December 8, 2008 — Contents


(1)  Another Original LR Translation:  The Perils of Putinomics

(2)  EDITORIAL: Offering Battle to Mr. Putin

(3)  LR Wants to Know:  Reader Poll

(4)  Mother Putin?

(5)  Putin’s Strategic Paranoia

(6)  EDITORIAL:  Georgia, Ukraine and NATO

NOTE:  We’ve never before excerpted text from one of our editorials to the contents page for emphasis, but we feel it’s appropriate to do so now because the following paragraph from #2 above contains an array of links that are essential reading for those inside and outside Russia who are committed, as we are, to democracy.  We state: 

“The only hope that remains now is the plunging price of oil.  Various commentators are suggesting that the seeds of dissent still remain viable in Russia, and this of course would explain Putin’s increasingly aggressive action to wipe them out.  The falling price of oil may give those seeds the opportunity to germinate and even flower.  But to burgeon into a forest of opposition, Western intervention and assistane will be needed, at the very least as a clear signal of support and protection in the event the Kremlin lashes out against civil society within Russia as it recently did against Georgia, and as the USSR was wont to do with regularity.”

NOTE: Over the weekend, the counter on our new blog here at WordPress caught and passed the counter on our old blog at the Google server, which still draws some traffic through searches due to its massive content.  Showing the steady growth in our traffic level, our WordPress blog will beat our Google blog to the 300,000  visitor milestone, which we will reach in a few days, making 600,000 total LR visits and more than 1.1 million page views of our content since we started operations in April 2006.  Again we acknowledge that these are as much the achievements of you the reader as they are of those who produce the content, so pat yourself on the back — and onward to bigger and better things!

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