Palin firing a state trooper for using a taser to discipline his kid. Oh My. Chicago employees former terrorists, even puts them on school boards to teach our kids, plus gives them tenure. Pay and healthcare for life. Yes, Russia may be backwards, but do we have alot of problems here.

  2. I doubt Obama is mired into any scandal since Blago clearly stated how the Obama camp would not play ball , during the taped conversation.

    He even cursed out Obama.

    The mistake Obama made is by not getting in front of this on the first day and put out any staff member who had contacted Blago.

    Remember , there’s nothing wrong about emmanuel calling blago and presenting him with a list….As long as they did not enter into any type of money-reward deal.

    If he had stated Emmnuel did contacted Blago to advize him on who could make a good senator , this stuff would had been over by now.

    Rasmussenreports.com and Gallup.com has Obama approval ratings very high , so it doesnt appear it is hurting him…But he needs to be better at managing those mini crisis.

    As far as Russia , dont expect Obama to take an ultra tough stance on the Kremlin.

    My hope is that he will use whatever power he has to keep gaz prices down…If he can do that , he wont need to deal with them..The Kremlin will eventually falter on their own.

  3. Oh no. “The One” (theotokos) could NEVER be embroiled in scandal!

    That’s a Clintonite trait… (as for his cabinate, 38 outta 40 ain’t bad!)

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