Horsepower for Gazprom

An equine solarium

An equine solarium

Novaya Gazeta reports:

Gazprom’s website has published a request for bids. It’s soliciting a contract for the supply of equipment to its equine stables in the village of Bogorodskoye, in the Leninsky District of the Moscow Region.

The company is requesting the installation of a Warendorfer Standard II Solarium with a set of built in thermal showers, to be completed by the end of this year, with a maximum contract price of 338,000 rubles (roughly $12,000). Only experienced tradesman are solicited.          

It’s obvious that a solarium is exactly what the gas monopoly needs at the moment, it’s horses certainly must be tanned and healthy.  No one need dare ask the purpose for which Gazprom requires stables.

To be sure, Gazprom is not neglecting its human resources.    It is ordering a great deal of medical and cosmetological equipment for its Morozovka resort hotel in the Solnechnogorsky district of the Moscow Region, totalling 4.2 million rubles in value ($150,000).  Included are:  a Whirpool Florida 300 hot tub, an Aurora vertical solarium, an Aqua Jet Therma Spa, a Milta K laser physiotherapy device, an Orient wet massage table, an Algoderm ultrasonic skin treatment device and a Hot Cabi towel dryer.  Despite the crisis, you see, Gazprom employees must care for their health, since the company reflects our national heritage.

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  1. yes this is true they must be careful.

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