December 15, 2008 — Contents


(1)  EDITORIAL:  The Kremlin Panics

(2)  EDITORIAL: Bizarre, even by Russian Standards

(3)  Piontkovksy Speaks

(4)  Russia’s Coming Fascist-Racist Nightmare

(5)  Russia’s Incredible Shrinking Economy

NOTE:  A blogger surveys the role of Russians in American comic books. Check out especially “KGBeast.”

8 responses to “December 15, 2008 — Contents

  1. Hey how about some good news. Russia just won Miss World Pageant. And she doesn’t look at all like any of the tennis players you’ve had pics of. Thankfully!!! ;)


    Yes, what great news! It makes you forget all about the black American who got stabbed in Volgograd

    and the Tajik who got his head cut off in Moscow

    doesn’t it. Oops, maybe not.

    Isn’t Miss World the poor man’s Miss Universe, by the way?

  2. “Isn’t Miss World the poor man’s Miss Universe, by the way?”

    I don’t care about Miss competitions, but while Miss Earth will not be chalenged by Miss Moon or at least by Miss Orbital Space Station, this Miss Universe title wil be stupid, pointless and pretentious.


    By that same logic, if you looked into it you’d find Africa isn’t really part of “Miss World” and Asia even less so, nor are the many varying standards of female beauty that are practiced across the globe integral to the judging. So the names of both competitions are really rather stupid.

  3. Yeah, why don’t you look into it, ttc? You might even find that a Chinese girl won last year, and this year’s four runners-up included an Angolan girl, one from Trinidad and Tobago, a South African, and an Indian (who took second place). These countries are clearly located outside of Africa or Asia, and in fact, aren’t even part of our world. As such, the title “Miss World” is indeed rather stupid.


    You’d also find that only one east asian and only two africans have won the title in half a century. with well over 90% being white.

  4. Pointless, for sure. But let’s see how far the powers that be in the Kremlin push this one. You know how they went ga-ga over Russia’s Eurovision win. ‘ack!’

  5. Linked to Drudge this evening, too bad Russians won’t see this on their tv’s:

    “MOSCOW – Police thwarted a banned anti-Kremlin protest in central Moscow on Sunday, seizing dozens of demonstrators and shoving them into trucks.”

    “Organizers said 130 people were detained around the capital but police put the number at 90. The opposition movement headed by fierce Kremlin critic and former chess champion Garry Kasparov said the co-leader of the group was one of those seized.”

  6. I honestly tried to see any trace of beauty here:

    …but failed. Miserably so. Gotta get me a “Pukken’ TV set, to fix my eyesight, or what?

  7. According to pollsters Russians are increasingly unhappy with the government

    Russians are increasingly unhappy with the government. “Public Opinion” fund (FOM) reports that due to the crisis the level of distrust reached 39 per cent. Analysts stress that all groups are unhappy.

    Polling was conducted in 68 regions that is home to 91 per cent of Russian population. 34,000 people were polled between 14th and 25th of November.

    42 per cent stated that the economy is in crisis. People mention that the situation in their region is deteriorating (26 per cent), construction is stopped (39 per cent). Between 20 and 33 per cent (depending on social level) are afraid that they won’t be able to find job; 25-33 per cent are expecting layoff; 37-43 percent expect problems at work.

    According to FOM, 39 percent are increasingly ready for protest and unsatisfied with the government. In some industrial regions this number reaches 54 per cent.
    Additionally, every fifth is ready to participate in a strike if one happens. 2 per cent already participated in a strike.

    Based on the level of dissatisfaction and the number of people that pointed the deterioration, pollsters divided the regions into calm, average, and troublesome. Most troublesome are Tatarstan, Yaroslavl, Kursk, and Omsk regions. Moscow and St. Petersburg are also among the troublesome.

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