Special Extra: The Balls are not Enough!

Often enough you hear the sycophantic Russophile set complaining that Russian “president” Vladimir Putin is being mis-translated, quoted out of context or misquoted. Covering up Putin’s litany of outrageous, thug-like remarks is a demanding full time job, especially when Putin insists on making it so very difficult.

Case in point:  One might have thought that after Russia was humiliated by French revelations that Putin had told their government he wanted to not only invade Tbilisi and affect regime change but hang the president of Georgia “up by the balls,” Putin would have taken the next opportunity to distance himself somewhat from the comment, perhaps even to blame evil foreigners for mischaracterizing his statement.

But he didn’t.

When asked on his national interview sham by a Russian citizen who called in by telephone whether he really said that about Georgia’s democratically elected leader, Putin grinned malignantly and declared:  “Why by just one body part?”  His face, it should be noted, was being broadcast live on national television.  The audience, far from being appalled, erupted in laughter.  Russians condemn this sort of behavior in Americans, adore it from Putin.

As we have said many times before, Russia is ruled by a KGB madman, a thug who is totally unqualified to hold “elective” office  much less run a complicated economic system.  Totally cut off from criticism and wielding unchecked power, like the infamous Emperor with his New Clothes Putin struts about naked, oblivious to the jeers of the world.  He has as much as admitted, twice now, that it was his goal to oust Georgia’s president from power when he invaded Ossetia, and admitted that he has been prevented from fulfilling that goal by the NATO alliance. And he has betrayed himself to be a proud, shameless barbarian, capable not only of any crude thought or utterance but any such deed as well.

The world should be paying him closer heed, even if it needs to send the children out of the room to do so.

12 responses to “Special Extra: The Balls are not Enough!

  1. Wouldn’t you feel proud if Bush said that he wants to hang Osama by the balls?


    Not if Osama had been elected by a sovereign nation, we wouldn’t. And not if he had never committed any act of terrorism, as the president of Georgia has not. See, your analogy is totally bogus.

    And if it weren’t, and the president of Georgia was just like Osama, we’d still not be proud. We’d prefer if he’d actually do it, rather than talk about it like a schoolboy. Talk is cheap. Any idiot KGB spy can do it.

  2. I have been curious about Putin’s statement. I thought the joke to Sarkozy was not accurately interpreted. Since it has gained validation, I was doubly surprised by Putin’s most recent remark about hanging Saak by two or more body parts. What is even more surprising is the Left’s silence on the issue. Remember when Bush said he wanted Osama Bin Laden dead or alive. The left threw a hissy fit. Responsible leaders do not behave this way. Crimminals, no matter how low, are supposed to be afforded basic rights, and on and on. Even Bush regrets he said that. What?

    Now, you have the leader of the second most powerful country in the world taking about hanging his neighbor’s democratically elected leader by the balls. And what for? Because he did not submit to Russian domination? Because he was trying to reclaim territory that rightfully belonged to his country. Because he was provoked into a confrontation by an Imperialistic, KGB fanatic?

    Whether the Left megaphone wants to respond or not, does not really matter. Other than just showing that they are hypocritical and they obviously have some agenda higher than world peace. I think there are enough of us out there who do recognize the problem. I just hope we will have the strength and will power to fight for real change if and when the time comes.

  3. First it was respect, then it was territory, then it was world power, now its…well…maybe Putin is just jealous ’cause, like usual, another leader has something he ain’t got!

  4. Tower Bolshevik

    Anti-government protests in Georgia

    Just as I suspected, not everyone in Georgia thinks Bush’s little puppy Saakashvili is a great guy. If you watch this you’ll clearly see this is not Russian propaganda, and that criticisms against Saakashvili are completely from the right. It was held on the anniversary of last years protests when Saakashvili sent in his thuggish police with rubber bullets and tear gas. Kind of like what Putin does to anti-government protests with his OMON thugs.

  5. “We’d prefer if he’d actually do it, rather than talk about it like a schoolboy. Talk is cheap.”

    Actually Putin left the decision to the Georgian people as to what with their leader. If those breakaway regions are attacked again the Georgian people will be complicit in any action taken by the leadership and presumably will suffer a far worse fate than that of last summer.


    Oh sure he did. Just like Kutuzov WANTED Napoleon to take Moscow. Give us a break!

  6. La Russophobe,

    are you kidding me? Every Russian knows for certain, and so will anyone opening any Russian history book: abandoning Moscow was an example of great strategic wisdom allowing to defeat Napoleon. Of course, we will read about Putin’s great wisdom in future Russian books about this aggression on Georgia, unless the poor sheeple from Russia’s neglected provinces turn out wise enough to have Moscow burned down again and thus gain the unlikely chance to ever build anything civilized on those territories.


    You have to wonder, then, what those textbooks make of the people of Leningrad, who defended their city house by house against Nazis. Were they idiots?

    And it will definitely be fascinating to learn the wisdom behind Putin driving the stock market to an 80% loss in less than a year, and cutting 50 million from the population in less than 50 years. As always, Russian brilliance eludes foreign intelligence.

  7. You can speculate all you want, but so far maybe 5% has fled from the population, MOSTLY DURING YELTSIN’S REGIME.

    I said Regime because he was a complete idiot.

    As for the Stock Market, while Putin’s policies are clearly not the most powerful economically, you can’t call the leader of every country who’s economy suffered an idiot. Remember that Putin also helped build up those 80%, and Russians still live far, far better then they did before he came into office, no matter what some far away financial system works.

