December 10, 2008 — Contents


(1)  EDITORIAL: What are you hiding in Ossetia, Mr. Putin?

(2)  EDITORIAL:  Reading Russia’s Rancid Economic Tea Leaves

(3)  The KGB and Politkovskaya

(4)  Oleg Kozlovsky Asks for Help

(5)  Russia’s Barbaric Denial of Holodomor

NOTE:  We are running a reader poll asking whether Vladimir Putin will return to the “presidency” within 12 months. If you have not yet responded, please cast your vote!

NOTE:  You may have noticed it is snowing on La Russophobe. This is a temporary feature provided by WordPress to reflect the holiday spirit and will end in early January.  If you find it disturbs your ability to peruse our text, feel free to let us know.

2 responses to “December 10, 2008 — Contents

  1. Yeah, the snow is pretty annoying…

  2. I thought you had been hacked…


    Thanks for your feedback. The voice of readers has been heard and heeded.

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