    As for the topic of this, I listened to Putin’s description of the events, and it really seemed rather justified when taken in context of the United States letting Saddam be hanged. Saddam burned a few villages on his land, and even if you take the US stance on the issue, ie South Ossetia being a part of Georgia, he bombarded a city and killed more then a hundred people. Saakashvili is not a western-style democrat, no matter what McCain said. He deals with opposition similarly, but less effectively, then Putin does. Riot police, etc. And his awesome intelligence is demonstrated by his attack in the first place.

    The words were crude, but they’re evidence of a ‘tough’ leader – Americans like it when their would-be leaders claim they’ll attack every other country to promote democratic ideals (Palin: Russia, Obama: Pakistan (kinda), McCain: ME in general). I’d take a crude remark over a ‘IMMA DECARE WAR’ any day.

  8. WHOAAAAAA, ain’t the sovok geting every so CLEVER – way to go, Fred, little sovok! Get that “look at the fuzzy monkey” stuff in there, and with conversant English, too!!!!!!

    IMMA DECLARE WAR – way to go, Fred, little sovok!!! Who taught you that one? Well, roosha/sovok union did declare war, buddy – in Georgia – for no reason.

    Oops, no, they just went in on a bogus “peacekeeping” mission, with lots of propaganda to boot. Way to keep it going, little sovok Fred!

    And before that – Afghanistan. Kill a million Afghan civilians, drop mines indiscriminately all over the place, make sure there are no muslim-types in the sovok army, because they started getting second thoughts.

    Throw a hissy fit over Estonia moving the WWII monument. Conduct trade wars with EVERYONE.

    That’s roosha, Fred. Where did they come up with you, little sovok?

    You’re proud of Vlad Dracul and his statements about cutting off balls and other body parts? And you want to pretend to make excuses for such vulgar remarks?

    No wonder no one likes roosha.

    No wonder roosha is such a backward country.

    Fred, you’re not really Victor Posner in drag, are you, little sovok buddy?

    The English vernacular is good, Freddy boy. The crude rooshan logic needs lots of work, sovok buddy.

  9. Here’s another video about the recent Georgian opposition to Saakashvili.

    Once again, you can clearly that there is no Russian influence here.

    For Elmer:

    “And before that – Afghanistan. Kill a million Afghan civilians, drop mines indiscriminately all over the place, make sure there are no muslim-types in the sovok army, because they started getting second thoughts.”

    Funny to see an American patriot ranting about Afghanistan. On the eve of the Russian assault against Georgia, U.S forces massacred more than 100 Afghan civilians, half of them children. Unlike the Americans, the Soviets had something to offer (social progress) and didn’t put every Afghan in the same boat as the CIA’s Mujahideen cutthroats (which the U.S is failing to mop up now), civilians were never targets. Lastly, soldiers from Soviet Central Asia actually did make up a large portion of the limited Soviet contingent in Afghanistan.


    You mean you have x-ray vision and can see they don’t have the Kremlin’s rubles in their pockets! Clever boy.

    Meanwhile, did it occur to you that opposition of this kind proves Georgia is a democracy, whilst the lack of such opposition in Russia proves the opposite? When people try to do this in Putin’s Russia, they get arrested or shot. In Georgia, they are free to protest.

  10. I agree that Russia isn’t democratic, but I don’t necessarily think that’s a bad thing. Democracy in the 1990’s meant Russia being raped by foreigners wanting it’s natural resources. I’d take even fascism over that any day.

    However, I find it rather funny how you seem to consider any successful leader undemocratic. ‘There’s no opposition, MUST MEAN NO DEMOCRACY’. While Russia isn’t democratic, the main reason there’s no opposition (and there is, really, and it’s pretty vocal, just unpopular) is that Putin actually did his job pretty well.

    Elmer, please… you’re embarrassing yourself. What’s wrong with trade wars? Britain had one with Iceland during the Cold War. There’s always been trade wars and there will be in the forseeable future. What do you expect Russia to do when people don’t pay their gas bills? Give it to them for free?

    As for Afghanistan…. you know that NATO is in there now, right? Tell me you know. Because every other day there’s a headline about how tens of people were killed in a car bombing or in the US bombing there.

    All in all, you’re being quite ridiculous, and until you learn to debate probably I’ll continue treating you like the little seven year old you are. Cheers!

  11. Good points Fred, I’d also like to point out that little Misha never even got elected dog-catcher in a free election he came to power in a coup then used graft and rigged ballots to keep him there. That could one of the main factors in his attack on the separatists, he needed a short victorious war to bolster his domestic standing.

    You’re also right on the money about Yeltsin that worthless old drunk caused a lot of the mess in Russia Putin just picked up the pieces and used the autocratic powers Yeltsin had already amassed for the office of president. Putin is just a more effective leader thats all.

    It’s really funny how Gorby a Marxist-Leninist was the only one who was really a democrat. It kind of shoots the whole free markets = free people idea in the foot.

  12. Fred writes that the main reason there’s no opposition [in Russia] (and there is, really, and it’s pretty vocal, just unpopular) is that Putin actually did his job pretty well.
    Just like in Brezhnev’s times – there was opposition: Saharov, Solzhenitsyn, Scharansky. They were just not very popular, right?

    Maybe Putin’s closure of alternative TV station (NTV), exile of Berezovsky, imprisonment of Khodorkovsky, and murder of scores of journalists has more to do with that? He certainly did his job pretty well in that!

    And then you have a chutzpah to call others seven year olds incapable of arguing! Amazing.

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